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This forum is deprecated.

We’ve decided to deprecate the community forum starting August 29, 2022. We will keep all existing accounts, threads and comments, but no new registrations will be accepted after that date. Our initial intention was for this forum to be a place where the community could communicate and interact about all things from Grinderscape. However, over the years, most of the posts have amounted to Discord such as general chat, bug reports or feature requests, much resembling a more professional and advanced way of communicating. This has led to the following decision that our main focus will be on Discord for all of the server updates, bugs, support line, and more which will make it more active and worth looking at. This means less hassle to check forums and Discord as now you know everything will be on Discord.

2022 Plans - Rune Lite 203# HD | Raids | Inferno | Group Ironman | Most content redone (Development Blog)

Lou Grinder

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Grinderscape server base is currently being redone with a complete major overhaul in order to be supporting the latest OSRS features and even support Rune Lite client addition support. This over haul will require us to redo each and every interface from scratch such as the Yell Customizer, Gambling interface, Title Chooser, Rank chooser, and many more in the OSRS format which also supports varbits saving (This means the interface will remember your last chosen option) and much more features including some interfaces to support resizable screens.


The conversion will also include the Rune Lite HD update on the 200# engine which will be perfectly supported on the server along with most of the default Rune Lite plugins.


One of the most important features is the server will support OSRS packets handling and interfaces which will allow our developers to implement content 1:1 easily as we have all the tools that are necessary for that. Content such as perfect construction, farming, and hunter skills will be adopted as well as the big content such as Chambers of Xeric and Theatre of Blood.


What is going to happen after this conversion is done? Well, the whole server economy is going to be changed into a sustainable economy with more of a grindy twist. This means the economy will have new rules and changes that will not just make it more stable but also more grindy which means the XP changes will be significant and also include new game modes.


What are the new Game Modes? (The proposed XP rates are not final and are subject to change).


3481.png.85fa80e4f910db8ab0dd652a73d1d3aa.png  One Life: – Unique Icon | Unique Equipment | Unique Title (Can’t be changed) | Superior Benefits | High scores Page | 10x Combat 10x Skilling – 5x post 99

Upon dying your account will be eliminated. Your account will stop functioning once your hit points reaches zero. You will not be able to trade, move, or do any actions.


     3455.png.b747a8a00b2fc063fac5c4d8e4db7d9a.png Realism: – Unique Icon | Unique Equipment | Unique Title | Benefits | High scores Page | 10x Combat 10x Skilling – 5x post 99


    classic.png Classic: – Unique Icon | Unique Title | Benefits | High scores Page | 50x Combat 25x Skilling – 15x post 99


Regular: – High scores Page | 125x Combat 50x Skilling – 25x post 99


     2502.png.a2ebd4e408105167c2bac258bc35cf20.png Pure: – Fixed Icon | Fixed Title | High scores | Account Restrictions | Reduced Drop Rates | Instant (image.png.698ffa232cd5188332c18fced8b08db7.png 75 Attack, image.png.1aacd77d05b3de71796fabdd000684bd.png 92 Strength, image.png.f4222024887038be2c9d2b399928cde0.png 94 Magic,

image.png.a9d6168cc8d11e24382349a89b3749dd.png 70 Ranged, image.png.aedc8782e60b86afa4042882243d2b00.png 99 Hit Points) 1250x Combat 5x Skilling – 5x post 99


      3483.png.b39ca5d37b1e98cb468c61ea58ceb3ad.pngMaster: – Fixed Icon | Fixed Title | High scores | Account Restrictions | Reduced Drop Rates | Instant (image.png.698ffa232cd5188332c18fced8b08db7.png99 Attack, image.png.1aacd77d05b3de71796fabdd000684bd.png 99 Strength, image.png.dcbb7888720c64c06e035577bfe6af91.png 99 Defence,

image.png.f4222024887038be2c9d2b399928cde0.png 99 Magic, image.png.a9d6168cc8d11e24382349a89b3749dd.png 99 Ranged, image.png.aedc8782e60b86afa4042882243d2b00.png 99 Hit Points) 500x Combat 5x Skilling – 5x post 99


8hz46IJ.pngIron Man: - Unique Icon | Unique Title | Iron Man Restrictions | High scores | 75x Combat 35x Skilling – 25x post 99


Hardcore ironman chat badge.png Hardcore Iron Man: - Unique Icon | Unique Title | One HCIM Life | Iron Man Restrictions | High scores | 75x Combat 35x Skilling – 25x post 99



Ultimate ironman chat badge.png Ultimate Iron Man: - Unique Icon | Unique Title | Iron Man Restrictions | High scores | 75x_Combat 35x Skilling – 25x post 99



Group ironman chat badge.png        Group Iron Man: – High scores | 25x Combat 15x Skilling | OSRS Features 125x Combat 35x Skilling – 25x post 99


Proposed Mode - 2495.png.a8039ad56eed4abedd48bf1f3481d553.png Spawn Mode: - Fixed Title | Ability to set a skill level manually from 1-99 | Spawn items | Massive Account Restrictions




3481.png.85fa80e4f910db8ab0dd652a73d1d3aa.png One Life:

3455.png.b747a8a00b2fc063fac5c4d8e4db7d9a.png Realism:

classic.png Classic:


2502.png.a2ebd4e408105167c2bac258bc35cf20.png Pure:

3483.png.b39ca5d37b1e98cb468c61ea58ceb3ad.png Master:

8hz46IJ.pngIron Man

Hardcore ironman chat badge.png Hardcore Iron Man:

Ultimate ironman chat badge.png Ultimate Iron Man:

Group ironman chat badge.png Group Iron Man:

Fixed Icon

Fixed Icon

Fixed Icon


Fixed Icon

Fixed Icon

Fixed Icon

Fixed Icon

Fixed Icon

Fixed Icon

Unique Title

Unique Title

Unique Title


Fixed Title

Fixed Title

Fixed Title

Fixed Title

Fixed Title

Fixed Title

High scores Page

High scores Page

High scores Page

High scores Page

High scores Page

High scores Page

High scores Page

High scores Page

High scores Page

High scores Page

Custom Starting Gear

Custom Starting Gear

Custom Starting Gear




Iron Man Gear

Hardcore Iron Man Gear

Ultimate Iron Man Gear

Group Iron Man Gear

Superior High Drop Rates

Highly Boosted Drop Rates

Boosted Drop Rates


Reduced Drop Rates

Reduced Drop Rates









Pure Mode restrictions

Master Mode restrictions

Iron Man restrictions

Iron Man restrictions

Iron Man restrictions

Iron Man restrictions


Pure Mode/Master Mode restrictions:

-          Not allowed to play certain minigames: (Weapon Game, Battle Royale, Barrows, Chambers of Xeric and Theatre of Blood). The rank is solely PVP based with easy earnt stats. The prevention is to keep it a fair play between players and to prevent players from using PVP accounts to get advantages on certain minigames and gather resources.


-          Not eligible for daily rewards.


Spawn Mode Restrictions:

-          Not allowed to trade, duel, or gamble with any players except of the same game modes.

-          Not allowed to participate in any minigame with other players except solo minigames such as Fight caves..etc)

-          Not allowed to attack any NPC when it is under attack by other players even if it’s in multi zone. In addition, you cannot attack any NPC when it has been in combat by other player for at least 15 seconds.

-          Damage inflicted to other NPCs by other players will cause the NPC to drop nothing upon death.

-          Any item dropped will automatically vanish upon touching the ground.

-          You are not allowed to be attacked by any player in PVP or attack except from the same game modes. All equipped items and inventory will be cleared upon death in all circumstances and the items will vanish.

-          You are not allowed to participate in the Wilderness Boss Event and can’t attack the boss.

-          You are not allowed to place items on the table.

-          You are not allowed to participate in the lottery.

-          You are not allowed to use the shops in buying and selling forms.

The Great Reset - Part to the best economy on all RSPS (Sustainable Economy)

·         Daily login rewards have been removed. The streaks and participation points reward will remain.

·         Participation points will no longer reward players with blood money.

·         Skilling points reward for experience cap will vary based on your game mode so keep it fair. There is also a possibility that the store and points will be removed from the game if no useful use was found.

·         Task rewards: All the task rewards will be revamped to match the new economy values.

·         Certain stores will have discounts for Iron Man game modes such as Cannon will cost 3 times less for Iron Man game modes, and some other stores will also offer discounts to these modes.

·         Muddy chest, Brimstone chest, Crystal chest, Clue scroll, Mystery boxes, and Caskets rewards will be reworked.

·         Redo each and every store item for their buying and selling values to match the new economy.

·         Stall cash rewards, skilling cash rewards, miscellaneous stall, and stall bonus item rewards will all be redone to match new economy·

·         Fight cave entrance fee redone to match the new economy and be fair.

·         Skill master rewards: The skilling masters task rewards will be nerfed from both rewards skill task points and coins, respectively.

·         Wilderness Resource Area: The Wilderness Resource Area will have an entrance fee amount that matches the new economy. Proposed fees are currently ranging between 500k-1.5m coins and yet the final answer is to be decided.

·         Member islands: Members Island will be an extraordinary place for skillers to level up as the new XP game modes are pretty low and having such zones which is perfectly divided based on members rank by advantages will be a great option for all players with the members rank, and yet it is not an overkill with benefits which makes it a perfect fit to the new economy.

·         Boss Contract system: The boss contract system is proposed to be removed completely, nerf the cash rewards, or remove the boss contract points store whichever the community decides.

·         Gambling/Duel Tax: In order to keep the economy sustainable the 10% tax rates will stay on the new economy for duel and gamble modes. This is vital for the economy to stay clean especially with the cash currency in order to reduce inflation as much as possible.

·         Shops: All the shops items and prices will be completely redone. The shop prices will be changed to match the new economy prices. In addition, most of the resources will also be removed so players will have to farm the resources themselves or buy them off other skillers/players. This means there will be no potions, no food, no runes, no rune essence, no armors except the basic ones, no herbs, no farming seeds, no gems, no arrows, and no weapons. All resources will be made possible to gather or collect. For example, herbs can be grind by slaying Chaos druids in the Taverly dungeon. Runes can be rune crafted after mining essence. We will make sure all the resources have a way of collecting or finding them.

·         PVP rewards: The PVP rewards will be changed from Blood money to PK Points with a store to buy items with PK Points. Most of the items that are available from the PK Points will be degradable items that wear off after being used for certain period of time. Players who slay their opponent’s with those items being lost on death (not protected) they will turn into a fixed amount of coins depending on the item.

·         Item repairs: The item repairs will have two different types. Items that can be repaired with coins such as barrows and most of the other items will require ‘Salvage components’ item which can be gathered by salvaging other gear/metals by speaking with Perdu. For example, a Bandos chestplate can be salvaged for 3,500 ‘Salvage components’ while Dragon platelegs can be salved for 150 components, respectively.

·         Slayer rewards/shop: The slayer rewards point shop will be redone. Tome’s experience will be reduced by x10 that means the tome which used to give 10,000,000 experience will now turn to 1,000,000 experience. The slayer point shop will contain items that are essential for training combat and might also contain some basic resources and item packs.

·         Skillcape effects: Most of the skill cape effects will work with their functionality and training a skill with the skill cape equipped will reward extra experience which is a good way for leveling up. The bonus experience will be nerfed from 10-20% to about 2.5% to 5.0%. This will also apply to the skilling gears instead of providing 20-30% bonus experience it will be about 5-10% bonus experience.

·         Max cape: The max cape cost required to obtain will be changed. The max cape will also provide experience boost to most skills and also retain its unique benefits. The price for gambling your cape will also be reduced to match the new economy.

·         Completionist cape: Completionist cape will be added to the game with unique benefits and also provide the best stats in-game. It will be rewarded to players who max out all of their skills with experience cap limit. The stats of the cape will be very very high. Players at this stage will also unlock a new login effect and in-game broadcast on login.

·         250M XP capes: They will be rewarded to players who reach 250m skill experience. The capes will provide better stats than the regular skill cape with the same effects of the cape.


·         Pet insurance: Pet insurance system will be introduced to the server along with new pets that can be insured for a fixed amount of money depending on the type of the pet.

Update:In-Game Polls & Pet Insurance - OSRS Wiki

·         Alch/general store selling prices: All the item low and high alchemy values will be redone along with the selling value to general stores which will be a match to the new economy.

·         Wilderness Spirit Event: The Wilderness Spirit event will happen once every 3-5 hours. There will be in-game announcements before the event happens, while the boss spawns with its approximate location, and when the boss despawns. Players who slay the spirit boss will be rewarded along with all participating members whoever deals damage to the boss. New bosses will be added to the event such as Galvek, Justiciar, and much more. The rewards will be redone to match the new economy. The rewards will either be a random drop from a pool of rewards or a chest key found in the Demonic Ruins.


New Item Effects:

·         Breakable items: Items that breaks on death such as Void gear, Fire cape, and similar breakable items.


·         Shatter items: This applies to a certain type of shields that have a very low chance of shattering when being hit by NPCS depending on their combat level. It would nearly be a 1/5000 chance to shatter against low levels, and 1/1000 against bosses per every hit. Once the shield shatters it is automatically unequipped and vanishes as it breaks and touches the ground. These shields that are added for now will be: Dragonfire shield, Ancient wyvern shield, Dragonfire ward, Twisted buckler, Obby shield, Dragon sq/kite shield, and a few others to be added.


·         Rechargeable items: Items that can be charged to be able to be used and this consumes resources such as runes, scales, arrows, and more. For example, Sanguinesti staff, Toxic blowpipe, Tridents and more.


·         Degradable items: Items that degrade in many different types:

  • Wear time: The item will degrade or vanish after being worn for x amount of minutes/hours.Combat time: The item will degrade or vanish after being in combat for x amount of minutes/hours.
  • Uses/charges: The item will degrade or vanish after a certain amount of uses. For example the Crystal shields, Ring of recoils, and more. Spirit shields might be added on here as well. Each shield would last to block 1,000 hits and then it will turn into a regular spirit shield. The shield saving is bond to the account itself and not to the actual shield just like the Ring of recoil so you are free to trade the item at any time.


·         Upgradeable items: Items that can be upgraded/imbued for a fixed fee. For example all of the legendary rings such as the Berserker ring can be imbued and upgraded.





Barronite_shards_25.png.6fb32a9d382636fb92d803e25e7ada15.png Salvage System: (Very important read)



Item salvage interface that opens the inventory and you can press on any item and if the item is coded it will salvage for some salvaged components which are used to repair items. The salvaged components are untradeable items. Some items can be salvaged into salvage dust and this item can be used to charge certain items and it is untradeable as well. This will help clean out all of the items out of the economy and keep everything properly circulating.


Items on Death mechanics:


                The drops system will be redone to match OSRS exactly for all types of items with their limits of weather you died in PVP above level 20 in The Wilderness or less. This will also apply to items that are possible to break upon death, chargeable items, and more. However, the fees for restoring your items from the graveyard will be extremely costly to recover.

Note: Each category of these items will have different death mechanics. The variables can be weather you died to a player or NPC, and finally depending on if you are above Wilderness level 20 or below. Some items will drop as uncharged version along with the resources, some will degrade such as imbued rings, ornament items will drop the regular item along with a cash reward, breakable items will drop as cash reward when you die in PVP and finally Untradeable items will vanish if lost above level 20 Wilderness.


Drops Rework:


                The NPC drops system will be redone to match the economy. You can expect less drop rates for rare items. Please keep in mind that the drop rates reduction will only apply to rare item drops. Regular items such as the common and uncommon ones will not be affected. The concept of the drops system will focus on optimizing it until we reach something where you get a whip drop from Abyssal demons once every 120-150 kills. A sigil drop with a drop rate of 1 sigil per 50-80 kills as Corporeal beast is considered a very tough to slay boss. Twisted bow will be only obtained from raids with 1/25 rate. Intermediate items such as Granite maul from Slayer skill monsters should have a drop rate of about one maul per 50-80 kills as those items are not considered very costly. Visage should be about one per 200-300 kills from Dragons depending on which dragon it is. Finally easy items such as Dragon platelegs would be one per every 15-30 kills and those items are great to be alched, salvaged, or sold to general store for some boost.


Well of Goodwill:


                The Well of Goodwill is a well which is located in the home area. It will allow players to donate items into the well which will have a global announcement if a valuable item is donated. Once the well reaches a total wealth of 2 billion coins or more it can be activated to create a global double XP boost with a global announcement in the server which could last anywhere from 3 – 5 hours. The total amount of wealth donated to the Well of Goodwill is also saved on the account statistics panel in the quest tab, and later it might be added on the High score page to show members with top wealth offered value.


Emotes Unlocking (New Emotes from OSRS):




Rabbit Hop emote icon.pngRabbit Hop
Scared emote icon.pngScared
Zombie Hand emote icon.pngZombie Hand
Hypermobile Drinker emote icon.pngHypermobile Drinker
Smooth dance emote icon.pngSmooth dance
.Crazy dance emote icon.pngCrazy dance

Explore emote icon.pngExplore

Uri transform emote icon.pngUri Transform

Push up emote icon.pngPush Up

                Some of the unique emotes can be unlocked for a certain amount of coins. This can be good for the economy and also a show-off for players to show that they have unlocked the emote. Some emotes will be unlocked upon wining certain random events or minigames.


Unlocking features/store with Salvaged components:


                Some items will not be available to get anywhere except from this store. This store basically sells exotic items with an addition of a limited collection of items. This store only takes Salvaged components item as a currency. This item is obtained when items can be salvaged by speaking with Perdu in the shops area. The store will mainly have 4 types of items: exotic items, exotic pets, untradeable items, and miscellaneous items. The store can also offer unlocking features and benefits to your account based on a fixed cost.


Player vs Player Rework:


·         PJing fix + players with members rank will have a safety PJ timer.

·         Perfect switching that is extremely fast and having no delays.

·         PID perfection as on OSRS with duel arena system support.

·         Need a reason to have Blood money currency in game

·         Emblems on player kills which can be traded for rewards.

·         Logout timer when in The Wilderness to prevent players from logging out when seeing a player.

·         Cannot logout while under combat.

·         Eternal glory and other gadgets can teleport up to level 30 in The Wilderness.

·         Wilderness boss event (Currently having the Wilderness Spirits bosses).

·         Wilderness Hot Spot areas.

·         Wilderness Giant Casket with in-game announcements.

·         Wilderness Slayer & Bosses.

·         Fully integrated Wilderness Resource Area with benefits.

·         Wilderness Agility 1:1 with falling and damage stalling system.

·        Red skull and perfect skulling mechanics.

·         In-game announcements for PvP upon streaks and many other options.

·         Perfect freeze, stun, and teleblock timer with protect magic time reduction.

·         Every single weapon special attack perfectly implemented 1:1

·         High scores board to function perfectly with daily, weekly and monthly stats.

·         Adding support for Dhin’s bulwark, Staff of the dead, Nightmare staffs, and all new OSRS weapons and gears.

·         Adding the LMS minigame.

·         Weekly draws with real cash rewards for top PKers, and it will be announced on Discord and on Forums.

·         Add Pking points exclusively for pking - not to buy things with Blood Money.


Pathing Fixes: (We have 1:1 existing motion and movement system)

·         Following with dancing using 1:1 OSRS algorithims.

·         Ability to barrage a player while standing under them.

·         Using an item on player uses a different follow strategy than using 'follow' option.

·         Bosses flinching system support.

·         Smart pathfinding for bosses that are stuck for 3 consecutive tries. (They will find a proper spot to attack you from after three failed tries).

·         Ability to retarget moving entities when having interactions such as trading a player who is moving or a store.

·         Unpassable NPC's such as Brawler and Monkey guards you cannot walk over them.

·         Fully integrated NPC collision prevention system so they stack behind each other, with a system to support certain exclusions.

·        Full perfect Line of sight system implementation to allow features such as ranging or using magic over certain obstacles and Halberd over gates.

·        Perfect PvP Following system that allows you to target and keep hitting players even when running away.

·         Fixing a bug with NPC’s moving after being attacked.


Forum Integration:

·         You must register to play.

·         2FA will work with forums. (If you have 2FA setup on forums it will also be required to login in-game).

·         Player profile on forums profile. (Shows all your NPC kills, Points, Boss best kill timer, achievements completed, unlocked perks, collection log, etc.)

·         High score statistics page. (View your total slayed NPCs, total trees cut, minigames won, login streak, slayer streak etc.)

·         Ranks auto update on forums. (Your members rank/staff rank if applicable).

·         Reset password via forums.

·         Forums events and rewards in-game.

·         Unique ranks for forum participation and having a trophy system.

·         Forums and Wiki using the same theme as on website.

·         Having all the news and updates loading on the website.

·         Fully integrated staff panel for all logging system.

·         Website store cart system to allow multiple buying options.


Perks System:

Perks is a system where players can unlock extra features to their accounts which can be purchased using Grinder Tokens. The tokens are usually dropped by monsters at a random rate, or by participating in certain activities.

            Upon creating an account players will be able to select their first perk as a necessity to complete their account. There are 50 perks in total and each player can unlock up to 35 total perks. Unlocking a perk means there is NO WAY back to revert the action so make sure to choose carefully.

            There are 6 tiers of perks and in order to be able to unlock perks in the next tier, you must UNLOCK at least 5 perks in the tier to be able to move to the next one. So for example to be able to unlock and use tiers in Tier 2, you must first unlock AT LEAST 5 perks in Tier 1. Perks in higher tiers cost more tokens and are much more rewarding.

  1. ·  The tokens are not tradeable so you cannot buy them even for real money. Grinding is your only option.
  2. ·  There are certain perks that cannot be unlocked on certain game modes.
  3. ·  Every player can unlock up to 35/50 total perks.
  4. ·  There are some perks that their effects are revoked while in The Wilderness or PvP.
  5. ·  There is not a single perk that is game breaking, but it makes your account have god like features that are fun to have.


Example sketch interface:


List of proposed perks:

  1. Clue Fantasy: Double clue scroll rewards and 50% increased chance of finding higher tier rewards.
  2. Equilibrium: Each time the player gains experience, they will gain additional 10% experience of the player's total level multiplied
  3. by your game mode experience boost.
  4. The Botanist: Farming crops grow five times quicker. Resources harvested from Farming are multiplied by two. Creating
  5. potions will give their four-dose variant and players have 90% chance of saving their secondary ingredient.
  6. Draining Strikes: All attacks have 10% increased accuracy and 10% increased damage. This stacks with Quick Shot, Fluid Strikes, and Double Cast.
  7. Any successful hit will have a 50% chance of restoring the player's Hitpoints and Prayer points by 10% of the damage dealt.
  8. This Relic does not work for multi-target attacks (such as chinchompas and burst spells) or special attacks. However, it will work with the Scythe of Vitur's initial hit, as well as the secondary hits if those hits damage the same target as the initial hit.
  9. Exploding Attacks: All attacks have 10% increased accuracy and 10% increased damage. This stacks with Quick Shot, Fluid Strikes, and Double Cast.
  10. Any successful hit to the primary target will hit up to five additional targets hit as well, dealing the same damage to them as the primary target.
  11. This Relic does not work for multi-target attacks (such as the Scythe of Vitur and burst spells) or special attacks, and will only work in multicombat areas.
  12. Weapon Specialist: All attacks have 10% increased accuracy and 10% increased damage. This stacks with Quick Shot, Fluid Strikes, and Double Cast.
  13. The player's special attack energy regenerates at a rate of 30% every 30 seconds instead of 10%.
  14. Special attacks that cost more than 20% energy (such as the Bandos godsword) will cost 20% instead.
  15. Chef's Attitude: Your chef skills make you never burn any food while cooking.
  16. Bonfire Skills: You can now use logs on an existing fire to train Firemaking.
  17. Tart and Craft: You have a 10% chance to produce 5x runes amount while Runecrafting.
  18. Swifty Skills: Your Fishing, Mining and Woodcutting speed is doubled.
  19. Conjuring Act: Slayer rewards double the points and experience.
  20. The Collector: You automatically bank any type of bones and coins upon killing an NPC if you have space.
  21. Church Addiction: Prayer drain rate will be reduced by 50% when not in The Wilderness or PvP.
  22. Preserve Chill: Teleblock, Stun, and Freeze durations are reduced by 50% when not in The Wilderness or PvP.
  23. Staying in Power: Your run energy never reduces unless in The Wilderness.
  24. Draw Back: You have a permanent recoil damage when not in The Wilderness or Pvp. The effect does not stack with ring of recoil.
  25. Special Desire: You have 15% chance to skip special attack consumption while not in The Wilderness or PvP.
  26. Brutal Pie: You have a 5% chance to do a max hit damage when fighting any NPC's while not in The Wilderness.
  27. Pesky Negotiator: All item repair costs is reduced by 20% for lifetime.
  28. Golden Pig: There will be a 1/100 chance to receive 50x more coins from a stall.
  29. Blessed Health: Hitpoints maximum level is increased by 50%. This effect does not stack with any other effect and does not work in The Wilderness or PvP.
  30. Overnight Builder: Your constructions building rooms cost is halved and you can use ::bank while in your house.
  31. Clever Hunter: You can lay two extra traps of any kind and you receive 50% bonus experience.
  32. Witch Enchant: You create enchanted bolts (e) when adding bolt tips to bolts instead of the regular.


Eternal Jeweller (500 tokens)
Must be unlocked in a bank as the player is given items upon unlocking this relic.
Players will receive a ring of dueling, ring of returning, ring of wealth, games necklace, skills necklace, and a necklace of passage.
The above items will no longer consume charges, in addition to the master scroll book, slayer ring, amulet of glory, Digsite pendant, and combat bracelet.

Bank Recall (500 tokens)
Respawn in the bank area upon death.

Endless Harvest (5,000 tokens)
Resources gathered from Fishing, Woodcutting, and Mining will be multiplied by 2. Experience is granted per resource gathered.
The resources you gather are sent directly to your Bank if you have space. If not, they will be placed in your Inventory.

Production Master (5,000 tokens)
When doing the following activities, all items will be processed at once, awarding full XP:

  1. Smelting ores, smithing bars and making cannonballs
  2. Fletching logs and cutting bolt tips
  3. Cleaning herbs and making potions
  4. Cooking food and making jugs of wine
  5. Crafting leather, uncut gems, glass, jewellery, pottery, battlestaves, and spinning flax/wool

Skilling Prodigy (7,500 tokens)
All non-combat skills will permanently be boosted by 12.
When skills are boosted beyond 12 levels, the boosts will over time drain back to the standard +12 boost. By the same token, when skills are drained down, they will eventually restore.

Quick Shot (50,000 tokens)
The attack speed of all ranged weapons are halved, rounded up.
Ranged attacks deal 10% more damage and have 100% increased accuracy against NPCs
90% of ammunition is saved when using ranged weapons, excluding chinchompas. Crystal bow and Toxic blowpipe item charges are also affected by this effect. This effect is abolished in The Wilderness and PVP.

Fluid Strikes (50,000 tokens)
The attack speed of all melee weapons are halved, rounded up.
Melee attacks have 25% increased accuracy.
Players will take 15% less damage from non-lethal[1] sources.
Hitpoints regenerate at a rate of four per minute instead of one.
This effect is abolished in The Wilderness and PVP.

Double Cast (50,000 tokens)
The attack speed of all magic weapons and spells are halved, rounded up.
With +60 Magic Attack Accuracy (or +20 with regular Void Knight equipment Mage Armour or Elite Void Knight equipment Mage Armour) your binding spells and ice spells have 100% accuracy against creatures. Otherwise, magic attacks have 125% increased accuracy against NPCs.
90% of runes used are saved when casting spells. This includes item charges from powered staves.
This effect is abolished in The Wilderness and PVP.



Guaranteed Incoming Features:


Raids I

Raids II


Pest Control

The Gauntlet




Collection Log

Fairy ring teleport system

New game modes

Crafting & Fletching revamp

Skilling bosses

Skillcape perks

New items (Torva | Bow of faerdhinen | Zaryte Bow | Divine Spirit Shield | Amulet of Blood Fury) with proper mechanics

Rune Lite client with most commonly used plugins including HD Plugin


Mini Contents List:

·         Duel and Bank Presets.

·         Gem Bag, Coal Bag, Scroll Sack, Looting bag, and Rune pouch.

·         Full 1:1 Revenant’s caves mechanics.

·         Sheep shearing (Used for crafting and Iron Man).

·         Ensouled heads for the Prayer skill.

·         Glod boss

·         Skotizo boss

·         Moss Giant boss

·         Fragment of Seren boss

·         Tears of Guthix Minigame

·         Merodach boss

·         Skotizo boss

·         Galvek boss

·         Judge of Yama boss

·         Sarachnis boss

·         Abyssal Sire boss

·         Vanstrom Kaluse boss

·         The Nightmare boss

·         Skilling bosses (Zolcano, Tempoross)

·         Grotesque Guardians mini boss

·         Ranging Guild Minigame

·         Fight Pits Minigame

·         Soul Altar with Daeyalt mining

·         Collection Log

·         Shooting stars

·         Zenyte Mining, Salt Mine, Dondakan's mine, Limestone quarry, Trahaearn Mine

·         Falador Party Room Minigame

·        New Training Areas: Iorwerth Dungeon, Kru'ks Dungeon with Mancial monkeys, Ape Atoll Dungeon, Crab claw cleaves, Fothos dungeon, Jormangands prison, and Meiyerditch Laboratories

·         Implementing a drops system to allow a guaranteed drop rate for example to a pet on x amount of kills.

·         Members can only teleport to The Cursed Vault up to 5 times every 8 hours.

·         Members will have pools that will reward players different features for 1 hour such as (Boosted drop rates, poison immunity, XP boosts etc.) Each pool effect can only be used once every 8 hours. Pools will be spread in different members area such as (tu9KOzS.pngThe Deserted Reef, yVxa8iX.pngLa Isla Ebana, ERH4mEb.pngThe Cursed Vault, and 2ZMrAQN.pngThe New Peninsula)

·         Quest base with a few quests to obtain certain untradeable items. (DENIED BY PLAYER REQUESTS)








Custom items possibly to be added:

(Not limited to ALL the new OSRS items such as Ornament Twisted bows and Scythe, Guthix Godsword, Black Hunter Crossbow, Torva, Bow of faedihen..etc)









Highlights/Dev blog: (What you are seeing below is an ACTUAL OSRS client with our server converted to an actual OSRS deob base)

It also means we will support Grinderscape on mobile.









Just a demo Game Mode Setup interface that will be redone and made resizable.


Lots of lots of work gone into this and you can tell from the last update or even older updates the quality we do which you will never find anywhere else.

This thread will often be updated with changes.


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Please keep in mind that this thread took a lot of time to properly plan and write. The new game modes will make the game difficulty perfect for players who like to grind, and also allow new players to enjoy our great combat system with PvP without hurting the economy.

Finally I would like to remind everyone that our server is probably one of the most detailed where every single content that we have works fluently without any bugs. Not to mention we have over 2,000 lines of dialogues from NPC's.

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Damn! Looking forward to all the new updates and great content. Keep up the good work mate. 🏆

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Hands down the best conversion in private server history! I know this was not easy and i bet there were countless sleepless nights over this so I hope youre proud of yourself too! A lot of new changes which means we will have to learn the game all over again ( for the most part ) but other than that, great vision! I cant wait til this goes live!

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This is awesome, everyone has been putting in work which is great to see! 

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I know alot of work has gone into making this a reality and it's looking to be a banger of a conversion. I can't wait to be competing with people for that 1# spot on the highscores with the new realism mode. Aswell as try out different builds with the perk system.

Great work Lou keep it up!

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Not gonna lie this is very impressive im really looking forward to be playing in 2k22!! great job Team!!! im proud of you guys!


Well Done Reaction GIF

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Now this looks juicy, can't wait to see it with my own eyes once it goes live :) 

Great work Lou!

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Nice fucking work holy shit , I'm so impressed! Good luck with your future developments and damn it's impressive, The amount of work you guys put in!

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Never made a comment on here. (Oops) Fantastic work Lou. Thank you for all of your hard work, dedication, and time into making this server the best that it can be. :) Can't wait to see all of these amazing things implemented!!! :D

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