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This forum is deprecated.

We’ve decided to deprecate the community forum starting August 29, 2022. We will keep all existing accounts, threads and comments, but no new registrations will be accepted after that date. Our initial intention was for this forum to be a place where the community could communicate and interact about all things from Grinderscape. However, over the years, most of the posts have amounted to Discord such as general chat, bug reports or feature requests, much resembling a more professional and advanced way of communicating. This has led to the following decision that our main focus will be on Discord for all of the server updates, bugs, support line, and more which will make it more active and worth looking at. This means less hassle to check forums and Discord as now you know everything will be on Discord.

Biggest Update Ever! Massive Content & More!

Lou Grinder

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Bugs and Fixes:

- Fixed security constraints for daily login rewards using a VPN.

- Daily login reward no longer gives a mystery box.

- Clue scrolls agents will no longer spawn at blocked tiles.

- Vet'ion runt can't be attacked bug is fixed.

- Added Black mask and Black mask (i) effect on Slayer tasks.

- Added Black mask (10) and Black mask (i) effects, including item degradation.

- You can now uncharge your Dragonfire shield, Black mask, Black mask (i), Dragonfire ward, Ancient wyvern shield, and much more items.


- Dragonfire shield, ward, and Ancient wyvern shield cannot be traded until all charges are emptied.

- Perfected the items on death mechanism:
* The three most valuable items will stay in your inventory whether trade-able or not.
* Items that break will remain in your inventory no matter what.
* Some items cannot be lost at all (Rune pouch, Looting bag). However, the items inside are lost on death.
* Some items will drop and degrade on death (Barrows will break to zero, shields with charges will lose all their charges).
* Untradeable items will be dropped on the floor upon death, but won't be shown to other players.
* One minute delay for items to show to everyone, and two minutes for the items to disappear.


- Lootshare messages only show to the players that are involved in the share of the loot.

- Staff now have permission to all clan chats excluding the privilege to delete a clan chat.

- Fixed revenant's cave pillars.

- Lootshare message now states what items have been dropped.


- Fixed double shops under each other in-home shops area.

- A lot of music rework and fixes:
* Music fading system improved, which should show an FPS improvement overall.
* Music songs playing will now automatically play another song from the same region when a song is finished.
* The new song will not play the last played song.
* Login music will now loop.
* Login music will now play when unmuting login music
* When muting login music, in-game will mute, when unmuting login music, in-game will go to max volume.
* Settings tab music slider now updates appropriately on login.
* Unmuting music in-game will fetch a new song.

- Fixed Venenatis boss safe spot.

- Redone the lottery system and improved every single aspect, including all bugs fixed.

- Added sounds for Firemaking, Fishing, and Woodcutting skill correctly.

- Fixed Verac's stairs were not working.

- Fixed a small issue when using items on the bank (Note all) now works correctly.

- All Max cape upgrades will now require the hood for creation, and the upgraded hoods are also added when infusing items.


- Staff can now force reset a players password upon request and verification.

- Boss NPC's cannot target players who are in tutorial mode anymore.

- Changed the dialogue for slayer task teleport.

- Removed the Tanzanite and Magma helmet from Blood money store. You can recolor it by getting the Mutagen drop from Zulrah.

- Added support for imbued Slayer helmet creation.

- Added support for upgrading the Black mask to Imbued Black mask.

- Added support for Slayer mask disassembling.

- The imbued Black mask will now degrade on death.

- Fixed all the item prices in the Slayer store.


- Fixed Energy and Super energy potions.

- Colorful items will vanish on death.

- Ghrazi rapier will now work like OSRS with proper damage and accuracy.

- Fixed an issue with DFS special attack not delaying the next hit.

- Added gambling timer, and fixed losing items when the host or dicer X-logs.

- The ancestral set will now give boosted magic damage and accuracy.

- Notes tab typo fixes.

- Fletching bolt tips will only yield up to twenty-five pieces each time.

- Added random events for crafting, enchanting bolts, fletching bolts.

- Max cape will now require all stats to be maxed to be able to wear it.

- Fixed a lot of items stats equipment requirements.

- Fixed Elder maul and added a broken version.

- Fixed Agility loading bug.

- Reset lamp now glows when selecting a skill to reset.


- Using Smouldering stone on Dragon pickaxe (or) will yield a message.


- Max cape now costs 250M to claim.

- The adamant bar will now require coal to smelt.

- Ancient wyvern shield will now charge from Ancient wyverns.

- Added 100% functioning Crystal Bow, Crystal bow (i), Crystal shield, Crystal shield (i) with degrading into a crystal seed, item uncharging, and effects.

- Statius, Vesta's, Morrigan's, and Zuriels will degrade after 60 minutes of combat.

- Added ability to check degradation status for a lot of new items.

- The stuck command will no longer work in the wilderness.

- Fixed Cooking gauntlets and Cooking skill cape effects and bonuses.

- Changed a lot of prices in most of the stores, including premium store.

- Added a lot of new wilderness teleports.

- Dragon gods word will now degrade after 15 minutes of combat time.

- You can now build a Kodai's wand using Kodai's insignia. (PIC)

- Menaphite thugs now drop Menaphite robes in Pollivineach.

- You can now use the Dragon pickaxe ornament kit with Dragon pickaxe.

- Private chat messages capitalize the first letter.

- Sound added to the login screen music toggle.

- Sound added to the interface sliders when pressing.

- Online staff interface scroll bar height displays properly now.

- Fixed::admin teleport command for staff.

- Fixed wilderness PVP reward bug not giving Blood money reward.

- Removed Muddy chest in Smoke tunnels.

- Added all correct spawns and redone some aspects in Kourend city.

- Casting a spell with staff on will now show the staff and spell cast animation together.

- Perfected attack delay this time upon item switching.


- Rune pouch container interface items sent on death and on login now.

- Raised message prompt inputs (e.g., private message input) character limit from 80 to 120

- Run energy in settings tab now displays your energy % instead of infinity.

- Interface sliders updated to use new dragging handling should feel much better to use now.

- Added streaks to slayer kill log.

- Added cape particle toggle with saving/loading.

- Brightness settings loading fixed upon login.

- Music and Audio icons in settings tab now display a red circle with cross over them when they are muted.


- Wilderness resource area was redone to match OSRS:
* The banker has been removed and replaced with Piles that can note or un note your items.
* Two runite golems have been added.


- Completely redone Home area including tons of other maps:
* Most stylish lavish home ever in history.
* Fully unique and custom made with tons of smallest details.


- Completely redone Donator zone.




- Added Max cape and Infernal cape glowing particles effects.



- Added target teleport spell: Teleport to Bounty Target.png: Inventory image of Teleport to Bounty Target
* Teleports you to your current wilderness target.
* Cannot be used if your target is not in the wilderness.
* Warns you before teleporting to your target depending on the wilderness level.
* Can only be used once every 60 seconds.


- Added Home, Ape atoll, Kourend, Ourania, and Ghorrock teleport spells.

- Added Dragon battleaxe special attack.


- Added Combat lamp:
* Can be obtained from the voting store.
* Rewards 1,000,000 experience to a selected combat skill excluding prayer.


- Redone Dark bow normal and special attack to match OSRS perfectly.



- Redone magic short bow special attack.


- Added::mm command that displays all the online middlemen.


- Certain spells can only be auto-cast with certain staffs.

- Redone most of the modern and ancient spells to make them work correctly with all their effects.

- Crumble undead now one hits Zombified spawn, and hits hard on undead, skeletons, shades, and zombies.

- Quest tab is redone:
* New stylish, fresh and fancy look!
* Removed online staff as it was un-organized.
* Redone staff tab, and modified a lot of other tabs.


- Added wilderness boss avatars:
* A new teleport has been added in the wilderness teleports.
* Three different avatar's (Melee, Ranged, and Magic).
* Proper sounds, fight stats, damage effects, graphics, and every single detail.
* Drop's list can only be found using the drop finder in quest tab.




- New teleports for most of the tabs, including a new Slayer teleport row.


- Added perfect Excalibur:
* Proper stats, damage, effects, equipment requirements.
* Fully functioning special attack.



- Added Silverlight, Darklight, and Arclight:
* Fully functioning items just like OSRS.
* Fully functioning special attack with effects.
* Items added in different stores.

- Fully functioning Dragon axe special attack.


- Safe-deposit box addition:
* A new Safe deposit box will be available to Ultimate Ironmans.
* Normal players can also be able to use the deposit box.
* Holds up to twenty-eight items, non stackable items add up.
* Functions as a completely new storage system.
* Can be used by players to store their rares for display as a fancy looking mini storage.



- Tons of new items in voting store.


- Added Seers rooftop agility course:
* Fully functioning Seer's village rooftop.
* Added a teleport in skilling teleports.


- Max cape teleports, features, and operating.


- Slayer log system implemented with streak resetting option.


- Broadcast Messaging & Alert system:
* High-level staff can now send up to three consecutive broadcasts.
* Links can be attached the broadcasts.
* Shows even to players who log in after the broadcast.
* Disappears after a certain set time.
* Works dynamically with private messages and server update.




- Redone every single skill guide to perfectly match OSRS, including Construction and Hunter.




- Colorful Max cape customizations are available:
* Applies to the regular max cape only.
* The item is untradeable.
* Cannot be infused with other items.



- Max cape gambling:
* You can gamble your max cape for a chance of winning a Colorful max cape.
* A world announcement will be made when someone wins.
* Donator's get a 5% boosted the chance of winning.
* Requires both Max cape and Max Hood to gamble.


- Redone all spellbooks (including new icons for teleport buttons and fixing teleport buttons mismatching which interface they open):
* New easy way to add spells.
* Spellbook filtering and sorting (including spells spreading like OSRS)
* Saves on logout.


- New drops (Item / NPCs):

  • Infernal Cape: Black knight titan
  • Ancestral Set: Kamil
  • Statius / Vesta / Zuriels / Morrigans: Avatars
  • Eternal Glory: Chaos elemental
  • Primordial Crystal: Mutant tarn
  • Pegasian Crystal: Kalphite queen
  • Eternal Crystal: Kamil
  • Ghrazi Rapier: Alchemical Hydra
  • Serpentine Visage: Ancient Wyvern / Mith / Addy / Rune Dragons
  • Abyssal Dagger (p++): Slash bash
  • Lava blade: Mutant Tarn
  • Mage's book: Sea troll queen
  • Abyssal Bludgeon: Slash bash / K'ril Tsutsaroth
  • Twisted buckler: Kree'arra
  • Armadyl crossbow: Kree'arra
  • Black d'hide shield: Kree'arra 
  • Dragon crossbow: King black dragon
  • Tormented bracelet: King black dragon
  • Ring of suffering: Slash bash
  • Ring of the gods: The untouchable
  • Berserker ring: Venenatis 
  • Archer's ring: Chaos elemental
  • Warriors ring: Callisto
  • Seers ring: Crazy archeologist / Chaos Fanatic
  • Necklace of anguish / Treasonous ring / Tyrannical ring: Dagganoth prime/ Dagannoth supreme / Dagganoth rex
  • Dihn's Bulwark: Cerberus
  • Dragon claws: Cerberus
  • Scythe of vitur: Alchemical Hydra
  • Armadyl hilt: Skeletal Wyvern / Ancient Wyvern
  • Staff of the dead: Sea troll queen
  • Kodai insignia: Crazy archeologist / Fanatic
  • Tanzanite fang: Zulrah / Giant mole / Chaos elemental
  • Light ballista: Scorpia / BKT
  • Heavy ballista: Vorkath / Tarn / Corp
  • Infinity set: Infernal mage
  • Black mask (10) and Black mask (10) (i): Cave horror / Terror dog / Basilisk
  • Dragon dart (p++) / Dragon knife (p++): 50-100 pieces (RDT)
  • Abyssal Dagger: Nechryael / Smoke Devil
  • Saradomin's light: Spiritual mage
  • Tanzanite fang: Dark beast / Kurask
  • Dragon boots / Fury amulet: Green Dragon
  • Crystal shield / Crystal bow / Crystal bow (i) / Crystal shield (i): Elf Warrior/Ranger

Note: New client will be required in order to play.


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Absolutely unbelievable job done by the Grinderscape team here! Takes a lot of time and effort to put in to accomplish such an incredible task! Well done to everyone involved and looking forward to our future!

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Much love to those who helped put this update together. :)

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Guest burchy118

Love the new update. great work everyone. very proud to be a part of this server

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Thats some big nice Update! thanks Lou and the whole Team to make Gribderscape great again! I love all the new Content and Improvments, but i am missing a Shop to sell my Junk items.

i hope that will come in some time☺️

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dam, that donator zone/ maxcape effects etc looks juicy. thanks for the hard work 


props to  listening to the suggestions and  adding the eternal glory/ removing the mystery boxes. makes items alot easier to sell.

Edited by Wrath
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What an update, been looking forward to this!!! Nicely done mate👍

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Finally the waited update is done. Amazing update, can't wait to check it out after work 👌I will start love the bounty teleport haha

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ok that's really nice and big effort, now it's time to work on old loyal players's problems with their accounts, you dont want to loose them, right?

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Guest Djang0

Dope update guys! thanks for bringing all these awesome content for us. Cant wait to be bk home to play

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Fantastic update guys, hopefully will be able to get on soon to check it all out!

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