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This forum is deprecated.

We’ve decided to deprecate the community forum starting August 29, 2022. We will keep all existing accounts, threads and comments, but no new registrations will be accepted after that date. Our initial intention was for this forum to be a place where the community could communicate and interact about all things from Grinderscape. However, over the years, most of the posts have amounted to Discord such as general chat, bug reports or feature requests, much resembling a more professional and advanced way of communicating. This has led to the following decision that our main focus will be on Discord for all of the server updates, bugs, support line, and more which will make it more active and worth looking at. This means less hassle to check forums and Discord as now you know everything will be on Discord.

Motherlode Mine 1:1 OSRS | New Skilling Zone | New Member ranks & More!

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Bugs and Fixes:

- Fixed a bug causing NPC's to sometimes become invisible in the Slayer tower and some other locations.

- Fixed an issue with Blast furnace causing the conveyor belt to stop moving after adding many ores.

- Fixed a bug causing the server to crash after being online for many days, including general lagg.

- Significant improvement on the server performance grade work which should make everything smoother.

- Fixed dropping hunter traps on the ground and scanning for overlapping objects.

- Fixed Alchemical hydra death drops and added automatic respawning for the instance.

- Mysterious man event will not happen in any instance including the fight caves.

- Fixed an issue with Duel arena where sometimes you spawn in the offset and cannot move.

- Fixed issue with the Dwarf multicannon where you can use it on other NPC's under attack.

- Multiple players can now take from the thieving stalls at the same time.

- Iron Man game modes are not allowed to enter the Weapon or Battle Royale Minigame.

- Fixed Poison pools for Vorkath including the zombified spawn not being removed.

- Fixed the equipment requirements for all Max capes to include Farming and Hunter.

- Items equipment models and slots fixed for the items:
* Cyclops head
* Lesser demon mask
* Greater demon mask
* Black demon mask
* Old demon mask
* Jungle demon mask
* Fedora
* Clown mask
* Clown gown
* 3rd age druidic staff
* Ham joint
* Swift blade
* Staff of bob the cat
* Bunnyman mask
* Staff of balance

- Fixed Jungle demon melee attack delay.

- You can now access the Dagannoth ladder area which had obstacles blocking the path.

- Fixed missing Max cape emotes for the imbued version of the capes.

- Fixed a bug causing players to become stuck in the random event upon relogging.

- Fixed an issue where some NPC's take a delay to retaliate to the attacker.

- Moved Infernal skilling items to their respective Skill master instead of the Skilling point store.

- Scorpia boss respawn timer was nerfed from 2:30 minutes to 15 seconds according to OSRS update.

- Prayer skill XP changes when using bones on altars:
* Ectofuntus: Giving the best bone XP and can be reached by teleport or using the Ectophial from Slayer store.
* Gilded altar or Wilderness Chaos altar: Second best bone XP and can be found in the Wilderness or Ruby Member's zone or above.
* Regular altars: Third best bone XP and can be found in most cities.

- Fixed a bug with regular teleports where a player could potentially get 250m XP. (Please reply here with your username for a great reward for reporting this).

- Fixed a ground items visual bug where some items show as multiple where in reality it is just one item.

- Updated the degradation timer for most items (c) and barrows to be more optimized (E.g: PvP Items now only last for 15 minutes combat time).

- Fixed several typos in dialogues and other server messages.

- You can no longer use auto type if you are muted.

- Fixed an issue with the trading system if players spam click the accept button.

- Fixed the clue scroll Uri bug respawn issue.

- Fixed Lumbridge city shack door which is required for a clue.


- Fixed Ogre pen loose railing climbing which is required for a clue.

- Tweaked Edgeville map to fit the new stores.

- Removed the Wilderness Avatar's teleport and added the drops instead into the new PvP-Store.

- Fixed a bug where you receive negative XP when crushing chocolate bars.

- Clue caskets rewards are now stackable as on OSRS.

- Fixed Ice gloves effect in the Blast Furnace Minigame.

- Fixed a bug with wrong degradation for Karil's top and Guthan's spear.

- Classic game mode drops rare chance nerfed by about 10.00%.

- Fixed a bug causing players to freeze after being stunned when pickpocketing.

- Fixed a bug Bounty target teleport not removing any runes when teleporting.

- Fixed Swift blade and Ham joint attack speeds like on OSRS.

- Fixed all other Turoth in the Slayer that did not work with Broad/Leaf equipment.

- Fixed Ardougne max cape Monastery teleport location.



- Finally! Motherlorde Minigame is now finally 1:1 OSRS for all players who wish to obtain Mining XP:
* Full zone functionality including the entrance, rocks mining, pay-dirt, fixing the wheel and more.
* All NPC's dialogues has been added 1:1 OSRS.
* Zone music region implemented.
* All objects within the zone works including small details such as crate searching.
* Rockslide will not spawn if you are standing in the spot.












- Colorful gnome scarf has been added which can be recolored into any color (Not yet obtainable in-game).


- New clue scroll rewards has been added:
* Medium clue: Amulet of defence (t)
* Hard clue: Fremennik kilt
* Elite: Highwayman mask (t)ss-2021-05-03-at-01-31-43

- Added support for Infernal harpoon with proper charging and cooking for Tuna, Swordfish and Sharks.

- Added support for Ardougne capes teleporting method for all the different variants from Monastery and the Farming patch.

- Items on death mechanics completely redone to match OSRS:
* Death under wilderness level 20 to a PVP (Player) = You will keep your items, kept but (broken). The pk'er receives 50% of its repair value in Blood money.
* Death above wilderness level 20 to a PVP (Player) = You lose the item on death, but the killer gets rewarded 75% of its repair value in Blood money.
Non PVP (Die to a boss/NPC):
* Death over Wilderness level 20 to PVM (Boss/NPC) = You lose the item, but you get 75% of its repair value in Blood money (Inventory).
* Death outside the Wilderness or under 20 wild = You keep the items but it stays in the broken form aka Fire cape (broken).
* Chinchompas: are always lost on death, if you die to a player they get them as a drop however.
* Charged items such as Dragon fireshield, Craws bow, Serpentine helmet, Tome of fire, Scythe, etc - They will drop as uncharged if NOT protected on death. Revenant items will also drop their ether.
* Untradeable items: They will ONLY stay on the floor for 60 seconds so you can pick them up and no one else will be able to see them even if lost on PVP.


- Added Prifidinnas NPC spawns and started the base work on the Crystal armours and the zone.



- Added support to view Mystery-boxes rewards in the Premium store:
* You can do that by speaking with Party Pete in Edgeville home.
* Allows you to view any Mystery box rewards from the dialogue.




- Two new Member's rank Titanium Member and Diamond Member, including name changes:
* The Titanium member's rank is now automatically obtained upon spending $750.00 or more.
* The Diamond member's rank is now automatically obtained upon spending $1,000.00 or more.
* Member ranks has been renamed (Regular member -> Ruby member) (Super member -> Topaz member) (Extreme member -> Amethyst member).

- A complete new Bronze member's skilling zone with great features added:
* You can teleport to the zone using your quest tab members section.
* A fully established map area with the desert scent and scene.
* Full region music coverage.
* Over 54 different objects and map tiles including extreme details.
* Ability to train several skills including a thieving stalls area.
* All objects and shops are fully functional.
* Over 35 different NPC's in the region including Snakes, Monkeys, Skill masters, and more.
* Altar area, bankers, items on ground, and much more.







- Added missing imps, fishing spots, ducks, gulls, monkeys, snakes and spiders through many different areas through the whole map for more realistic look.

- Added support for Miles at the Chaos altar in the Wilderness including the double door fix.

- Added a few new items for Medium clue scroll rewards, which has been suggested by @Aurimeelis:
* Explorer's ring 1,2,3,4
* Falador Shield 4
* Kanadrin headgear 3,4
* Desert amulet 2,3,4
* Western banner 3,4

- New items has been added to the game through different sectors:
* Fedora Fedora.png(Skilling point shop)
* PvP Items, Wilderness champion amulet, Cape of skulls, 3rd age druidic, and much more (PvP-Store)

* Infernal items (Obtained through the skilling master of the respective skill)
* Should parrot, Clown set, Rune dragon set, Demon and Dragon masks, Ham joint, and Staff of bob the cat. (Premium Store)

* Colored gnome scarfs, Evil chicken feet, Spiked manacles and Jester cape (Voting Exchange)

* Mole slippers, Frog slippers, Bear feet and Demon feet (OSRS Items Store)
* Bunnyman maskBunnyman mask.png (Skilling Points Exchange)
* Fish sack Fish sack.png(Fishing skill master)

Fish sack equipped.png
* Mask of ranul and Gravedigger mask (Minigame store)

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Awesome work from Lou / dev / staff team! :) that update seems to be pretty pretty nice ! Thanks for you work guys, appreciate it! 💓

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Decent update, like how y’all are listening to the players about server suggestions and what not, good small details added as well as new content! Keep it up!

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  • Lou Grinder changed the title to Motherlode Mine 1:1 OSRS | New Skilling Zone | New Member ranks & More!

Great update! Thanks a lot for the hard work! A lot of people are going to enjoy this!

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Juicy list of updates, well done great job as always Lou :)


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finally, more cosmetics! I think the grave digger mask is given from an achievement as well

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Wow great job everyone!

New items :D 

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Awesome update!

One in of the best updates so far, keep up the great work. 

I appreciate you all.

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I'm honestly very happy and very impressed with what is being accomplished in a short amount of time. Thank you to everyone who made this happen. this is amazing. Love you all, thank you again! 

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Good update, mate. Thanks for your hard work. Same to other devs.

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Great update! Love to see a mix on new content and fixes as well ❤️ Thank you Lou and the rest of the developer team as well,  keep up the great work guys!

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I've read every single comment, thanks to everyone ❤️ 

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Super Hyped, now i really can't wait to start playing again and start grinding! Miss this amazing Community. 

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