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  1. Hello, This is a thread on the player Zod reaching in-game Admin! Congratulations with everything you're doing for the Server and community, Totally deserved! Best,
  2. Lou Grinder

    Hello, This is an official thread to announce the promotion of the player Lew to the Server supporter's rank! Great abilities by Lew such as being very eager, smart, creative, and active! Lew has shown great effort in the server activity which makes him eligible for the rank! Congratulations!
  3. Lou Grinder

    Sad to see you leave, however, I really appreciate your great time on Grinderscape! It was fun and had some great time here. Thanks for being a part of the great community
  4. Lou Grinder

    Very sad to see you leave. It was a great opportunity having you here. You did a great job to the community! Hope to see you back any time soon, and good luck with your life and everything else.
  5. Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed Twisted bow (c) and Dark bow (c) giving strength experience. - Fixed Donator's bond not able to be redeemed. - Fixed invisible items dropping from Vorkath. - Ironman and Hardcore ironman can now set up a bank PIN. - Ultimate Ironman can use items on the bank to note and unnote items. - Item's on death bug causing all items to be lost is now fixed. - Ultimate Ironman can now use the empty command! - Optimized the rare drop item's formula. - Fixed wilderness agility rope. - Fixed a bug where you could not use a special attack on Vorkath. - You can no longer noclip to Hydra boss. - Now Hydra's boss will be instanced. - Fixed Eternal glory operate issue, same for many other items. - Fixed Wilderness resource gate noclipping issue. - Added more bolts in ranged store, and allowed ironmans to be able to buy it. - Brimstone key can be found from RDT drops. - Added noted herbs in herblore store. - You can now buy voting tickets from the voting store with your current voting points. - Completing a slayer task on UIM will now add the reward in your inventory if you have enough space, otherwise, it will be dropped under the player. - The server now supports case sensitive passwords. So you can set your password as "CaPiTalz" instead of "capitalz". - Added more bolts in ranged store. - You can now combine Hydra's eye, fang, and heart to create the Brimstone ring. - Fixed Zogre bones alch value. - You can now reach the Ogre camp. - Ice troll king area is no longer multi. - Fixed a lot of Clue scroll places that you could not reach or that did not work. - Reduced the rate where a big fish attacks and takes your fishing net. - Fixed donations on ironman game modes. - All items that should be transferred to bank on UIM will now be dropped under. - Added more NPC spawns for clue scrolls. - West Ardougne teleport added in cities teleport. - Nerfed broad arrows 40%! - Fixed entrance to Alchemical Hydra's boss! - Fixed combining Zamorak cape with max cape issues. - Fixed Banshee equipping. - Fixed opening banks without prompt to enter bank PIN when talking bankers issue. - Added tiaras and unenchanted amulets in stores. - Bandos godsword now drains 50% of special attack instead of 100%! - Ava's assembler now gives +5 ranged strength bonus. - Ultimate Ironman can now benefit from the command trivia event and achievement rewards. - You can now consume Ugethanki kebab and super kebab. - Level 18 zombies in Edgeville Dungeon have 1 hp issue fixed. - Fixed Chop Chop and some other achievement tasks. - Fixed platinum tokens exchange bug causing players to lose money. - Possibly fixed an issue with deadlock causing server to freeze. - Fixed barrows effects not working after degrading. - Reduced OSRS tokens price rate from 600m to 350m per token. - Fixed some bank booth's not working. - Added imbued god capes from hard clues reward. - Fixed Calisto safe spot area. - Fixed Light and Dark infinity hat & top equipment appearance. - Fixed Ice troll King issue. - Corp pet has been added to corp, and it is tradeable. - Fixed a game mode selection issue. - Fixed heavy casket with proper animations & equipment. - Nerfed dark bow special attack by up to 28%! - Fixed double death count when dying in pvp bug. - Fixed clue scroll question type. Content: - Pathing and Walking System Redone: * Completely rewritten the combat pathing system. * NPC collision system redone from scratch. * Overall combat should be much better. - Brimstone Chest: * Can be found near Alchemical Hydra's entrance. * Brimstone Keys are stackable. * Rewards varies from skilling to rare items. - Barrows Repair Enhancement: * Redone the whole system for barrows repair. * Fully functional with complete dialogue system. * Fancy screen interface for barrows repairing. P.S: More fixes to come soon!
  6. Lou Grinder

    After looking at this thread, I have made some plans to redo the whole staff team. However, I have to finish a few things before working on my plans and that is how it goes. 1) I will finish the major changes on the server that will significantly improve the gameplay. 2) Fix minor and major bugs on the server. 3) Focus on advertisements to bring new player base. After that, it will be time to work on new systems that will radically change how we manage staff and all that, and here is how. We will have a system on the website which will allow players to appeal for any types of sanctions. The player will be able to see basic information such as the reason, date of sanction, done by, and the duration, and any staff member will be able to reply on that and decide the favor just like how a thread works. There will also be a system to track staff activity, time zones, tickets finished, and many other details that will help us improve our support.
  7. Lou Grinder

    Refunded you.
  8. Lou Grinder

    You can keep the bones, this bug should be auto-fixed on next update.
  9. Hahaha well done that's really awesome
  10. Lou Grinder

    Hi everyone, I am here to congratulate Lisa for being promoted from Server Supporter's rank to a Moderator's rank, and Dreamzz to be promoted to the Server Supporter's rank. Both of the players have shown a professional activity on the server by helping a lot of players, being active most of the time, and interacting with the community on forums. Best of luck for all!
  11. Lou Grinder

    Best of luck!
  12. Lou Grinder

    Awesome guide Thank you.
  13. Lou Grinder

    Welcome back!
  14. Lou Grinder

    Hi Nj, As we have announced we do not refund the items, and since its an instanced location you cannot get your items back. I will make a special system to support this on the next update. However, I may refund you the main items you lost, send me a PM and will solve it soon.
  15. Lou Grinder

    Congratulations! @Barry
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