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Crystal key / Crystal chest Guide.


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Welcome to this somewhat detail guide on the Crystal key/Crystal key chest. This guide will be split into different section which are listed below. Enjoy!

What is a crystal key?
How do you obtain a crystal key?
Where do i use the Crystal key?
What do i get from the Crystal key chest?

What is a Crystal key?
A Crystal key is a small silver key which is created by combining two halves of a key together and opening a Crystal key chest.

How do you obtain a Crystal key?
You can obtain the "Loop half of key" by killing various NPC's within Grinderscape such as Hellhounds, lesser demons and greater demons.
You can obtain the "Tooth half of key" by talking to the Shop assistance within the shops area of the and purchasing this item for 150k gold pieces.

Combine both of these items together to obtain a Crystal key.

Where do i use a Crystal key?
You can use the Crystal Key to open a chest outside the Edgeville bank called "Crystal chest"
This is where to find it and what it looks like;



What do i get from the Crystal key chest?
The crystal chest is i'm no way a good source of money, this chest is mainly for a variety of items which are primarily cosmetic based. 

Each key gives you a varied amount of coins ranging from 100k-700k and two random items from the crystal chest item pool. Below are a few pictures from various amounts of key openings.

100 Key openings;

250 Key openings;

500 Key openings;

I hope this guide has been informative and helpful!


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