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  1. Congratz you newbie, show us you're worth it👍



    1. Zod


      I'm trying brotherman, I'm trying

  2. Ron! Thought I'd give ya little shoutbox post since it's been a while, it's Crotchzapper. Hope you're doing well and same with Sven! :)

  3. Soccerlove

    Faker This thread is closed
  4. Soccerlove

    If you are the real Bossed ( probably version 9 or so), why hiding behind a fake Ip like the same Bossed did when he was just acting to be him? We did have a long story with this account name on Forums here, I know what I am talking about
  5. Do you remember me ?  You use to help me out with lots of things... use to be a great help.

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    2. Anz


      I miss Soccerlove, and yeah back in the day he was a great help still is. Great respect for the guy ❤️ 

    3. Soccerlove


      Hello Will, I do remember the name for sure but dunno anymore on what I helped you with

      Good to see you around here again, like some other old fags

    4. Will


      Pretty sure you helped me with my dicer / donations and a lot more

        Good to see you're about chap!

        I'm 25 now I was way young back then ahha.

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