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  1. Lou Grinder

    If you prefer these old design pages more than the ones posted above, let us know so we can design something similar.
  2. Lou Grinder

    These are just templates yet and more work will be put into them once complete. Which template do you think is the best of all? or do you prefer another design? I will post the other old designs in the next post.
  3. Lou Grinder

    Working on some layout changes will send them in a bit.
  4. Lou Grinder

    Your bank PIN has been removed.
  5. Lou Grinder

    Your account bank PIN is now removed.
  6. Lou Grinder

    Sorted your account.
  7. Lou Grinder

    Looks great ;D
  8. Lou Grinder

    Your bank PIN has been removed.
  9. Lou Grinder

    Sent you a PM on Discord, will help you once you're online on game.
  10. Lou Grinder

    Was your account hacked?
  11. Lou Grinder

    Applied combat changes, now prayers should work like on OSRS and protect properly. Adding missing items back to shops.
  12. Lou Grinder

    Development team will be looking into this shortly.
  13. Lou Grinder

    Restored all.
  14. Lou Grinder

    Done for all.
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