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  1. spasma

    ill do my 200 and show the loot some day
  2. spasma

    The appeal will be looked into. Please be patient. Thanks
  3. spasma

    You must wait for @Zod or @Lou Grinder to change it for you, good luck!
  4. spasma

    Looks nice well done #moo
  5. yo yo yo, Nice video. Keep up the good work!
  6. spasma

    Hello and welcome mate! Thanks for the help
  7. nice one man! keep up the good vids.
  8. spasma

    Please also leave your in-game name so we know, Thanks!
  9. spasma

    Can't wait for this to start, seems like a nice idea
  10. spasma

    Just add that the bronze donators have the ability to ::yell, otherwise not bad!
  11. spasma

    well done mate! proud of you
  12. spasma

    Thanks for reporting the bugs! Will help us a lot!
  13. spasma

    Took a lot of time and effort, wouldn't be able for it cause of the xp loss.
  14. spasma

    Looks good!! can't wait Keep up the good work Wiki Team!!!
  15. spasma

    Was a pleasure legends, take care bud!
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