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This forum is deprecated.

We’ve decided to deprecate the community forum starting August 29, 2022. We will keep all existing accounts, threads and comments, but no new registrations will be accepted after that date. Our initial intention was for this forum to be a place where the community could communicate and interact about all things from Grinderscape. However, over the years, most of the posts have amounted to Discord such as general chat, bug reports or feature requests, much resembling a more professional and advanced way of communicating. This has led to the following decision that our main focus will be on Discord for all of the server updates, bugs, support line, and more which will make it more active and worth looking at. This means less hassle to check forums and Discord as now you know everything will be on Discord.

Full Agility Skill | Brimhaven Agility | New Skill Masters & More!

Lou Grinder

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Bugs and Fixes:

- Fixed all Iorwerth Slayer tasks that weren't giving any points.

- Fixed running regeneration rate and made it 1:1 OSRS with member rank benefits:
* Bronze 10% faster rate, Ruby 20%, Topaz 30%, Amethyst 40%, and all the higher ranks will provide 50% regeneration rate.

- Fixed the rope climb destination near Slash bash cave in Karamja's dungeon.

- Fixed run energy bug on potions including Stamina potion effect.

- Fixed a bug where adding player to ignore list will turn all friends offline.

- Staircase at Rogue Castle has been fixed to prevent users from being able to walk anywhere.

- You can no longer make fires under NPCs or near doors.

- Resolved a problem with Mage's tower ladder problem causing freeze issue.

- Birdhouses will now re-appear in Edgeville home area and works 1:1 OSRS.


- Fixed Chaos druid slayer ring teleport destination.

- The Blackjack gambling issue was hotfixed and will no longer cause problems.

- Fixed some bugs with skill guides not showing our custom items to display properly such as Barrows whip.

- Kandarian headgear will now count as a light source in game.

- Fixed Toxic blowpipe special attack accuracy and sounds.

- Runecrafting portals will now teleport you back to Aubury instead of home area.

- Fixed the sailing boat located in Vorakth area.

- Fixed a bug with Slayer task assigning Dust devils on 92 Slayer instead of level 93 Slayer.

- Fixed Fishing attacking your harpoon visual bug.

- Black knight titan boss instance has been temporarily removed due to it being in two locations.

- Minor tweeks and revamp to the Yanille dungeon with minor requirement changes.



- Added the god leather shields to Clue Scroll hard rewards.

- Added Graceful set gears equipment effects and weight reduction mechanism.

- Wooden Shields/Dhide shields were added to Crafting/Fletching with proper OSRS rates.


- Redwood logs can now be fletched.



- Added support for the Contributor's rank in game:

  • Staff will decide who gets this rank.
  • The rank is a unique rank with no powers added yet which will be decided later.
  • Players who get the rank will also get it on forums and on our Discord.


- Added support for Lizardman cave for Slayer task's only including all the Agility obstacles to work perfectly.

- Dragon Hasta special attack has been added 1:1 OSRS:Dragon hasta.png

  • The dragon hasta has a special attack called Unleash, which causes the next attack to have a 5% boost in accuracy and a 2.5% boost in damage for every 5% of special attack energy used.
  • For example, a player with 100% special attack energy who performs the special attack will cause their next attack to have 100% increased accuracy and a damage boost of 50%.
  • Sounds are also supported.

- Brine sabre special attacked has been added 1:1 OSRS:Brine sabre.png

  • The brine sabre has a special attack, Liquify, which doubles the player's accuracy, and increases the player's Strength, Attack and Defence levels by 25% of the damage dealt.
  • The special attack consumes 75% of the player's special attack energy.
  • Sounds are also supported.


- Dragon knife special attack has been added 1:1 OSRS:Dragon knife.png

  • The dragon knife has a special attack, Duality, which consumes 25% of the player's special attack energy. It causes the player to throw two dragon knives at once, with each knife having their own accuracy and damage rolls.
  • This special attack is similar to dragon dagger's, albeit without an extra increase in accuracy and damage.
  • Sounds are also supported.


- Added support for new skilling masters which was heavily requested by players.
* We now have Crafting, Firemaking, Agility, Herblore, Prayer, Cooking, and Runecrafting skill masters.
* Each skill master has its own respective dialogue and tasks.
* The masters will only assign you tasks based on your skill level and that you are able to complete the task.
* The reward depends on the quantity and difficulty of the task.
* Each master will reward players with the skill task points which can be used to purchase items from the store.
* The skill items will provide XP boosts and effects. All skillcapes and hoods also do provide bonus experience.
* Get-task interaction added upon right clicking task masters for quick and ease of use.
* Revamped and redone some of the dialogues to make it easier and more detailed for new players to understand.












- Skilling gear effects:

  • Graceful set (only when full set equipped) - 20% bonus experience
  • Boots of lightness - Weight reduction and 5% bonus experience.
  • Penance gloves - 5% bonus experience and less chance to fall from Monkey bars.
  • Spotted cape/Spottier cape - 5% bonus experience
  • Agility skillcape - 20% bonus experience.
    Agility cape equipped.png120px-Graceful_outfit_equipped.png?2a492Boots of lightness equipped.pngSpottier cape equipped female.png


  • Herblore skillcape - 20% bonus experience.
  • Herblore hood - 5% bonus experience.
    Herblore cape equipped.png


  • Prayer skillcape - 10% bonus experience.
  • Prayer hood - 5% bonus experience.
    Prayer cape equipped.png


  • Chef's hat/Golden - 5% bonus experience and Cooking's guild entrance.
  • Cooking aprons - 5% bonus experience and 5% less chance burning food.
  • Cooking gauntlets - Stops burning at level with Gauntlets for certain Cooking level (check wiki for more)
  • Cooking skillcape - 10% bonus experience and never burn food again.
  • Cooking hood - 5% bonus experience.
    Cooking cape equipped.pngCooking gauntlets equipped female.pngMaster Chef.png


  • Runecrafting skillcape - 10% bonus experience
  • Runecrafting hood - 5% bonus experience.
  • Decorative helmet - 5% bonus experience
  • Decorative robe top - 8% bonus experience.
  • Decorative robe bottoms - 8% bonus experience
    Runecraft cape equipped.png130px-Decorative_armour_%28magic%29_equipped.png?bd2d1


  • Fletching skillcape - 10% bonus experience.
  • Fletching hood - 5% bonus experience.
    Fletching cape equipped female.png


  • Farmer's strawhat - 10% bonus experience.
  • Farmer's boro trousers - 10% bonus experience.
  • Farmer's jacket - 10% bonus experience.
  • Farmer's boots - 10% bonus experience.
  • Farming skillcape - 10% bonus experience
  • Farming hood - 5% bonus experience.
    Farming cape equipped.png130px-Farmer%27s_outfit_%28female%29_equipped.png?3ce49

Crafting:Crafting icon.png

  • Crafting skillcape - 20% bonus experience.
  • Crafting hood - 5% bonus experience.
    Crafting cape equipped.png


  • Orante helm - 5% bonus experience.
  • Ornate top - 8% bonus experience.
  • Ornate legs - 7% bonus experience.
  • Ornate gloves - 2.5% bonus experience.
  • Orante boots - 2.5% bonus experience.
  • Ornate cape - 5% bonus experience.
  • Smithing skillcape - 20% bonus experience.
  • Smithing hood - 5% bonus experience.
    Smithing cape equipped.png99px-Ornate_armour_equipped.png?ea880


  • Pyromancer hood - 10% bonus experience.
  • Pyromancer robe - 8% bonus experience.
  • Pyromancer grab - 8% bonus experience.
  • Pyromancer boots - 5% bonus experience.
  • Firemaking skillcape - 20% bonus experience.
  • Firemaking hood - 10% bonus experience.
    Firemaking cape equipped.png130px-Pyromancer_outfit_equipped.png?07d88


  • Angler hat - 10% bonus experience.
  • Angler top - 10% bonus experience.
  • Angler waders - 10% bonus experience.
  • Angler boots - 5% bonus experience.
  • Fishing skillcape - 20% bonus experience.
  • Fishing hood - 5% bonus experience.
    Fishing cape equipped.png100px-Angler%27s_outfit_equipped.png?cef02


  • Prospector helmet - 5% bonus experience.
  • Prospector jacket - 10% bonus experience.
  • Prospector legs - 10% bonus experience.
  • Prospector boots - 2.5% bonus experience.
  • Mining skillcape - 20% bonus experience
  • Mining hood - 5% bonus experience.
    Mining cape equipped.png100px-Prospector_kit_%28female%29_equipped.png?4000a


  • Rogue mask: 5% bonus experience.
  • Rogue top: 10% bonus experience.
  • Rogue trousers - 10% bonus experience.
  • Rogue gloves - 2.5% bonus experience.
  • Rogue boots - 2.5% bonus experience.
  • Dodgy necklace - 10% bonus experience & 50% faster thieving from Miscellaneous stalls.
  • Gloves of silence - 5% bonus experience & 1/5 chance to double steal from stalls.
  • Thieving skillcape - 20% bonus experience.
  • Thieving hood - 5% bonus experience.
    Thieving cape equipped.png90px-Rogue_armour_equipped.png?b6d4dGloves of silence equipped female.pngOpal necklace equipped.png


  • Lumberjack hat - 5% bonus experience.
  • Lumberjack top: 10% bonus experience.
  • Lumberjack boots - 5% bonus experience.
  • Woodcutting skillcape - 20% bonus experience.
  • Woodcutting hood - 5% bonus experience.
    Woodcutting cape equipped.png100px-Lumberjack_clothing_equipped.png?bdfeb



Agility skill has been redone to perfectly match OSRS 1:1 and bring a lot of new features to the game.

  • Run energy restoration rate will depend on your Agility level as on OSRS.
  • All existing Agility Courses has been revamped and done to perfection.
  • Added support for falling mechanics based on the obstacle and your Agility level.
  • You stop failing based on your Agility level for certain Rooftop Courses.
  • All Agility obstacles/courses/rooftops will now work with their respective sounds.
  • Agility skilling master which rewards Agility points used to purchase Graceful gear in different colors.
  • Marks of grace can be obtained by using completing tags in Brimhaven Agility Arena.
  • Graceful gear has been added to Grace store which can be bought for Marks of grace in Barbarian Outpost.
  • New: Draynor Village Rooftop Course
    Draynor Village Rooftop Course (3).png
  • New: Agility Pyramid
    Agility Pyramid.png
    Agility Pyramid (1).pngAgility Pyramid (3).pngAgility Pyramid (6).png
    Agility Pyramid (8).png
    Agility Pyramid (9).png
  • New: Al-Kharid Rooftop Course
  • New: Varrock Rooftop Course
    Varrock Rooftop Course (9).png
  • New: Canifis Rooftop Course
    Canifis Rooftop Course (6).png
    Canifis Rooftop Course (3).pngCanifis Rooftop Course (7).pngCanifis Rooftop Course (2).png
  • New: Falador Rooftop Course
    Falador Rooftop Course (9).png
  • New: Pollnivneach Rooftop Course
    Pollnivneach Rooftop Course (7).png
  • New: Relleka Rooftop Course
    Rellekka Rooftop Course (4).png
  • New: Ardougne Rooftop Course (Highest experience)
    Ardougne Rooftop Course (6).png
    Ardougne Rooftop Course (6).png
    Ardougne Rooftop Course (7).png
  • New: Brimhaven Agility Arena

A mark of grace token.
Brimhaven Agility Arena.png

Brimhaven Agility Arena - Balancing rope.png

Brimhaven Agility Arena - Balancing ledge.png

Brimhaven Agility Arena - Pressure pad.png

Brimhaven Agility Arena - Darts.png





Wilderness Agility Course (1).png

Wilderness Agility Course (5).png





- New Agility obstacles has been implemented 1:1

  • Pyramid rocks
  • God wars rock
  • Grand exchange tunnel
  • Edgeville monkeybars
  • Lumbrdige swamp stepping stone
  • Al-kharid mine shortcut
  • Coal trucks log balance
  • Ardougne log balance
  • Southern Falador underwall
  • North yanille underwall
  • Draynor to Port Sarim shortcut
  • Brimhaven stepping stones to Red dragons
  • Lumbridge grapple
  • Lizardman cave crevice shortcut
  • Heroes Guild tunnel
  • Shilo Village stone
  • North Camelot log balance
  • Cosmic Narrow Medium and Advanced shortcut
  • Dwarven mine crevice
  • Varrock Champion's guild shortcut
  • Lumbridge grapple
  • Light house obstacles
  • God wars shortcuts
  • All Revenant's cave obstacles
  • Staple climbing
  • Lava maze obstacle (Great for muddy chest)
  • & MANY MORE.














Note: Make sure your on the latest client V7.11 to be able to login!


Upcoming Next: Farming Skill Revamp, Platinum Skilling Zone, New Home area, New items, and much more!







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Beautiful! Thank you so much to everyone for their hard work ❤️

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good job lou!

But i do have some concerns, I think with all the bugs you have patched you have overlooked some quite game-breaking bugs and i will list them below.

  • Players being able to attack you whilst you are already in a fight  soo therefore multiple people being able to attack you at once in single combat zones, its been a problem for years. (i have fell victim to this bug abuse many many times and is one of the big reasons i have took a step back from grinderscape)
  • Not being able to teleport away whilst under the affect of a barrage or snare even if you are under 30 wilderness.
  • There is no immunity to freezes soo people are able to autocast barrage and stop you moving full stop. (this goes hand in hand with the multi attacks in singles, as many players *Not to be mentioned here* abuse this and keep you frozen and tb you at the same time as another player attacks you making it impossible to move or tank.
  • You can still spam click ladders and not take any damage in the wilderness therefore making it hard to kill anybody whilst there is a ladder near.

I do not feel that this should be put in suggestions as its been mentioned a million and 1 times to staff and #suggestions and i feel it is an issue that needs to be resolved ASAP.



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Awesome update Lou! I'm sure everyone will enjoy all of the extra features added in this update! ❤️

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Wow. Amazing! So much new features/items/effects! Thank you for all of this and all of your hardwork. Can't wait to get all of these items and to put in the gameplay to do so. Love it too that all of the skilling items give you bonus XP! Thank you again for all of this. ❤️ excited for more as well! :D

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Love it mate. Great job as always !!! 

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