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  1. First of all, I would like to apologize from every member of GrinderScape for the delayed updates. Unfortunately, Christmas and New Year's Eve came together where all the other developers and I got busy. The good news we are back and fully prepared to bring some new exciting content and make GrinderScape great again! Bugs and Fixes: - Added black (g) robes and black (t) to the miscellaneous thieving stall. - Fixed boss contract task cancellation to work properly. - Removed crystal and muddy keys drop from several low-level NPC's. - Fixed slayer task rewards for slayer helmets. - Fixed double money reward for stalls bug. - Massively buffed casket rewards. (Elite gives better rewards) - Updated in-game rules. Quest tab 'rules' now shows the full forum rules page. - Fixed wilderness area north of black knight area. - Fixed slayer task checking and assigning system. - Added skilling task in quest tab which now shows what skilling task you have. - Extended double cash weekend system duration. - Nerfed dragon claws by 15%. - Fixed a bug where your tab interface would disappear because of your resizable mode settings. - Resizable mode default window size changed to match fixed mode default window size. - Changed resizable mode transparent chatbox to look like OSRS's. - Changed transparent scroll bars to look like OSRS's. - Changed minimum scroll bar's bar height from 8 to 10 to be accurate to OSRS. - Fixed skilling interface client freeze bug. - Minimap hovers are now be disabled if hovering over the tab area (for example in the resizable mode with side stones stacked and a tab open, you will not be able to hover over or click the notifications button anymore). - Minimap walk to clicks is now disabled if hovering over the world map or notifications buttons. - Ring of life handling is redone, fixes any of its previous version's bugs. NOTE: works at and below level 20 wilderness, in the future this may be changed to 30 to be accurate to OSRS, left it at 20 currently as we have not added support for other OSRS up to level 30 wilderness teleports yet (like the amulet of eternal glory). - Event rewards are now sent to the bank unnoted. - Emojis button now is the correct color when in resizable mode and using opaque chat box. - Various different iron man gear equipment types fixed. - Login interface now does not show up when logging into the wilderness. - Fixed makeover mage and equipment screen interfaces' character models being invisible. - Boss contract rewards have been doubled, and the timings have been increased based on the boss difficulty. - Corporeal critter pet is now supported. - Fixed equipment issue with Elder chaos helmet. - Yell Customizer now works with spaces in your yell title. - Fixed crowns in Yell Customizer preview. - Fixed remember username/password buttons on the login screen. Content: - Full support for Amulet of Damned: * Dharok the Wretched's equipment - Players wearing Dharok's set will have a 25% chance of recoiling 15% of the damage taken. This effect can stack with the Vengeance spell and a ring of recoil to recoil 100% of the damage taken. * Players wearing Verac's set will have an additional +4 Prayer bonus (not counting the amulet's +3). * Torag the Corrupted's equipment - Players wearing Torag's set will have their Defence increased by 1% for everyone health missing. * Guthan the Infested's equipment - Players wearing Guthan's set will be able to heal ten hitpoints above their base Hitpoints level. * Players wearing Karil's set will have a 25% chance of dealing two hitsplats. The second hitsplat will deal half the damage of the first hitsplat. * Players wearing Ahrim's set will be able to autocast Ancient Magicks. In addition, players will have a 25% chance of dealing a hit with 30% increased damage. - Game Mode Setup: (Coming soon) - Auto Dicing System: (Coming soon) - Player Titles System: (Coming soon) - Corp Pet Added: * Full functional pet. * Full dialogue system.
  2. Lou Grinder

  3. Lou Grinder

    Thanks for the suggestions, will work on some that should be prioritized specially the slayer helm imbuing
  4. Lou Grinder

    Hey Valar, Yes donations are perfectly working at the moment with no any reported issues. We need to add some more logs tracking, OSGP limit, and have middlemen ready before making the rank ready. ETA I don't know, but all I can say is probably more than 2-3 weeks minimum.
  5. Yep, we made it all the way here! 2018 was a big year of change for server and even more changes are coming in 2019. Hope it’s a happy and healthy one for you all. A big thank you to all the players and staff for staying in this awesome community. In March 2019, Grinderscape will hit a record of being online for 11 years! Inattention to all players and staff, we appreciate each and every one of you. Looking forward to hearing for the future updates? There are a lot of updates that should be coming in 2019, I will try to list some of them. Game modes (Classic, Ironman, HCIM - with unique highscores rankings) Automatic dicing system RAIDS 1 & 2 Construction skill Player Title System Clanchat Lootshare Pest Control Castle Wars Clan Wars (When we reach 150+ Players) Inferno Minigame Vorkath Redo Pk System & Add Tournaments Redo RuneCrafting, Agility, Slayer, and Hunter skill. Add Duo Slayer Pet Insurance Guide Book Cannon System / Chinchompas system support Boss Contract Shop Daily login Streak system 50+ New Tasks Spellbook Sorting Barrows Degrading System In-Game Highscores NPC Killtracker See you all soon
  6. Lou Grinder

    Hello everyone, Today we have decided to promote Blake Xoxo to a server supporter rank. It all goes to his great aspects by having a lot of gameplay activity, great performance, and not to mention his great sense of humor helping new players get started within the game. Congratulations to him, and hopefully he will be able to do a good job Regards,
  7. Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed a major bug caused players to null. - Reduced bonus rare items reward from thieving stalls. - Reduced Thieving skill XP by 50%. - Removed rare drops announcements for non-rare items. - Fixed a small typo in slayer task completion. - Doubled slayer task GP reward. - Removed muddy & crystal keys drop from several easy NPCs. - Overall XP's nerfed by 30%. - Yell tab works show yell chat only now. - Emojis parsing is redone to have significantly better performance. - Emojis sized down to 14px height to match message line height. - Emojis menu appearance adjusted to match new emoji sizes. - A bug where pressing any button (yes, no, or close) on the “Are you sure you want to close this window?” dialog would still close the client (and leave the player logged in) should be fixed. - Split private chat, chat effects, and mouse button saved settings will now load properly. - Interface component hovering detection is redone to be more seamless. - Split private chat messages no longer display a second shadow sometimes. - Mouse X and Mouse Y will now update when scroll wheel dragging (was noticeable if you dragged your scroll wheel while initially hovering over a menu action like an item action). - Price checker scrollbar fixed. - Price checker “ You have no items in the price checker to remove." message will now only show when clicking the withdraw all button, and when there are no items in the price checker. - Special attack state is now sent whenever special attack state is changed (changes the special attack orb). - Varrock armors’ equipment types fixed to fix clipping bugs. - Double ring charges were reset to 500 when your ring would break before, changed to 250 as it is supposed to be. - XP drop amounts fixed for thieving skill. - Monkey guards in Ape Atoll fixed. - Fixed a slayer task reward completion message typo. - Fixed duel arena causing players to become nulled. Content: - Added new items in the random commands event: * Sandworms * Dragon Bones * Dragon bolts * Nature runes * Granite armor * Super combat potions - Added Xmas background theme, music, and in-game effects: * Snowy floor and Snowy game screen have been temporarily added for the holiday season. * They are each toggleable in the advanced settings interface. * Credit for the client background goes to @Alex! - Added several more sounds for buttons clicking in the client. - Message line splitting overhaul: * Now supports game, public, private, split private, clan, and yell chat messages. * Works perfectly with emojis/colors/images. * Retains color and shadow on the split line. * Significantly better performance. - Added Yell Customizer feature: * A complete new system design to support color picking. * Available to donators only. * You can configure your title name, title color, name color, and your message color. - Menu actions (Add friend, ignore, message, etc) should now be completely accurate under any circumstances even with split messages. - Clan and yell chat messages now have menu actions. - Spacing/appearance made more accurate to OSRS. - Button hover and click regions now accurate and in sync. - Gameframe overhaul: * Client on the fixed mode now works perfectly. * Client on resizable mode should work fluently. * Chat buttons position changed to match OSRS more accurately. * XP Counter/ Orbs / World Map appearance and position match OSRS more accurately. * Notifications appearance and position changed. * Fixed notifications covering logout button in the resizable mode with stones stacked. * Face north/ XP Counter / Orbs / Notifications / World Map click/ Hover regions to match OSRS accurately. * Run/Prayer orb now respond client side to clicks in addition to an existing server-side response like OSRS. * All XP drop icons now use the same exact icons, just scaled to different sizes (before small ones used entirely different icons). - Ghrazi Rapier added in blood money store for 950k. - Mystery box interface appearance changed slightly.
  8. Lou Grinder

    The event will be sorted today!
  9. Lou Grinder

  10. Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed two similar items in vote shop. - Magic skill guide level display fix. - Added high scores menu at the navigation bar on forums. - High scores button is now available in the quest tab. - Fixed double voting points message when redeeming. - Lottery maximum money cap increased from 50M to 2 billion GP coins. - New items prices in the price checker fixed. eg (Dragon whip, Avernic defender..etc) - Updated client's icon to the new dragon whip. - Fixed dragon med helmet equip appearance with hairstyles. - Thieving from stalls is 1.3x faster (You can mass click the miscellaneous stall) - Thieving stalls reward 60% extra GP money now, and the double on weekends. - Donators get 25% extra cash reward when thieving from stalls. - Coins drops from NPC's is now doubled. - Thieving messages are often sent to you when you are thieving from stalls. - Skilling tasks cash reward is increased by up to 60-80%. - Removed the gate which prevented players from entering wilderness agility course. - Removed some boss announcements on death which aren't considered bosses. - Skillcape store stock amounts now reflect their prices. - Deactivating or activating a prayer will now close interface if one is open. - Upgraded lava staves now work properly. - Bones added to bottom of player death loot pile. - Looting bag and rune pouch will now drop their contents on death. - Financial advisor now has the correct dialogue. - Typo "have" changed to "has" in many places (notably announcement chat messages). - Correct equipment types added to Armadyl chest plate, looting bag, rune pouch, all armor sets. - Fixes clipping problems or being able to equip an item that shouldn't be able to be equipped. - Correct requirements added to Armadyl helmet, Armadyl chest plate, Armadyl chain skirt. - Total value calculating of an item container adjusted to account for overflow. - Bolt enchanting interface items no longer swap-able. - Teleport interface button hovering fixed. - Item sprite's brightness now will change when using the brightness slider. - "<" can now be typed in inputs including chatbox message input. - "Username has logged in." messages will now appear in the same places private messages do. - Adjustments made to game screen drawing to be cleaner and prevent login screen freezes, however please let us know if login screen freezes still occur as they did not occur during testing after the changes were made. - Chat menu actions will no longer display when bank searching, or shop searching. - Interface menu offsets adjusted left 1px and up 2px to be 100% accurate in fixed mode. - Autocast on top toggle adjusted to move autocast option to top instead of replacing the cast option, which fixes a bug where you could not alch while the toggle was enabled. - Hunter traps area cleared. - Sandwich lady random event fixed. - Text shadow added to yell chat messages to make them easier to read. - Fixed ::thread command. Content: - High scores feature added on the website: * Added account ID manager. * Passive database worker for smooth & efficient database handling. * More logged stuff that will be available for staff (back-end management). * Added fail-safe for the query just in case database gets offline. - Clan chat overhaul: * Fixed accidental extra space before clan rank icons in clan chat messages. * Banning a member will now always kick them even when banning using the button in the clan chat setup interface. * Adding names to the clan chat setup ranked members list will no longer accept duplicate names. * Adding names to the clan chat setup banned members list will no longer allow duplicate names. * Clan chat setup ranked members list will no longer contain names of players that have no rank. * Clan chat kick message altered to be more accurate to OSRS. * Staff rank icons will now appear next to staff names in clan chat messages. * When creating a clan chat, you will now automatically join that clan chat, and your clan chat setup interface will be refreshed if open. * Clan chat setup member list scrollbars will now reflect the number of members in each list. * Added Kick, Demote, and Ban actions to clan chat tab member actions. * Promote to Owner action removed from clan chat setup member actions. * Clan chat tab title now displays the number of members in the clan chat. - Items kept on death interface: * Complete new interface matching OSRS style 100%. * Supports more than 4 items to be kept on death. - Decanter System implemented: * Added decanter NPC at Edgeville. * Fully supports all types of potions decanting. * Full dialogue system rework. - Price checker overhaul: * Heavily refreshed to match OSRS style. * Search for item functionality added. (Temporarily disabled for testing). * Insert all items button. * Withdraw all items button. * All buttons with their proper hovers. * Items are sorting properly. - New Skins Available: * 9 new colored skins to choose from. - XP drops system: * Redone to be more efficient and handle any amount of queued drops. * XP drops aesthetically redone in some ways to make skill icon alignment more accurate to OSRS. * Skill orbs will now display on top of combat box and XP drops. * Skill orbs/combat box/XP drops will now move depending on which are being shown to prevent overlaying on top of each other. - Call follower button added to the equipment tab. - Hitpoints XP will now be added after other combat XP rather than before. - A way for sending player dialogues based on their selected option in a dialogue has been added which will make creating more OSRS accurate dialogues in the future much more manageable. - Misc dialogues slightly changed to be more grammatically correct, easier to understand, consistent with other dialogues, or accurate to OSRS. - Shopkeeper/assistants talk-to dialogue added. - New shop interface: * Completely new interface which allows more items to be placed. * Search functionality system improved and now shows text if no matches are found. * Ability to toggle from the server to preview old or new interface. - Spells and spell hovers will now account for runes in your rune pouch. - Spells and spell hovers will now consider for new staves (e.g., new lav -Private chat message spacing and color adjusted to be more accurate to OSRS). - All scrollbars now do not disappear when scrollbar height is too low like OSRS. - Shop menu actions updated to be more accurate to OSRS, including new Buy/Sell 50 action. - New Equipments Tab & Stats Calculation made more efficient with decimal checkings. - Emojis system: * A whole new set of emojis is now available. * Complete new interface and handling system support. * Line divider above the chat box message input has been adjusted to be behind the chat box message input to allow for emojis to overlay over the divider. * You can now add an emoji to your chat by typing its corresponding text. * Supports resizeable and all screens modes. If you would like to see a video of the update and support our channel: (Don't brute-force my pass :P)
  11. Lou Grinder

    Hello, Can you please add me on discord so that I can team view you and fix the problem? My discord is Lou #7946 Meanwhile, you can have on the last try by installing a VPN such as "Hotspot shield" which should change your IP after starting it and then trying to log in. I will be happy to help and will reward your account for the inconvenience.
  12. Hello,

    Can you please add me on discord so that I can team view you and fix the problem?

    My discord is Lou #7946

    Meanwhile, you can have on the last try by installing a VPN such as "Hotspot shield" which should change your IP after starting it and then trying to log in.

    I will be happy to help and will reward your account for the inconvenience.

  13. Lou Grinder

    Welcome back mate
  14. Lou Grinder

  15. Bugs and Fixes: - Performing an action (like chopping a tree or fishing) and then using the ::stuck command will not cancel your actions. So, you can click to fish anglers in the resource arena, then use the ::stuck command and be teleported to edge, and you will continue fishing anglers until your inventory is full.? - Jad boss contract duration extended to 5 minutes. - When on the resizeable mode you had a small black screen while killing giant mole bug is now fixed. - A wrong equipment slot for the black skirt (g). - Dragon full helm now no longer can be equipped without stats requirements. - Fixed blowpipe consuming ammo while its charged. - Food puzzle exploits fixed. - Cerberus should now spawn properly. - Zulrah & snakelings bug fixed. - Fixed trees despawning bug which should also fix an issue with a task cannot be completed. - Ghrazi rapier accuracy boosted by 20%. - Fixed a bug where some hits from bosses wouldn't show. - Fixed missing bank booths not appearing issue. - An issue with morrigan's chaps visual problem fixed. - Banshee mask equips properly. - Combat box has been slightly redone to be more accurate to RuneLite's combat box. - Drop down menus no longer remain open after closing their respective interface. - Typo (its to it's) in "You are unable to attack the NPC while it's retreating!" message. - Adjusted base (before the multiplier) combat XP gained formulas to be accurate to OSRS (4 XP per damage was done in a respective skill, along with 1.33 HP XP), the multiplier has been adjusted accordingly to keep combat XP rates the same as they were before. - A refresh button has been added to the help desk and donator tabs in the quest tab. - "Yell Channel" in yell channel messages is now yellow, and the color of the player's message corresponds to the color of their forum rank color. - Fixed a bug where some hits wouldn't show up when being attacked by bosses. - The distance between the player and enemy NPC has been corrected while using throwable knives or ranged equipment. - KQ boss entrance fixed. - Casting tele block on a player now skulls you. It didn't skull before. - Mask item fixes (Cow mask, Imp mask, Goblin mask..etc) - Fixed disarm dupe caused by Chaos elemental boss. - Fixed a typo issue for bosses defeated. - You can no longer use stuck command while frozen or teleblocked. - Fixed a major bug causing all weapon specials to not work properly. - Revenant's drop rates have been slightly nerfed. - Drops, in general, has been lowered by a very low percentage. - The killer's store has been removed from the shop's area. - Whip's price in voting store raised to 25 points instead of 10. - 5,000 blood money price raised to 5 voting points instead of 2. - Removed Greater skeleton hellhound announcements. Content: - Clan chat setup interface hovers has been added. - Magic interface added. - Obelisk Animation & GFX. - Shops changes: * Scythe added in the voting store for 40 points. * Avernic defender hilt added in warriors guild exchange for 3,000 tokens. * Inverted Santa's hat added in premium store for 15,000 points. * Vesta's spear added in premium store for 12,000 points. * Dragon boots (g) added in premium store for 4,500 points. * Dragon ornament kits have been added in voting store. * 2 new unique items available in the donator zone shop. * Black party hat added in premium store for 10,000 points. * Aqua party hat added in participation points shop for 2,500 points. * Reduced the price of donator's bond from 7,500 points to 3,000. * Gum partyhat added in skilling store for 3,000 points. * Orange party hat reward added in the mystery box. * Pimpz whip added in voting store for 35 points. It is account bound and not tradeable item. * The prices of Serpentine, Magma, and Tanzanite helmets prices increased to 900,000 Blood money. * 3 New masks in agility ticket exchange for 250 points each. - New item drops: * Justiciar set is now dropped by Chaos Elemental. * Vesta's set is now dropped by Callisto. * Morrigan's set is now dropped by Scorpia. * Statius set is now dropped by Venenatis. * Zuriel's set is now dropped by Crazy Archeologist and Chaos Fanatic. * Infernal cape is now dropped by Black Knight Titan. * Dragon whip is now dropped by King Black Dragon (Dragon's tail + Abyssal whip must be attached). * Indigo whip is now dropped by Ice Queen. * Banana whip is now dropped by Monkey Gorilla in Ape Atoll. * Rose whip is now dropped by The Untouchable. * White whip is now dropped by Kamil. * Forest whip is now dropped by Jungle Demon. * Gold whip is now dropped Kalphite Queen. * Unknown whip is now dropped by Slash Bash. * Lava blade is now dropped Corporeal Beast. - Added system for daily login rewards: * Making many accounts and logging them all will not give you multiple rewards. It is based on many secret calculations. * Your account must be 3 days old to start receiving daily login rewards. * Rewards will have a streak in the few upcoming updates which will give even higher rewards. * The current reward is 5M GP coins, 3k Blood money, and a mystery box. - ::staff command now opens an interface displaying all online staff in the order of their rank, a button in the help desk tab of the quest tab has been added that opens the interface as well. - Notifications news button flashing is now a smooth glow. - Added messages line splitting for long messages in client chatbox. - Exp drops customization added: * XP drops are now received even when your XP is locked. * Fixed a bug that was causing XP drops to not display for a few seconds after login. * Buttons are now in sync -XP lock button now displays "Unlock" or "Lock" depending on its setting before it was "Toggle". - Dragon whip and special attack effect: * +17 extra strength bonus compared to average whip. * Can be made using dragon's tail & abyssal whip. * 9% more accurate than average whip on normal hits. * It blows a dragon fire breath similar to the ones in enchanted dragon bolts. * The weapon has a max of 58 against NPC's and 48 against other players in PVP. * The damage doesn't calculate your strength bonus/attack level or accuracy. * The damage is solely random with Dragonfire type. * The damage can only be reduced with protecting magic, potions, or shield. * When you use your special attack, there will be no damage as the hit damage will be saved to the next attack to have an advantage of two hits. Your opponent will see no hit damage on the special attack to give him/her enough eat up to be safe. * The whip's drain rate is 100% to prevent using the delayed hit with something else such as Granite maul or AGS. - Indigo whip and special attack effect: * +17 extra strength bonus compared to average whip. * 5% more accurate than average whip on normal hits. * An accurate special attack will freeze your opponent for 6 seconds. * 25% bonus accuracy and 18% bonus damage on special attack. * The whip's drain rate is 100%. - Banana whip and special attack effect: * Similar stats to average whip. * 3% more accurate than average whip on normal hits, 5% extra damage on normal hits. * An accurate special attack will skull your opponent for 3 minutes. * 30% bonus accuracy and 20% bonus damage on special attack. * The whip's drain rate is 100%. * Secret special attack bonus effect upon carrying bananas in your inventory. Examine for more. - Pimpz whip and special attack effect: * One of the best weapons to train strength in-game as all the attack styles only train your strength. * +15 extra strength bonus compared to average whip. * 7% more accurate than average whip on normal hits. * Similiar special attack to normal whip. * 14% bonus accuracy and 25% bonus damage on special attack. * The whip's drain rate is 50%. - Forest whip and special attack effect: * Similar stats to average whip. * 5% more accurate than average whip on normal hits. * An accurate special attack will disarm your opponent's weapon. * 40% bonus accuracy and 25% bonus damage on special attack. * The whip's drain rate is 100%. - White whip and special attack effect: * +13 extra strength bonus compared to average whip. * 11% more accurate than average whip on normal hits. * An accurate special attack will teleblock opponent for 3 minutes if the opponent doesn't have magic protect ON, otherwise its just 15 seconds. * 20% bonus accuracy and 15% bonus damage on special attack. * The whip's drain rate is 100%. - Gold whip and special attack effect: * +18 extra strength bonus compared to average whip. * The special attack will ignore the defense bonus and stats against the opponent. * 33% bonus damage on special attack. * The whip's drain rate is 50%. - Rose whip and special attack effect: * Similar stats to average whip. * An accurate special attack will disable the opponent ability to use protect one item prayer for 3 minutes. * 5% bonus accuracy and 5% bonus damage on special attack. * The whip's drain rate is 100%. - Unknown whip and special attack effect: * +17 extra strength bonus compared to average whip. * 2% more accurate than average whip on normal hits. * An accurate special attack will reduce your opponent attack and defense stats by 35%. * 50% bonus accuracy and 30% bonus damage on special attack. * The whip's drain rate is 100%. - Lava blade weapon: * No special attack. * Average hits are accuracy is reduced by 15%. * Effect on PVP: If no ring of recoil is equipped the lava blade will recoil 5 damage on every successful hit by your opponent. However, the weapon will overheat and vanish after 125 successful recoils. * +19 extra strength bonus compared to dragon scimitar. * All hits deal 10% extra damage. * It is considered to be one of the strongest scimitars in-game.