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Map Updates & Game Changes Update!

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Bugs and Fixes:

- Skill guides should work adequately now including, sub guides.


- Slaying Alchemical hydra now counts towards boss kill count.

- Bank PIN is a must to be setup to be able to trade, gamble, and stake.

- Reborn title can now be completed.

- Fixed a bug where Amulet of Eternal glory would not work above level 20 wilderness.

- Dying in the duel arena will not drop you from HCIM rank.

- Removed the Christmas event.

- Fixed trade window showing the right value of items and some typos fixed.

- The first letter of item drop finder search input will always be capitalized.

- Price changes overall and coin influx fixes:


-  As you may all know, there are massive amounts of GP flooding into the game everyday which makes the economy of Grinderscape fluctuate. This makes the Staff Teamwork hard on changing prices on the price guide to match the economy issue.

-  The ridiculously high and applies to any skilling related event. We did some quick calculations on how much money a player could gain by burning magic logs consistently for 100 hours, and the results are as follows:

     One hundred hours would be roughly equal to burning 150k magic logs, which would result in a coins reward of approximately 42 billion coins.

Possible Solutions:

-To reduce this vast influx of money spawning into the game, we will adjust the formula shown above to the following: image.png.d7fbabb76f640e59ddb5b84507261d32.png 


- Using the new method in the same scenario as described before gives the following:

     Burning 150k magic logs would result in a coins reward of roughly 1.6 billion coins.


- We recognize this will have a drastic impact on the monetary value of skilling supplies and that it will significantly hurt the net worth of players that have been hoarding these items. However, this is a necessary step to prevent more damage from being done to the economy and we hope most of you will agree that it is indeed essential.


- Over time the value of money will increase again, and with that also the relative monetary value of the affected skilling supplies. To speed up this process, we will introduce other ways to reduce money in the game.


- Gamble Zone Map Revamp & Expansion.




- Home Area Expansion:
* Stalls are now closer to home and fit more players.
* Home area has been expanded.
* Christmas theme removed.




- Tax system implementation:
* 10% tax will apply on currency items when gambling Coins, Blood Money, and Platinum Tokens.
* Interface will clearly show the taxed items.
* New rule added for gambling.

- New Gambling Mechanics:
* Choosing the "You Host" option will automatically switch the other player to other host. It also clearly shows the win rates.
* Triple scoring dice system, both players will keep rolling until someone reaches a score of 3/3.
* Flower mode system will automatically plant flowers the manual way.




- Most items prices can be checked in game for the average price using the Price checker.

- Item prices can now show even if it exceeds 2147m the maximum cash limit!



- You can no longer accept trades/stakes/gambles if your inventory exceeds 2147m, so you don't end up losing the items.



- Vote and receive 25% bonus XP and 10% better drop rates for one hour!


- Dying in instanced areas will now drop your items outside the instance.

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I like this brother! A lot of good content in this update!(: Keep it up!

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