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  1. Barry

    This has been noted and is being looked into. thank you for providing more information on this. ill pass it on!
  2. Spoken to you a fair few times in-game. your fairly active within the community. Good luck with you application! If you are unsuccessful this time round don't give up. keep improving!!
  3. Barry

    Thank you for the suggestion, its one i'm in full support off so i will pass it onto the team!
  4. Barry

    Welcome to the team surgeon. make us proud!
  5. Lovely set of updates once again (Y)
  6. I hear this guy was once the biggest nub of them all '-'

  7. Welcome to this somewhat detail guide on the Crystal key/Crystal key chest. This guide will be split into different section which are listed below. Enjoy! Key; What is a crystal key? How do you obtain a crystal key? Where do i use the Crystal key? What do i get from the Crystal key chest? What is a Crystal key? A Crystal key is a small silver key which is created by combining two halves of a key together and opening a Crystal key chest. How do you obtain a Crystal key? You can obtain the "Loop half of key" by killing various NPC's within Grinderscape such as Hellhounds, lesser demons and greater demons. You can obtain the "Tooth half of key" by talking to the Shop assistance within the shops area of the and purchasing this item for 150k gold pieces. Combine both of these items together to obtain a Crystal key. Where do i use a Crystal key? You can use the Crystal Key to open a chest outside the Edgeville bank called "Crystal chest" This is where to find it and what it looks like; . What do i get from the Crystal key chest? The crystal chest is i'm no way a good source of money, this chest is mainly for a variety of items which are primarily cosmetic based. Each key gives you a varied amount of coins ranging from 100k-700k and two random items from the crystal chest item pool. Below are a few pictures from various amounts of key openings. 100 Key openings; 250 Key openings; 500 Key openings; I hope this guide has been informative and helpful!
  8. Barry

    Sad to see you leave dude! Hope everything gets better and will see you soon!
  9. Barry

    Sad to see you go but i guess everyone has their time! it was great to talk to you in-game and i hope you can come back to us again one day! All the best on your next adventure!
  10. Barry

    Great suggestion legends! some of this idea are on the to-do list from what i've seen but all are great!
  11. Barry

    Thank you for this summary for ideas akou. Defiantly some great suggestions which will be looked at! In-game events is one thing that i personally will be looking into so any suggestion for those feel free to message me on here or discord! p.s: i didn't steal the idea.. i borrowed it
  12. Discord name(s): Livingwonder (Barry) / Barry (in the current discord chat) Timezone: GMT+0 (United Kingdom) Will you be active on the Discord's team?: Always am. i have the app on my phone and can look at it all day and monitor when needed. Do you have prior experience moderating on Discord's/Forums?: not to date but i have had previous experience with being a shoutbox moderator within the old grinderscape forums way back in 2015. Why do you deserve to be in the Discord's team?: i'm always active within the discord and ready to help when needed. Becoming a staff member within Grinderscape has enabled me unlock many doors within the community and becoming a discord helper will provide another stepping stone within my journey on Grinderscape. What do you expect to get out of joining the Discord's team?: experience within a discord chat.
  13. Granted you have experience from being both an ex-staff member and ex-staff omm but The reason why it's a no from me is because of your current activity and the time you've been back. I personally have only seen maybe 2-3 times since you've been back and only for a few hours if that. within a few days you applied for an omm, our omm's have been playing constantly for a good few months before being accepted. If the outcome is a no, i'd suggestion leaving it for a few month. build up your credibility within the current community first.
  14. Barry

    keep it going dude! always looking forward to the next installment!
  15. Welcome to the Brimstone key Guide! This guide will include all things related to the brimstone key from how to obtain one and where to use it. Enjoy! Key; What is a brimstone key? how do you obtain a brimstone key? Where do i use a brimstone key? What do i get for using a brimstone key? What is a brimstone key? A brimstone keys is an item which is used to open up a chest which rewards you with various items. Below is what a Brimstone key looks like; How do you obtain a brimstone key? Brimstone keys are obtained by killing Hydras or the Alchemical Hydra boss which requires 95 slayer to attack. They also have the chance to drop from the RDT (Rear Drop Table) when killing NPC's throughout Grinderscape. Where do i use a brimstone key? Brimstone keys can be used on chests within the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon which can be accessed via the Alchemical Hyrda boss teleport. This is where to find the chests; Chest three is the safest to open as the other two spots have hydras guarding them. What do i get for using a brimstone key? Brimstone keys are mainly used to obtain various skilling supplies ranging from raw fish to runite bars. Sometimes various amounts of GP (Gold Pieces) can be obtained ranging from 10-25mil. Below is what was gained from using 100 Brimstone keys; I hope this guide has helped you understand what the brimstone key is and is used for! Special thanks to Corvus Vitae for supplying the majority of the keys to make this guide possible! -Barry.
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