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  1. Barry

    Great starting point for new players dude. keep it up and i know ill be watching on!
  2. Hello Forums! This post is going to be a poll on what the community is looking forward to in regards to the server changes coming in 2019. The poll only consists of the top 20 (in my opinion). the full list is below. if possible limit your choices to 5 maximum. After your vote has been cast, use the list below to find your update you voted on to give your reason/opinion on why your looking forward to said update! The poll will close on 20/02/2019 at 12:00 server time to give new users a chance to cast a vote. Keep the thread clean and please respect other opinions! -Barry P.S: i have lou's blessing to use said list. Game modes (Classic, Ironman, HCIM - with unique highscores rankings) Automatic dicing system RAIDS 1 & 2 Construction skill Player Title System Clanchat Lootshare Pest Control Castle Wars Clan Wars (When we reach 150+ Players) Inferno Minigame Vorkath Redo Pk System & Add Tournaments Redo RuneCrafting, Agility, Slayer, and Hunter skill. Add Duo Slayer Pet Insurance Guide Book Cannon System / Chinchompas system support Boss Contract Shop Daily login Streak system 50+ New Tasks Spellbook Sorting Barrows Degrading System In-Game Highscores NPC Killtracker
  3. Barry

    This is my favorite "skill N Chill" outfit so far. The Samurai Hat works very well with god robes. i was torn between 3rd age cape or mythical, mythical only just won it! Good luck everyone who joins in!
  4. Great list of fixes and improvements lou! cannot wait for iron man modes to be in! in my opinion a big patch for minor fixes this early on is better then weekly/bi-weekly updates! keep it up!
  5. Barry

    In-game name: Barry What rank are you applying for? (Recruiter, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain or General): Recruiter What is your Timezone?: GMT+1 (UK Based) How long have you played for?: 15 days Total. how many hours do you play per day?: 3+ during the week 3-10 at weekend depending on plans. How long you been a member of Help?: Since i created my account Do you have ::yell?: Indeed. Why should your application be accepted?: I believe i should be accepted as i commit most of my time to helping others and replying to questions within the help clan chat. I'm a very will trusted and known person within the chat and believe i will make a great asset to the help clan team!
  6. Barry

    Hello Everyone and welcome to my Goals For my Time Within Grinderscape! This Goals Page will be mainly items i wish to collect in-game with some goals at the top, it will be my main up to keep track of what i obtain and will update whenever i complete something. This Page will be updated with any future updates as well as to keep it from become an Expired post. Feel free to suggest things i've missed or things i should add! Enjoy! Green: Achieved/Obtained. Red: Still In-progress. Skills Releated: All 99 Achieved; (including hunter and construction once they are doable) -Attack -Prayer -Fletching -Strenght -Magic -Slayer -Defence -Runecrafting -Mining -Range -Hitpoints -Smithing -Agility -Herblore -Fishing -Thieving -Crafting -Firemaking -Cooking -Woodcutting -Farming All Skill based outfits; Thieving outfit Fishing outfit Woodcutting outfit Mining outfit PVE Weapons Obtained: One of each Whip Variants; Abyssal Whip Banana Whip Forest Whip Abyssal Tentacle Pimpz Whip Indigo Whip Volcanic Abyssal Whip Gold Whip Unknown Whip Frozen Abyssal Whip Dragon Whip Rose Whip One of each Coloured Dark Bow; Normal Dark bow Blue Dark Bow Green Dark Bow White Dark Bow Yellow Dark Bow Godsword Variants; Armadyl Godsword Saradomin Godsword Zamorak Godsword Bandos Godsword Random Singular Items; Melee; Range; Mage; Abyssal Dagger BlowPipe Kadio Wand Vesta Longsword Twisted Bow Zurial's Staff Statius Warhammer Craw Bow Staff Of Light Ender Maul Dragon Hunter Crossbow Toxic Staff Of The Dead Dragon Warhammer Armadyl Crossbow Staff Of The Dead Scythe of Vitur Abyssal Bludgeon Trident Of The Seas Barrelchest Anchor Heavy Ballista Trident Of The Swamp Blessed Saradomin Sword Light Ballista Thammeron's Sceptre Dragon Claws Seercull Sanguinesti Staff Vesta Spear New Crystal Bow Viggora's Chainmace Ghrazi Rapier Armour/ Armour Sets (including Weapons for that set): Barrows Sets; Ancient Sets Dharok Statius Verac Vesta Guthan Morrigans Karil Zurials Ahrim Third-age Sets; Melee; Mage; Range; Misc; Full Helm Mage Hat Leather Coif Druidic Wreath Platebody Robe Top Leather Top Axe Platelegs Robe Bottom Leather Chaps Pickaxe Kite Shield Amulet Vambraces Cloak Longsword Wand Bow Spirit Shields; Elysian Spirit Shield Arcane Spirit Shield Spectral Spirit Shield Mutagen Helmets; Serpentine Magma Tanzanite Other Sets: Ancestral; Justiciar; Boots; Crystals; Hat Faceguard Pegasian Pegasian Robe Top Chestguard Primordial Primordial Robe Bottom Legguard Eternal Eternal Infinity; Light Infinity; Dark Infinity; Bandos; Hat Hat Hat Chestplate Robe Top Robe Top Robe Top Tassets Robe Bottom Robe Bottom Robe Bottom Boots Misc: Infernal Cape Tormented Bracelet Amulet of Torture Treasonous Ring Dragon Harpoon Necklace Of Anguish Zenyte Ring Infernal Pickaxe Amulet Of The Damned Ring Of The Gods Infernal Axe Amulet Of Eternal Glory Cosmetics: Party Hats; H'ween Masks; Santa Hats; Rainbow Hat Black H'ween Regular Santa Purple Hat Green H'ween Black Santa Yellow Hat Blue H'ween Inverted Santa Red Hat Red H'ween Wise Old Man's Santa White Hat Colorful H'een Blue Hat Green Hat Party Hat & Specs Aqua Hat Baby Blue Hat Gum Hat Outfits; Samurai; Mummy; Ankou; Light Tuxedo; Bunny; Hat Mask Mask Bowtie Ears Top Top Top Top Top Leggins Leggins Leggins Leggins Leggins Gloves Gloves Gloves Gloves Paws Boots Boots Boots Boots Basket Santa; Antisanta; Royal; Mask Mask Crown Jacket Jacket Robe Top Pantaloons Pantaloons Robe Bottom Gloves Gloves Boots Boots Misc; Pets (Excluding skill); Katana Fox TzRek-Jad Venenatis Spiderling Sled Bow-sword HellPuppy Vet'ion Jr Scythe Banner Abyssal Orphan Grain Cabbage Cape Callisto Cub Rubber Chicken Gadderhammer Chaos Elemental Chicken Lazy Cat Scorpia's Offspring
  7. Barry

    welcome back fpr88! You'll need the proof to back up the old donations claim and pass those pictures onto lou via discord. old donations cannot be claimed without proof unfortunately . A suggestion would be to look back at your paypal specific emails within the email you used to donate with via paypal. They always send a transaction email stating the payment. If you need any more advise on the situation or anything else feel free to message me or a member of staff See you around!
  8. Barry

    Happy New Year, those are some tasty updates! Looking forward to an exciting 2019 for grinderscape!
  9. In-game Name(s): Barry Age: 22 Timezone: GMT+o (UK) Will you be active?: As always. How much do you usually play per day?: Weekdays normally for 3-5 hours. Weekends are usually longer if i have no plans. Why do you deserve to be in this group?: I believe i deserve the honor of becoming a trusted Middleman as i am a truthful and trusting guy and love grinderscape. back in the say i was a very well known and trusted player within the community and now the server is early doors once more, i believe i can be a great guide in showing new and future players that there are players to go to for trust trading. Becoming a Trusted Middle man will give me the confidence and boost to go further. Any other information: I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for bring grinderscape back.