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  2. Lou Grinder

    Hi everyone, It's a sad when we have to announce that @Zod is resigning from his Co Owner rank. This makes it a sad day for all the players and staff who enjoyed him being a part of the team. With that being said, @Btartaros will be taking over his rank for his competence and dedication to the server. Everything else will continue to run the same exact way as before, but now he will be deciding the major roles on the server. Good news is you will still see Zod playing on game even after resigning from staffing. This can also mean he might later
  3. Hello everyone! Quick news: GIF's can now be added into threads when replying. You just have to click on the GIF button on the right and choose your comment! Enjoy!
  4. Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed a bug causing players to able to cast spells while being in a busy state. - The Slayer tower basement is now properly working along with the NPC's inside. - Trollheim teleport now requires 2 law runes. - Properly fixed JAD achievement. - Adjusted Runecrafting experience for Blood runes and Soul runes. - Fixed a bug giving players infinite Ring of wealth (no rings were spread in game). - Fixed a bug that allowed players to use cheat engine to manipulate the teleport interface and teleport from anywhere. (No harm was intended) - Ran
  5. Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed a bug causing players to lose items when dying with poison in the Duel Arena. - Major fixes and improvements on the duplicate instances issue. - Fixed the clue scroll double agent spawn issue. - You will now be warned about selling items in clan chat, but your messages won't be blocked. - Fixed an issue where you cannot walk in doors in Yanille, Wilderness agility, and Catherby. - Fixed a bug causing you to get experience when hitting 0's against Demonic gorillas, and some other NPC's. - Updated the forbidden items that Iron Man game m
  6. Lou Grinder

    Happy holidays & Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy it! Update coming soon!
  7. Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed a bug causing you to morph forever and never get back to normal. - Optimized pet drop rates. - Fixed a bug causing you to enter the minigame with your pet. - Cooking skill fixes for making Mud pie, Garden pie, Admiral pie, Wild pie, and Summer pie. - Fixed Cerberus boss summoned souls not spawning sometimes. - Updated the Revenant caves drops for all NPC's inside. - Fixed a bug with Fishing causing Shark fishing to take ages when bare handed. - Blurberry drinking support added. - Fixed Spinolyp attack strategy. - You can
  8. Lou Grinder

    Dota music at the end I was like who's playing dota here lol
  9. Lou Grinder

    Thanks everyone for the great comments love ya'll
  10. Hello everyone, As many of you can see the website has been updated to a complete new design. Some of you may have known this from the past suggestion threads on which website design to choose. We have got a teams to do over 8 completely unique website design, and about 6 other variants until we have finally ended up getting this master piece with all the details. While I am proud to announce this, the new website will also be featuring significant changes in the future such as integrating the login/register system with forums, adding 2FA support system, and crea
  11. Dit onderwerp is vergrendeld 2020-11-06. - Grinderscape forums
  12. Dit onderwerp is vergrendeld 2020-11-06. - Grinderscape forums
  13. Lou Grinder

    Dit onderwerp is vergrendeld 2020-11-06. - Grinderscape forums
  14. Lou Grinder

    Dit onderwerp is vergrendeld 2020-11-06. - Grinderscape forums
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