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We’ve decided to deprecate the community forum starting August 29, 2022. We will keep all existing accounts, threads and comments, but no new registrations will be accepted after that date. Our initial intention was for this forum to be a place where the community could communicate and interact about all things from Grinderscape. However, over the years, most of the posts have amounted to Discord such as general chat, bug reports or feature requests, much resembling a more professional and advanced way of communicating. This has led to the following decision that our main focus will be on Discord for all of the server updates, bugs, support line, and more which will make it more active and worth looking at. This means less hassle to check forums and Discord as now you know everything will be on Discord.

Server Update - Release, Eco system, and more.

Lou Grinder

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Hello everyone,

We have all waited for this update and finally here it is! Let's quickly wrap up what is changed after the last beta was tested.

The client download link is ready for you to be ready upon server release:

Image result for download button runescape


First of all, a full economy system has been implemented. It took days to make everything equal in difficulty for money making and mostly equal in the long run. Some methods for money sink has also been added to the game which will be improved in the upcoming days.

Blood money still exists in the server, and the only way to get them is through Pking & tasks. Streaks offer more valuable rewards too.

Moreover, all shops have been redone and some shops have custom item prices such as for Food, Runes, Herbs, etc; All tasks have been redone from scratch and implemented a new system to add more tasks in the future from the old gs; Some shops have been moved to general store area

Every single NPC has been redone one by one in-game. This means every single should now have proper:
* Attack animations, Defence animations, Death animation, proper respawn timing, attack stats, defence stats, weakness, max hit, and aggressivityDistance and level. In addition to that, all the drops have been redone for most of the npcs that are above combat level 50;

Every boss on the game has been done completely from scratch with most of the items as unique drops from each boss. For example, items you get from ice queen are not found anywhere else.

The ::commands have been added, and we now have over 20 donator features.

How do players get the donator rank? It is totally free now as you donate to the server you get it automatically.

  1. Normal donator - $50
  2. Super donator - $100
  3. Extreme - $250

So if you donate $10 to the server, and then later $40 you will get the donator rank! It doesn't have to be one payment too. After you have the rank on the server, you can request it on the forums by making a post with a picture proof of your account on the game with the rank. All the ranks are added in-game!



- Donators have a better chance of receiving jad pet by 10%!

- Drops System redone, including all npcs with new drops.


- Full stronghold area added.


- Added mystery box rewards. The items from mystery box rewards are not found anywhere else.


- Added random casket drops with different tiers according to npc level.


- Added server announcement when a boss is slayed.


- Lottery system improved.




- Fixed boss contract minigame. Fixed coins reward.


- Added support for a system we can use to make price checker give the real market sell price of each item. Now we can have a price list on wiki and the price checker in-game will give the exact same prices for the items we set a price manually as on the wiki. Should be very helpful. (Items in the picture are just demo numbers for testing).

- Items lost on death should work properly based on the item prices from osrs database. Note: Untradeables are not counted.

- Examining an item shows the item value ONLY as death value. (Items kept on death highest prices are kept)


- Donators feature to show max hits in equipments tab.

- World announcements when someone reaches max level in a stat.
- World announcements when someone reaches 50M, 100M, 150M, and 200M exp in a skill.
- Added monkey guard healing effect.


- Added wizard minb bomb custom effect for donators.
- Added kamil boss full with kill count.

- Added Mutant tarn full with kill count. (Overpowered atm be careful)

- Added Ice queen full with kill count, and many other bosses.







- Stalls are no longer empty to everyone when someone steals, only applied to you.
- All stall timers are now equal.
- Major npc combat bugs fixed. (Thanks to Jinrake)

- You don't have to click on all rules to confirm when you are logging in.
- Npc drop table now shows the real drop chances.


- Many items are now tradeable such as (B gloves, Firecape, Fighter Torso, Dragon defender, and many more)

- Presets has been removed.
- Clicking on stat to level up has been removed and EXP has been introduced to every skill precisely.
- Exclusive supplies store on certain training areas such as Experiments, Pak Yaks, Rock crabs, and Sand crabs!


- Fixed all slayer tasks, redone some of the rewards and streaks.
- Added a bank on every rune crafting altar.


- Fishing spots for level 1 now work properly.


- You can now pick up bananas from palm trees. (Tried to do it and it didn't work so I taught to code it for fun haha)


- Fixed some missing npc examines.
- Sceptre can now be assembled using all the necessary parts with direct boss teleports. The sceptre degrades after 6 uses.


- Amulet of glory and ring of duel should work properly now.


- Added custom item prices for over 50 items in shops.
- All item prices are now proper scaled to OSRS.
- Warriors guild minigame added.


- Experiments have 0 defence and its extremely rare to hit a 0 on them.
- RDT drops introduced which some npcs have a 15% chance of dropping an extra commonly used item in game.
- Mystery boxes, Crystal chest, Caskets (Easy-Elite) rewards.
- Mystery boxes are tradeable.

- Lots of NPC dialogues have been added (35+).
- Possible Crystal chest item rewards, items from here are unique for crystal chest.


- Ring of wealth costs 50,000,000 in general store and can increase your rare chance drop rate by 10%
- Added starter pack for new players.
- Crystal chest will reward a total of 3 items, the first item is a guaranteed rare item from the pool, the second item has 25% chance of being a rare item otherwise common item, the third item is coined from 0-600k

- Task rewards redone.  rewards tokkul, blood money, and coins


- Random items from stalls reimplemented.

- Fun PK area added, with a waiting room which heals you to full when going there. You are also completely healed when leaving or teleporting.

- Added ::commands command

- Cooking gauntlets & cooking skillcape reduces your chance of burning food.
- Using the risk command will now count blood money as 3x price, and will not go above 2147m;
- You can no longer use illegal characters in your passwords, passwords are no longer case sensitive.

- Other bug fixes which are more than 50 fixes reported by players during the beta testing stage.



Last but not least, a completely new forum is built from scratch, and a stunning new website design to give a fresh look to the server.

This was all done by me, for the future updates we have some great developers who are willing to contribute and work for the server for some great updates. I will be posting a list of future updates for the server, for now, we will stick to fix the main bugs on the server so we can start working on some new content without any annoying bugs!

I'm glad this was finally done, thanks to all the motivation from you guys without you I would have never worked on the server. Special thanks to everyone who helped test the server (Anz, Lil pump, Isaac, Number 1, Tarquin, Vutr, Valar, and everyone else). I really appreciate this very much and will never forget it for you guys ❤️

Let's hope this server to become a beast again and 1# again ;D

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The server looks great, I know we will enjoy playing it alot can't wait for the release!

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letsssssssssss goooooooo, hype is real

Very very pleased to see all this, gj Lou and thank you everyone for making this possible!

Let us achieve great things, as community and as RSPS!

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I'm ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that OSGS will be a beast again! Thanks to all the hard work you've put in this and with help from others! My god it looks amazing!


One question though 😛 : Arent primordial boots / pegasian / eternal drops from Cerberus? (I mean the stones) Currently it says that its only available through mystery boxes.


But overall: D A M N!

Edited by Valar
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Love all the work that was put into this. Thanks to everyone who helped out with testing. I would also like to thank you all for everyone who has stayed on this server, and continued to believe. This server will get to the top again, and this progress is just proving that

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thanks lou!

you are the best 🤠

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16 minutes ago, Valar said:

I'm ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that OSGS will be a beast again! Thanks to all the hard work you've put in this and with help from others! My god it looks amazing!


One question though 😛 : Arent primordial boots / pegasian / eternal drops from Cerberus? (I mean the stones) Currently it says that its only available through mystery boxes.


But overall: D A M N!

Yes that is correct, but as I mentioned earlier not all items but most of them.

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1 minute ago, Lou Grinder said:

Yes that is correct, but as I mentioned earlier not all items but most of them.

Aah alright! Just asking :P Thanks for clearing it up

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Great updates dude, we have come a long way and I know Grinderscape will be great again. Thanks to everyone who have contributed ❤️   

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The server will be #1, great updates fam ! keep up the great work.

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