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Fishing Guild | Big Sharks | Bug Fixes & More!

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Bugs and Fixes:

- A bug that caused attributable items to multiply and dupe.

- Massive fixes with attributable items and item container system.

- Fixed deposit bank functions for fixed amounts (bank 5, 10..etc)

- Updated Fishing & Consumables store.

- Removed Angler fishes to be bought by Blood money.

- Store prices updates for common items.

- Fixed hunter traps not disappearing.

- Fixed a few clue scrolls that were reported by players.

- Fixed KQ bug in the second form including wrong stats and hitpoints.

- Tweaked and updated Vorkath's methods that fixes a safespot.

- Fixed a bug causing Commander Zilyana to stop attacking in some cases.

- Fixed wealth clue bug causing it to delete all the scrolls instead of just one.

- Fixed tons of wrong NPC examines.

- Fixed the proper animation when depositing items into deposit bank box.

- Minor game typos fixes.

- Combat XP rates increased by over 130%!



- Edgeville map final touches and tweaks. (Added fishing support).

- Fishing guild music support added.

- Added proper Viggora's chainmace emotes and sounds.


- Web cutting support added 100% identical to OSRS based on each weapon type.

- Added banker and combat instructor store in all beginner training areas.

- Added 2 new Fishing teleports and updated Slayer teleports captions.



- Added full goblin village spawns identical to OSRS.

- Fishing icon.png Fishing skill redone with lots of additions:

  • Fishing support for all types of fishes 100% (Eels, Angler, Crabs, Frog Spawn..etc)


  • Proper fishing spawns 1:1 OSRS all over the map for the following locations:

Lumbridge / Catherby / Karamja / Draynor / Al Kharid / West Kharid / Entrana / Seers / Port Sarim / Ardougne


Fishing Guild / Tirannwn / Castle Wars / Shilo Village / Taverly / Tai Wai Bannai / Ape Atoll / Zul Andra / Harpie Bug Swarm

Lumbridge Swamp Caves / Brimhaven / Wilderness Resource Area / Wilderness Fishing spots!

  • Barehands fishing & Barbarian Fishing support.
  • Aerial Fishing base support added.
  • New: Big Shark fishing from Shark fishing spot which heals 23 (Best food in game) (low chance)ss-2020-07-28-at-10-12-33
  • Angler gear fishing XP multiplier.
  • Pet support added for Heron.
  • Fishing skill tasks supported.
  • Cutting Infernal eels for Zulrah scales support.
  • Lumbridge swamp caves fully supported with Slayer NPC's.
  • Proper and accurate formulas for fishing including XP's from OSRS.
  • Wilderness Resource area allows to fish for Manta Ray / Sea Turtle / Anglerfish.
  • Identical fishing rates per each fish type support.
  • Barbarian fish cutting support added.
  • Karambwan vessel fishing support added.
  • Big Fish Attack random event support where you get forced to drop your fishing equipment.


* Small Net: Shrimp/Anchovies

* Fishing Rod: Sardine/Herring


* Fly Fishing Rod: Trout/Salmon/Rainbow Fish

* Fishing Rod: Sardine/Herring


* Small Net: Shrimp/Anchovies

* Small Net: Shrimp/Anchovies
* Fishing Rod: Sardine/Herring
* Lobster Pot: Lobsters
* Harpoon: Tuna/Swordfish
* Small Net: Karambwanji

* Fishing Rod: Sardine/Herring


* Lobster Pot: Lobsters

* Harpoon: Tuna/Swordfish


* Big Net: Mackerel/Oyster/Cod/Bass/Casket

* Harpoon: Shark

Fishing Guild:

* Lobster Pot: Dark Crab

Wilderness Resource Area:
* Fishing Rod: Angler Fish
* Big Fishing Net: Manta Ray/Sea Turtle

Tai Wai Bannai:
* Small Net: Karambwanji
Al Kharid:
* Small Net: Shrimp/Anchovies
* Fishing Rod: Sardine/Herring

* Small Net: Shrimp/Anchovies
* Fishing Rod: Sardine/Herring


* Big Fishing Net: Manta Ray/Sea Turtle


* Barbarian Rod: Leaping Trout/Leaping Salmon/Leaping Sturgeon


* Big Fishing Net: Mackerel/Cod/Bass

* Harpoon: Shark/Big Shark


* Lobster Pot: Lobsters

* Harpoon: Tuna/Swordfish


* Karambwan Vessel: Karambwan


* Fly Fishing Rod: Trout/Salmon/Rainbow Fish

* Fishing Rod: Pike

Lumbridge Cave:

* Small Net: Frog Spawn

* Fishing Rod: Slimy Eel/Cave Eel


* Fishing Rod: Sacred Eel

Taverly Dungeon:

* Oily Fishing Rod: Infernal Eel/Lava Eel









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