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This forum is deprecated.

We’ve decided to deprecate the community forum starting August 29, 2022. We will keep all existing accounts, threads and comments, but no new registrations will be accepted after that date. Our initial intention was for this forum to be a place where the community could communicate and interact about all things from Grinderscape. However, over the years, most of the posts have amounted to Discord such as general chat, bug reports or feature requests, much resembling a more professional and advanced way of communicating. This has led to the following decision that our main focus will be on Discord for all of the server updates, bugs, support line, and more which will make it more active and worth looking at. This means less hassle to check forums and Discord as now you know everything will be on Discord.

Warriors Guild | Woodcutting Guild | PID Randomization

Lou Grinder

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Bugs and Fixes:

- Fixed a bug causing players to able to cast spells while being in a busy state.

- The Slayer tower basement is now properly working along with the NPC's inside.

- Trollheim teleport now requires 2 law runes.

- Properly fixed JAD achievement.

- Adjusted Runecrafting experience for Blood runes and Soul runes.

- Fixed a bug giving players infinite Ring of wealth (no rings were spread in game).

- Fixed a bug that allowed players to use cheat engine to manipulate the teleport interface and teleport from anywhere. (No harm was intended)

- Random events will now continue to show up even after relogging.

- Fixed money achievement bug showing negative values sometimes.

- Fixed the join date bug in quest tab.

- Improved the Slayer helmet requirement messages for the Slayer skill.

- Fixed Vorki and Abyssal Orphan pet dialogue head animations.

- Updated the Dragon claws special attack to use the correct animation.

- The Firemaking tome(10) now works properly and rewards 10m experience.

- Added proper Gerrant in Port Sarim for clue scroll.

- Removed free axes in the Woodcutting store (points store).

- Fixed the Lumbridge mill clue scroll pathing as well as South of Gnome agility course path.

- You can now buy and sell in any clan chat excluding "Help".

- Fight caves NPC's will no longer drop caskets.

- You can now trade or talk-to any skilling master.

- Fixed a bug causing pets to freeze in position and no longer follow player if someone interacts with it.

- Removed runes supplies from Combat Training store.

- Fixed Rock slug's and Cockatrice in the Slayer cave.

- Improved the graphic and emote support when defeating JAD boss.

- Increased the delay to the explosion of Zombified spawn.

- Fixed Mystery box reward messages.

- Fixed Skeletal hellhound respawning.

- Obelisks will now work properly once again.

- Optimized and tweaked Hydra instance so everything works fine (vents..etc).

- Fixed Broad bolts creation and added 'Broader fletching' support.

- The Combat lamp is now tradeable.

- Items dropped by Iron Man game modes will no longer be visible to regular players.

- Fixed pathing issue in Falador room stairs.

- Removed the duplicate Fishing master in the Member's zone.

- Fixed Hydra's attack not repeating properly.

- Removed collisions at the Lumbridge castle west of outpost door.

- Fixed a bug causing skill tasks not working without relog for new players.

- Fixed Magma and Tanzanite helmet stats.

- Fixed the Abyssal bludgeon price in the Premium store.

- Adjusted the graphic heights of Spinolyp attacks.

- Fixed a bug causing players to not show the Wilderness level when teleporting from Al-Kharid.

- Fixed gold amulet crafting which is essential for clue scrolls.

- Fixed Kalphite queen respawns and added soldiers to the KQ instance.

- Reduced Abyssal tentacle poison odds to 1/4 and changed the damage to 4.

- You no longer need to have a Slayer task for buying stuff in the Slayer rewards store.

- You now need 68 Fishing to enter the Fishing guild.

- Fixed the Ranged attack animation of the Wilderness archer bot.

- You can no longer safe spot bots in the Wilderness.

- Trade value indicator now works properly.

- Fixed up projectiles for Surge spells.

- Slayer shop now sells the proper Slayer ring (8).

- Updated the Hell hound teleport to Catacombs of Kourend when using the Gem/Ring.

- You no longer get a charged Serpentine helmet upon item creation.

- Fixed a clipping issue in Varrock clothing shop for clue fix.

- Fixed a clipping issue in Guard's house East Ardougne.



- Added support to send server suggestions through broadcasts for new players to offer them tasks and stuff to do.

- Added Statius warhammer special attack:
* An attack that deals anywhere between 25% and 125% of the user's standard max hit and lowers the target's
current Defence level by 30% on a hit other than 0 (stackable; relative to current level).



- Added Dragon 2H sword special attack:
* Hit up to 14 enemies surrounding you.



- Added Dragon and Infernal harpoon special attacks:
* Increases the player's Fishing level by 3.



- Warriors guild minigame 100% added with Games Room, Dialogues, Shops, and more:

  • The animation room of the Warriors' Guild, created by Shanomi, is located on the 1st floor, southwest of the Guild entrance.

This room is one of the most commonly used rooms out of the whole guild to gain tokens.
Players must bring a set of metal armour, such as bronze or mithril, consisting of a full helmet, platelegs, and a platebody.
To begin the minigame, the player must click on the animation machine with the full set of armour in their inventory, or use one of the pieces of armour on the machine.
The armour will come to life and begin attacking the player. Upon defeating the animated armour, the player may pick their armour set up again along with tokens for defeating it.
Higher-level armour sets are stronger but reward more tokens upon defeating them.

  • The dummy room of the Warriors' Guild, created by Ajjat is located on the 1st floor, northwest of the entrance.

There are no requirements for this minigame; however, it is a good idea to bring melee weapons of all types and styles — stab, slash, crush, accurate, aggressive, defensive, and controlled. This room tests players' reflexes with attack styles by creating various dummies. To defeat these dummies, players must choose the correct attack method to destroy them. Players should look at the poster inside of the dummy room for more information on what styles to use for each dummy. Each dummy correctly hit will reward players with 15 Attack experience and 2 warrior guild tokens.
There are seven dummies in the dummy room, covering all four combat styles (defensive, aggressive, accurate and controlled) and all three melee attack styles (slash, crush, and stab). As a result, choosing the right weapons for this minigame is important. One is required to have at least two weapons to be able to hit every dummy. The best strategy is to bring one weapon that can hit all but one dummy, and another weapon that will deal with the last dummy. For example, a longsword will be able to hit all dummies except for crush, in which case the player could carry a warhammer for the crush dummy. A mace can hit all dummies but slash, for which the player could carry a battleaxe. Whatever combination is decided upon, it should be kept in mind that the attack bonuses for the weapon do not help in this minigame; therefore, it is as easy to obtain tokens with a bronze longsword as it is with a dragon one. If a player does not have the ideal weaponry for this minigame, they can visit Anton on the 2nd floor[US] to buy appropriate weaponry. Note that unarmed combat counts as a crush weapon.
This game can be tricky at first. Try to memorise which type of dummy appears in each slot, as they never change slots.

  • The catapult room of the Warriors' Guild, created by Gamfred, is located on the 2nd floor, west of the Armoury.

To begin this minigame, players may speak with the dwarf outside of the room to obtain a two-handed defensive shield.
This shield can only be equipped while standing on the target area.
Once the shield is equipped, participants should look at the ammunition being shot at them and observe the panel which replaces the inventory, then select the appropriate defensive style.
Each time players defend successfully, they will receive 10 Defence experience and one token. Though this minigame is arguably the easiest at which to be successful, its token payoff is relatively low.


  • The shot put room of the Warriors' Guild is located on the 2nd floor, in the northeast corner of the guild.

To begin, players pick up a cannonball and select one of the three throwing styles.
If a player fails, they will drop the ball on their toe, losing HP in the process.
To reduce this use, one may use a pestle and mortar with ashes to get ground ashes, then use the ground ashes on their hands.
Upon succeeding on the put, the player will gain Strength experience and tokens. The number of tokens received is calculated as follows:

For the 18lb balls (left pile), players receive 1 + distance (yards) tokens
For the 22lb balls (right pile), players receive 3 + distance (yards) tokens
Each throw will reduce the player's energy. As the player's energy lowers, their distance will degrade, until finally, below about 10% energy, one is unable to throw. Waiting for energy to regenerate, using energy potions, strange fruits, or sq'irk juice will allow the player to participate again. Another option is to throw shots until energy is depleted, and then move to a different minigame while regenerating energy. A good tactic if energy potions are available is to throw one ball, restore all energy lost, throw another, restore all energy, and repeating until out of potions, then using up all remaining energy. This can yield a large amount of tokens.

  • Jimmy's Challenge is located on the 2nd floor, east of the Armoury.

To begin, click on a keg in the room.
You will balance the keg on your head and can go on to select another keg, up to a maximum of five.
Balancing the kegs will award Strength experience but will cause damage to you if you lose balance.
You will receive 2 tokens for every barrel successfully picked up.
To receive tokens, speak to Jimmy for a signature and then speak to another games master.
If you walk out of the room with barrels on your head, they will disappear.

  • Basement: In the basement of the Warriors' Guild, accessible by a trap door west of the guild (exit through the food shop), is another large room containing level 106 Cyclopes.

Lorelai will require you to have a rune defender in your inventory before she will allow access to the room.
You will be able to re-enter this room without showing a defender after unlocking access to it the first time.
Only the Cyclopes that are located in the basement will drop the dragon defender.
Entry to the Cyclops room requires 100 Warrior guild tokens. 10 tokens are used upon every entrance, and then 10 tokens are charged for every following minute you stay.

* If the player has 99 Attack, wearing the attack cape before entering the basement Cyclops room will allow the player to stay in the room free of charge as long as the skillcape is equipped.
* Full area sounds and music's.
* All respective shops added.
* Dialogues not limited to (Ajjat, Gamfred, Ghommal, Harrallak, Kamfreena, Ref, Rory, Sloane, Anton, Lidio, Lilly, Jimmy, and many more).
* Perfect NPC chats throughout the zone.
* Doors system implemented properly for all the minigame.










- Massive work on Instance system, Area system which will bring massive performance boost and some minor area related fixes.

- Added support to missing amulets stringing (Opal, Emerald, Topa, Onyx, Zenyte).

- Added support for Distance based hit delays for magic attacks (Core rework):
* Hit delay is measured in game ticks and is the amount of time an attack will be queued to an entity (player or NPC) without doing damage.
Specifically, hit delay measures the amount of ticks an attack is processed on an entity without damaging it.
Melee attacks damage an entity the very first tick that they are processed, and as such, are defined to have a hit delay of 0.
The hit delay of distance attacks is typically variable based on the Chebyshev distance between the entity dealing the attack and the entity receiving the attack.
The distance is typically measured edge-to-edge in game squares, i.e. the distance between the closest edges of the two entities.
However, barrage spells are a notable exception in that they calculate distance from the player to an NPC's southwest tile, which causes abnormally long hit delay when attacking a large NPC from the northeast.

- Implemented proper PID changing every 100 to 150 ticks which will fix a lot reported tick issues.

- Added Woodcutting guild & Redwood Trees/Stumps for the Woodcutting skill:
* Redwood logs are used to train Firemaking and make redwood birdhouses.
* The only locations where redwood trees can be cut are the Woodcutting Guild and the Farming Guild. The redwood tree in the Farming Guild requires the player to first grow a redwood tree (requiring level 90 Farming) and has a bank deposit box very close to the tree.
* On the other hand, the redwood trees in the Woodcutting Guild provide an invisible +7 Woodcutting boost which slightly increases cut speed.
* Implemented Woodcutting Guild Gates w/ 60 WC requirement for entrance.
* Implemented Tree Stumps.





- Mining skill gem mining support implemented.



- Birdhouses support system added:

* A bird house is used to set bird house traps on Fossil Island requiring 5 Hunter. It can be made at 5 Crafting using logs on a clockwork with a chisel and hammer yielding 15 experience.

*Bird houses must be baited with 10 low level hop seeds or herb seeds (Krandorian/Harralander or lower) or 5 high level seeds (Wildblood/Ranarr or above). After approximately 50 minutes when the birdhouse is full, it can be emptied, granting 280 Hunter experience.


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Lots of nice new features, thanks for the update Lou ❤️

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Solid update mate! Awesome job, hope to see raids implemented soon. 

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Great job with the updates! Thanks Lou :)

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Cool updates I'm gonna take advantage of the warrior guild. Hope raids gets added that would cause a player count boost.

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