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Bug fixes, clan chat rework, and drop rates changes

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Hello everyone,

As you know the server has been released and there are many suggestions and bug reports. We are trying our best to sort everything out as fast as possible. Here is a small list of the commonly reported bugs that have been fixed!


- Huge XP bug that caused players to get maxed combat stats in one hit.

- You can now open medium caskets.

- Added new forum board for in-game rank requests to ones who donated earlier.

- Fixed a bug where you used to get loads of high XP from high alchemy.

- Spiders at Lumbridge will not drop emblems too often as they did earlier.

- Blood money boosting security is now more tightened.

- Fixed Hunger minigames giving you maxed combat stats.

- Dragon chain body unequipable fixed.

- Private Messages are cutting off the first character in chat.

- Caskets are a harder drop rate from sand crabs.

- Elf warriors will now drop correct item id for ranger's boots.

- Fixed a reported neitznot ladder.

- Pets rates nerfed by over 200%!

Including some other minor bugs, and a lot of work has been on-going in the clan chat system. You can tell that the rankings system has already been added.


Future updates sneak peak:


New Trade interface:



Smilies are going to be added :D



Ability to setup your own clan chat, with 6 different rankings. Ban and unban members, and setup your custom rules.





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