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This forum is deprecated.

We’ve decided to deprecate the community forum starting August 29, 2022. We will keep all existing accounts, threads and comments, but no new registrations will be accepted after that date. Our initial intention was for this forum to be a place where the community could communicate and interact about all things from Grinderscape. However, over the years, most of the posts have amounted to Discord such as general chat, bug reports or feature requests, much resembling a more professional and advanced way of communicating. This has led to the following decision that our main focus will be on Discord for all of the server updates, bugs, support line, and more which will make it more active and worth looking at. This means less hassle to check forums and Discord as now you know everything will be on Discord.

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Bugs and Fixes:

- Major performance rework for the instance system which caused the server to slow down.

- Fixed wrong amounts of Pimpz santa hat in the voting store exchange.

- Fixed a bug with clue task showing negative values of your clue value.

- Added gilded rubber chicken to the Gilded mystery box.

- Fixes a few typos with the Weapon Minigame, and changed the kill counter from 10 to 25.

- Iron Man game modes are now able to play Weapon Minigame and the Battle Royale.

- You can no longer pick up your cannon if you do not have enough inventory slots required.

- Lots of rework on items on death mechanics so that imbued items are now no longer imbued upon death drop.

- Improved the entering QOL mechanics of Cerberus and Jungle demon.

- Skull sceptre now teleports players to Dagannoth kings instead of The Untouchable.

- Added missing graphics and sounds for Kamil boss.

- Minor improvements on our logging system which can be used to improve the server performance.

- Removed multiple Guthix robes set in the Mystery box.

- Possibly fixed a bug with Blast Furnace which showed the message to wait for ores to process.

- Fixed a bug with Blue ankou gloves causing them to disappear when banked.

- Improved Hans dialogue in Lumbridge as part of our motion system rework where he says Help! and walk back-wards.

- Massive improvements to the NPC aggression system and the way they retreat if pulled far away. It's very close to OSRS now.

- Fixed the Ogre gate which is required for clue scrolls.

- Fixed the wrong equipment model of Steel full helm (g).

- Fixed a bug where barrows equipment did not drop on death in PVP.

- Fixed a bug where you keep on receiving the message "You have been poisoned." when you are actually protected.

- Dagannoth kings now count as Dagannoth NPC type for the Slayer skill.

- K'ril Tsutsaroth and the minions now count as Greater demons task for Slayer skill.

- You can no longer use the bank command in the Minigame lobby in the Home area.


- Added Hardened fighter's torso and Army fighter's torso:
* They can be obtained by slaying Cyclops in the underground area only. Similar to the regular torso.
* They are breakable on death and cost more Blood money to repair than the regular one.
* The items are untradeable unlike the regular Fighter's torso.

army-fighter-torsoarmy-torso Army fighter's torso

hardened-fighter-torsohardened-torsoHardened fighter's torso



- Aquais Neige Minigame has been perfectly added to the game with tons of features:














A new island by the name of Aquais Neige has been discovered in the northern areas of Grinderscape. The island is covered with melting glaciers
and huge water fountains. The island sits above sea level and was spotted by one of the ancient ocean travelers. There appears
to be a hidden cave between two mountains and ancient rumors claim it leads to a secret place where dangerous monsters dwell.
The island has been found by trolls and some other species in the past, and according to their information, anyone who is able
to survive and complete the challenge in Aquais Neige will be rewarded by the ancient aquatic gods. The hostile climate deals damage
to players that are not properly equipped against the ice blizzards.

Aquais Neige sits on a completely new region done from over 9 different maps from scratch that surrounds the Aquais Neige island. It is a safe minigame. Players who
die keep their items and respawn outside of the icy cavern. They are able to rejoin after waiting for 5 minutes without paying any fees. The game consists of 30 waves
of challenge where each wave consists of several monsters that use different mechanics which range from defence drain, freezing, different attack styles, and much more.
Players who are able to complete the challenge and defeat The Inadequacy in the final round will be rewarded with a Hydro cape which is a best in slot cape for magic PVP,
and in addition to that, they will also be rewarded with Hydro tokens which can be spent outside the minigame to purchase different items including the new Hydro set which is a defensive/magical gear.

Note: Sounds/Music/Ambient sounds are fully implemented the region. This also includes over 20 dialogues within the minigame.

Recommended requirements:
* A minimum combat level of 120 with a very strong Range/Magic defensive gear.
* Enough food and potions to be able to survive the 30 waves.
* Energy potions are vital for moving around the area and running from monsters.
* Prayer potions/Super restores are important for being able to use protection prayers for long.
* Protective gear against the ice blizzards in the zone.




* Each 5 waves consists of different NPC's where the last wave of each 5th wave will consist of the two same NPC's which is an indicator that the next wave will contain
new monsters with new mechanics.

    Wave_1(Water elemental)
    Wave_2(Water elemental/Icefiends)
    Wave_3(Water elemental/Icefiends/Water wizard)
    Wave_4(Water elemental/Icefiends/Icefiends/Water wizard)
    Wave_5(Water elemental/Water elemental_2)

    Wave_6(Icefiends/Hydro troll)
    Wave_7(Icefiends/Hydro troll/Ice spider)
    Wave_8(Icefiends/Hydro troll/Ice spider/Ice giant)
    Wave_9(Icefiends/Hydro troll/Hydro troll/Ice spider/Ice spider/Ice giant)

    Wave_11(Hydro troll/Hydro troll/Hydro warrior)
    Wave_12(Hydro troll/Hydro warrior/Water elemental/Ice spider)
    Wave_13(Hydro troll/Hydro warrior/Water elemental/Ice spider/Ice giant)
    Wave_14(Ice giant/Hydro warrior/Water elemental/Ice spider/Hydro troll)
    Wave_15(Hydro troll/Hydro troll_2)

    Wave_16(Armaros/Water elemental)
    Wave_17(Armaros/Water elemental/Icefiends/Ice spider/Water wizard)
    Wave_18(Armaros/Ice giant/Hydro warrior/Ice spider)
    Wave_19(Armaros/Icefiends/Water wizard/Hydro warrior/Ice giant)

    Wave_21(Krampus/Hydro warrior)
    Wave_23(Krampus/Armaros/Icefiends/Ice spider)
    Wave_24(Krampus/Armaros/Icefiends/Ice spider/Ice spider/Water wizard)

    Wave_26(Nykur/Water elemental/Hydro troll/Icefiends)
    Wave_27(Nykur/Water wizard/Ice giant/Icefiends/Ice spider)
    Wave_28(Nykur/Hydro warrior/Hydro troll/Ice spider/Water elemental/Water wizard)

    FINAL_WAVE(The Inadequacy)









Water elemental:130px-Water-elemental
* Water elementals have a combat level of 34. Despite their low combat level yet their Melee attacks are very powerful and almost ignore their opponent's Defence level. Each accurate hit will drain their opponent's Defence level based on their total hit. They are easily killed and not considered any difficult. They are considered Elemental type
of NPC's.


Water wizard:120px-Water-wizard
* Water wizards have a combat level of 54. Intermediate humanoid players which have a Magic level of 55 and consistently using Water blast spell against their opponents.They are easily killed and not considered any difficult. They are considered Human type
of NPC's.



* Icefiends have a combat level of 75. They are creatures that created from hardened ice which uses Melee attacks. They share intermediate defensive and offensive stats. They are considered Demon type
of NPC's.


Hydro troll:Hydro-troll
* Hydro trolls have a combat level of 117. They are Troll type creatures which uses both Melee and Ranged attacks against their opponent's. They are weak to crush attack types and Ranged and share intermediate Defence skills.


Ice spider:Ice-spider
* Ice spiders have a combat level of 97. They are long existing type of spiders which are venoumous to players and uses Melee attacks. They have no Defence skills at all adnd are very easy to slay.


Ice giant:Webp-net-resizeimage
* Ice giants have a combat level of 144. They are bulky defensive giants type of NPC's which uses heavy Melee damage against their opponent's. They are weak to crush attack types and magical spells.


Hydro warrior:Hydro-warrior
* Hydro warriors have a combat level of 167. They are bulky defensive warriors type of NPC's which uses heavy Melee attacks and also uses Magic spells (Ice blitz) to freeze their opponent's for 4 seconds. They are weak to crush attack types and magical spells.


* Armaros have a combat level of 244. They are one of the most evil and cursed reptiles. They use Melee and Ranged attacks against their opponent's and also heal themselves of nearby NPC's when attacking. They have Intermediate Defence skills. They are considered Demon
type of NPC's.



* Krampus have a combat level of 381. They are demonic horned anthropomorphic figure. They use very heavy Melee and Magic attacks (Water wave) against their opponent's and can attack from far range. They have high defensive skills and are weak to crush and ranged attack styles.
They are considered Demon type of NPC's.



* Nykur have a combat level of 421. They are evil shapeshifting water spirits of Folklore that emits harmful magical waves in their presence. They use heavy Magical attacks from a very far distance. They have low Defence skills and only appear in the semi final rounds. They are considered
Hydra type of NPC's.


The Inadequacy:The-Inadequacy
* The final boss The Inadequacy have a combat level of 512. It appears in the final round and is considered the hardest of all monsters in Aquais Neige. It mainly uses powerful Magical attack which could kill the player in a single blast. In addition to that the boss also uses two special
attack types. Earthquake attack is a channeled special type of attack where The Inadequacy charges and creates an earthquake which damages players until they take cover under the waterfall to avoid the damage. Spread attack is chanelled special type of attack which emits destructive blasts on the ground randomly which deals
damage to the player standing on it. Both special attacks last for 10-15 seconds and only one type of special attack can happen at once. The boss will be moved to the center of the minigame upon using any of its special attacks. Three minions also spawn
once the boss loses more than half of its health. This is the hardest stage where players must safe spot minions to make it easier to kill while running away from the boss. The boss has very low Defence skills. It is considered Hydra type of NPC's.


Cyrisus ranged:160px-Cyrisus-ranger
* A level 126 humanoid type minion which uses ranged attacks with Magic shortbow and Karil's gear. Has a 20% chance of using special attack which bypass the opponent's defence and hits twice.

Cyrisus magic:160px-Cyrisus-mage
* A level 126 humanoid type minion which uses magic attacks (Ice blitz) with Ancient staff and dragon gear. Freezes the player for 4 seconds if the attack is accurate.

Cyrisus melee:160px-Cyrisus-armoured
* A level 126 humanoid type minion which uses melee attacks with Abyssal's whip and Ahrim's gear. Has a 20% chance of using special attack which drains user run energy.

Note: All minions use identical stats of their equipment with a 99 Defence skill.

* Sounds are fully implemented for all the NPC's along with their mechanics, hit styles, attack speeds, and all the other features perfectly.
* You can send a logout request before finishing the wave.
* You can only enter the minigame once every 5 minutes.


* Upon completing 30 waves of challenge and defeating The Inadequacy the player will be rewarded with a Hydro cape and Hydro coins as a reward of completing the difficult waves of Aquais Neige.
Players will also get rewarded a portion of Hydro coins upon dying or exiting the cave, and the amount varies based on the wave level.



* The store accepts Hydro coins as a currency of exchange for their goods.



Hydro set:
* Hydro set is a defensive/magical gear which requires 55 Magic and 60 Defence to equip.



Extra media and prototyping of the Aquais Neige:








P.S: A new client is required to play and some of the Minigame mechanics might be altered and is susceptible to changes.


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Awesome update! This is exactly the kind of content I like to see. Very nicely done! 


Edited by Lucastriker
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Awesome! Thanks for the hard work.


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Awesome! Thanks for the update! Looking forward to try out the new minigame!!

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Not bad man, glad ogre pen is fixed and some other bugs! New minigame looks alright to me, can’t wait to try it out

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Awesome job! This is really cool I can’t wait to give it a try. 

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This has me excited because there will be exciting and frustrating moments but it will give the server more excitement, well done! .

If you are thinking of adding any modifications to the suit I would like to help a little with the design, either with sketches or 3d designs.

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Thanks for your hard work on this, mate. Keep up adding content and fixing bugs! 💪😄

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Beautiful job my friend

Amazing update as always keep it up dude! : ) 

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wow what a great minigame! had a blast completing it! keep up the great content!

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Keep up the great work @Lou Grinder! Nice update and loving the new minigame. Thank you for the new content and bug fixes ❤️ 

Happy Pumped Up GIF by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

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