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This forum is deprecated.

We’ve decided to deprecate the community forum starting August 29, 2022. We will keep all existing accounts, threads and comments, but no new registrations will be accepted after that date. Our initial intention was for this forum to be a place where the community could communicate and interact about all things from Grinderscape. However, over the years, most of the posts have amounted to Discord such as general chat, bug reports or feature requests, much resembling a more professional and advanced way of communicating. This has led to the following decision that our main focus will be on Discord for all of the server updates, bugs, support line, and more which will make it more active and worth looking at. This means less hassle to check forums and Discord as now you know everything will be on Discord.

2020 Update | XMAS Event | Huge Server Rework!

Lou Grinder

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Bugs and Fixes:

- Upper ranks and commands privileges changes to many different in-game ranks.

- Fixed a bug related to walking up to target in combat.

- Changed gloves of silence price from 2,000 to 350 points as requested.

- Fixed a bug with achievements causing double item entries in the bank.

- Fixed cooking on the range.

- Fixed a bug with the following causing player to stop following suddenly.

- Reduced overall slayer tasks amount by 35% on average.

- Fix for account name capitalization as it was earlier.

- Illegal usernames are not allowed to log in anymore.

- Fixed Sapphire amulet for the clue scroll task.

- Fixed Spread love achievement.

- Fixed ::bank, ::spec, ::heal command being able to be used in the wilderness or while in combat.

- Fixed boss contract for Callisto and Sea troll Queen.

- Fixed ring of wealth selling price in the general store.

- Fixed donator's rank choosing for staff members in the rank chooser.

- Karambwan food timer set.

- Reworked King black dragon stats, and soon going to rework all the mechanics.

- Removed crystal key and muddy key drops from rat in the stronghold security.

- Fixed elite void top equipping.

- When you log in and you have to enter your bank PIN, you will no longer get attacked by NPC's as reported by Mr Cem.

- You can no longer light up a fire in any bank area.

- Fixed max hit displaying correctly in the equipment tab.

- Fixed an issue causing players to freeze when turning on the clan chat.

- Fixed ancient magics switching and max cape gambling options.

- Fixed a bug that caused the trade interface to open when you traded someone, and you were in a gambling interface.

- Tweaked wizard mind bomb and beer drinking effects in-game.

- Fixed missing wilderness areas, including Varrock wilderness zone.

- Changed wilderness max level cap to 99.

- Achievement rewards should now properly go into your bank, or inventory depending on free slots.

- Fixed a typo in the miscellaneous stall.

- Fixed over 5 different clue scrolls reported by players.

- Fixed tons of bugs related to hunter skill.

- System maintenance checks and benchmarking caused server to lagg every few hours will no longer happen.

- Using a lamp will now properly recalculate your new combat level after resetting a skill.

- Fixed a bug with slayer making a task gives 0 required kills off a specific NPC.

- Tweaked the safe deposit bank system to make it much more efficient/secure and faster.

- Increased the amount of Zulrah scales in shops so you can buy more quantity at once.

- Fixed a bug causing your combat attack styles to not work properly when removing the equipment weapon.

- Fixed sliding issues for all NPCs when walking.

- Fixed emojis in forced chat, such as when going AFK.

- Fixed water texture in the client's overlay and underlays.


- Weapon style caching system:
* This means if you are training strength with dragon scimitar and defence with whip, it will always be like that upon switching.
* Your current weapon attack style will be saved for each weapon type.
* Mimics the same exact way it works on OSRS.
* Supported on all types of weapons.

- Anti-botting software implemented:
* A new software that is embedded in the server will help us track anyone who is botting.

- Added new commands interface:
* Unique new designed interface that will show you all the available commands.
* The interface will only display commands that you have access to use.
* Each command will show with its description, so you don't have to worry about what it does.
* Command syntax system support.


- Added caching for item/NPC names in the search worker:
* A background update that provides search service for faster searching.
* Improves server memory cache as it stores all the names for even quicker results and less server load, which means less lagg.

- Added max integer cap for transferring items system:
* You will no longer lose extra excess cash or blood money when staking/trading, or gambling as it reaches above 2147m.

- A totally worth waiting for Christmas event:
* A unique experience with the new Christmas event.
* Complete dialogues and campaign system.
* Whole map design and reworks.
* Snow effects on all over the game client and in-game play.
* New item set and items for the event.
* Unique achievement that can only be completed during the event.









- Toxic blowpipe emptying:
* You can now empty your toxic blowpipe from previously added darts and scales.
* The system is retroactive, and this means all past added stuff can be emptied now.



- Added support for snowball making and throwing at other players.


- Added support for throwing rotten tomatoes at other players.

- Added town crier at home area that announces the newest server events.

- Added over 18 new kinds of music to many different regions.

- Fixed kitten pet handling and usage from the voting store.


- Drop tables interface now resizes automatically based on the client dimensions.


- Added support for gree-gree monkey morphing system:
* You can now morph into a monkey when wearing the monkey gree-gree just like on OSRS.


- Complete client rework and overhaul:
* Cleaned up whole client codes and made resizing much smoother.
* Rewritten large parts of the client rendering and is now up to date with the latest stuff from OSRS client.
* Added proper scrolling and zooming just like it is on OSRS.
* Fixed color, slider, mouse wheel button dragging.
* Chatbox resizing and dragging changed to like on OSRS.
* New design on the client's UI.
* Client will now appear in the taskbar.
* Tiny start and work on OpenGL support to be supported on the next updates.
* Implemented Runelite config and notifier system.
* Buffer strategy for faster rendering.
* Made achievement overlay display at the bottom when the chatbox is minimized.
* A new lavish client background and login music.
* Complete map changes rework for the winter edition, which will last until before summer.

- New minigame being worked on (Just a preview of the map rework).



Note: New client will be required to play! Make sure you download the latest version!

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Great update, too late though haha xmas is over but anyways nice to see that many bugs was fixed @Lou Grinder

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Finally a word from Lou himself!

Would love to see more content from you more often, good to see that you are still working on Grinderscape.

Goodluck and thanks for this update.


Number 1.

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4 hours ago, Kazuhira said:

Xmas is over tho... so now we have to put up with snow for months after the period is over?
"until before summer"?? why winter edition till then? seems like lazy work to me

Poor word choice from Lou, of course we can turn it off at any time (which will definitely not be months). 
Actually quite some work went into the winter edition but 85% of the time in total spent on this update went towards a client rework not xmas. 

We just thought better late then never :)


1 hour ago, Guest panda said:

nothing new since 2018 only added bosses are hydra and vorkath since then, and instead of added more real content you wasted time so we can throw snow balls and rotten tomatoes and morph into a fucking monkey... jesus christ

Actually since 2018 we've rewritten a lot of underlying systems that all of our content depends on. Also the game engine and networking has been rewritten to be more stable and efficient.

Now all of the essential engine work is nearing completion we're going to be focussing on fixing all the currently implemented content and meanwhile also work on some smaller (but still enjoyable) content. 


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Guest wilie nelson

is server up? if so i can get it to load

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7 minutes ago, Guest wilie nelson said:

is server up? if so i can get it to load

Hello could you tag me on discord, or add my discord StanDev#0990


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Great update Lou and Stan! Keep up the good work! Nice to see a lot of bugs get focused this update! 

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Great to see updates! Thank you for your hard work and striving to make GS a better place.

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It’s crazy how long GS has been around and they’re still finding new ways to make the game more enjoyable for the community! Great work Dev team!

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