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  1. Lou Grinder

    Can you please link your other account from old forums, or any other proof? I don't really see it on the old forums.
  2. Lou Grinder

    Should take effect within few minutes,
  3. Lou Grinder

    You can't be nulled twice. The reason is you got nulled. The first time was due to a script being run through some accounts. After fixing your account and refunding you the items, I guarantee it cannot happen again. Already compensated players who got nulled from the script and they never had any issues yet.
  4. Lou Grinder

    Sad to hear this. You have done an amazing job here and all the good old days. Hope you the best in your future and life mate
  5. Lou Grinder

    PM me in-game and I will check this.
  6. Hello, We are happy to announce this update release! Indeed it did take a long time to finish, but it includes game sounds and over 40 bug fixes. A new custom engine has been created to support a dynamic sound system, sound loops, region music, and much more. NOTE: You will need a new client in order to play! Make sure you have the latest version of the client if you are not using the auto-updater. Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed mystic examines & stats. - You can now use Eternal glory to teleport up to level 30 wilderness. - You can no longer teleport using your spellbook while staying in the wilderness and in combat vs a player: * Alternatively you can use teleport tabs or obelisks. - Added missing lever in deep wilderness. - Chaos altar near Black Knight Titan is stuck on "You can use this altar once per 60 seconds". - Jungle demon has melee attack range of 5 squares no longer happens. - Fire max cape and Infernal max cape will now be broken on death. - Dying with untradeable items will now disappear, and reward the killer with blood money depending on item value: * Slayer helmets, max capes, max hoods...etc - Un-tradeable items that will not break upon death will now vanish on death: * If you die with a (broken) item, it will vanish completely upon death. * If you have a firecape, it will stay in your inventory and will turn to a broken firecape. - You can no longer safe spot Zulrah. - Vet'ion safe spot fixed. - Fixed a bug with Random Drop Table giving non valuable items. - Muddy keys can now be obtained from RDT drops. - Starter pack should now work properly. - Steam, Smoke, Dust, Mist, Lava, and Mud staffs should now work properly. - General Graardor no longer attacks melee from far distance. - Fixed Guthan's heal effect. - Experiments now have boosted hit points for training. - Ruby bolts (e) effect added. - Onyx bolts (e) effect not healing fixed. - Fixed High alch bug where you lost nature runes without alching. - Lava dragon bones, Zogre bones, and Ourg bones now give higher Prayer XP. - You can now trade general store. - Jungle demon now has 100 more hit points. - NPC's that can no longer reach you will not be aggressive. - Corp no longer takes aggro when you are inside the tunnel. - Cerberus teleport is now instanced. - You can no longer attack Aviansie's and Kree'arra using melee combat style. - Kree'arra animations fixed. - All cavaliers now equip properly. - Cooked mackerel can now be eaten, and heals up to 6 hit points. - Abyssal dagger attack styles fixed. - Unreachable caskets appearing in water when slaying Sea Troll Queen now spawns in the correct place. - Sea Troll Queen hit points increased by 150. - Toxic blow pipe poisoning effect fixed. - Duel arena poison bug fixed. - Skeletal wyverns fire breath effect added. - A bug where the player would log out as soon as the opponent casts a spell on him now can no longer happen. - Elder wand animations fixed. - You can now crush ashes, charcoal, Guam, seaweed, crabmeat, tooth, astral rune, mud rune, and much more. - Antifires can now be made (Lantadyme(unf) + dragon scale dust). - Weapon poison+ and Weapon poison++ can now be herblored. - You can now create super combat potion(4) by using Super strength(4), Super attack(4), or Super defence(4) on Torstol. - Added karambwan cooking, and fixed some bugs related to cooking. - You can no longer forfeit from duel while your opponent is dying. - When a player is potted up, lets say super strength and super attack, if they gain a level in that skill with potion effect, it will no longer remove the stat buff. - You no longer walk to the NPC while viewing the drop table. - Announcements typo fix. - Missing altar is now back in Edgeville. Content: - A gate has been added to the wilderness resource area: * It requires 2,500,000 GP to enter. * A Quick-Entry option has been added to enter quickly into the area. - Our original music system has been added, supports almost every area on the game with right music. - Added many sounds: * All weapons special attacks. * Prayer sounds. * Bank opening sound. * Chests opening/locked sound. * Teleport sounds. * Drop/pickup sound. * Equip/unequip sounds. * Food eating sound. * Potions drinking sound. * Altar praying sound. * Bones on altar sound. * Switching spell book sound. * Using the box of health/nurse sound. * Full Inventory sound. * Glory charging sound. * Cooking sounds. * Thieving skill sounds. * Ditch jump sound. * Solving random event sound. * Pull lever sound. * Bones burying. * Altar offering bones sound. * Fire making sounds. * Smithing sounds. * Fishing sounds. * Fletching sounds. * Mining sounds. * Herblore & potion making sounds. * All combat magic spells sounds. * Stronghold security doors sound. * Nurse healing. * Spade digging. * Woodcutting sounds. * Filling objects with water. * Frozen can't move sound. * Magic sounds. - NPC sounds added: * Desert lizard * Lesser demon * Greater demon * Black demon * Frost demon * Hill giant * Moss giant * Ice giant * Fire giant * Green, Blue, Red, Black, Lava, Bronze, Iron, Steel, and Mithril dragons. * Baby dragons * Ice warrior * Rock crab * Giant rock crab * Dagganoth * Spinolyp * Al kharid warrior * Edgeville bots * Bandits * Skeletons * Scorpions * Imp * Guards * Wild dog * Hero * Knight of Ardougne * Hellhounds * Experiments * Elf warriors * Crocodiles * Pak yak * Suqah * Kalphite worker * Kalphite soldier * Kalphite guard * Goblins * Cow * Banshee * Cave slime * Crawling hand * Icefiend * Cave crawler * Cockatrice * Pyrefiend * Rock slug * Aberrant scepter * Basilisk * Bloodvelds * Dust devil * Infernal mage * Jelly * Turoth * Gargoyle * Kurask * Abyssal demon * Dark beast * Gorak * Nechryael * Skeletal wyvern * Waterfiend * Cyclops * Karils * Guthans * Ahrims * Dharoks * Veracs * Farmer * Chicken * Evil chicken * Werewolf * Unicorn * Frog * Flesh crawler * Shade * Ankou * Catablepeon * Minotaur * Hobgoblin * Monk * Monk of zamorak * Gnome * Servants * Man * Women * Market guard * Tortoise * Rock lobster * Mounted terror bird * Shadow warrior * Earth warrior * Red spiders * Jungle spider * Giant spider * Crypt spider * Small spider * Mugger * Thief * Dwarfs * Wolfs * Trolls * Highwayman * Pirate * Sand crab * Ghosts * Black knight * Chaos druid * Druid * Chaos dwarf * Magic axe * Jail guard * Snakes * Ogre * Jorge * Giant Bat * Ork * Zombies * Rats * Giant Rats * Crypt rats - Fairy ring(+): * This ring can be used to transform you into a rock crab for 30 seconds. * It is possible in the future it can be used to transform into list of available NPCs. * It will be added in stores and drops soon. NOTE: You will need a new client in order to play! Make sure you have the latest version of the client if you are not using the auto-updater.
  7. Hello, This is a mini update to fix some bugs that were reported by players. It also includes few server stability updates. Bugs and Fixes: - Crossbow task will no longer be given by thieving masters. - Fixed tea stall giving huge amount of XP. - Farming patches should now show properly. - Zulrah teleport tab fixed. - Firemaking XP slightly increased. - Prices of lumberjack set reduced dramatically. - Participation points announcements are now reduced in general. - Skilling points XP cap increased to 1.2M instead of 500k. - Fixed snakeling and dark core pet attacking players. - Typo in hitpoints skill tab fixed. Thanks to @Kazuhira mm - JAD boss contract changed from 40 seconds to 80 seconds. - Shop names are now like the shop content. - Points shop moved to one place, and other shops to another. - Stalls now give their proper item reward with gem stall giving gems based on rarity. - Miscellaneous stall now gives random items south of stalls area in Edgeville. - Bow-sword and many other items are now tradeable in-game. Content: - New OSRS cache engine added to our client: Thanks to our developer Blake * Gives us support to add new minigames. * New areas. * New OSRS items. (Need to code functionality). * New OSRS bosses. * New OSRS NPC's. P.S: Item support and new areas will be released in the upcoming updates. Enjoy!
  8. Lou Grinder

    Greetings, It is an honor to have our new server supporter Kazuhira MM! He earned his rank by showing great performance and help progression towards players. Congratulations!
  9. Lou Grinder

    Hello, Unfortunately, Lil Pump will no longer be a server supporter of Grinderscape. He was trusted to investigate an issue regarding a bug, which he was dishonest about the results. Secondly, in the past weeks his actions and attitude towards players weren't that veracious we decided to demote him and give the spot to someone else. It is really sad for this to happen after he was one of the best players to play in Beta mode and suggested us some great content. Sincerely,
  10. Lou Grinder

    Gz mate
  11. Lou Grinder

    I did change it on localhost here, changes will apply on next update.
  12. Lou Grinder

    I truly understand how annoying it is to see bugs happening after updates. Well, the thing is I am the only developer working on the server, sometimes I get some people to help me with some bugs in which I do test everything after they are done. However, you can only test the functionality within certain criteria's for example if I made an automated dicing system the only things I test are quick accept/decline if it can occur a dupe, the basic function of the system, and some other things. When the server is released, there are a lot of other possibilities that can show a bug because some things weren't tested such as logging out while in the middle of dice, this wouldn't come on mind until it was tested and player report that when someone logs out in the middle of a dice everything goes null. I don't' want delayed updates, so I try my best to work on things as fast as possible and release them every a week or two while I also work on advertisements, contracts with youtubers, social media handling, forum updates, planning updates, apart from sometimes I work as a part-time for a company.
  13. Hello, The bad news is that this update took a long time to be completed, but the good news is the update is really huge and that is why it took a lot of time. Let's get into the update quick! Bugs and Fixes: - In resizeable, tab doesn't work to reply should no longer occur. - Fixed client's icon image missing. - Firemaking ashes not disappearing fixed, and a possible memory leak. - Infernal axe equips properly. - Split private chat "cr" removed. - Emojis now show properly in PMs. - Missing teleports & Ape Atoll spells added. - Enchant crossbow bolt reqs added to glow when you have the runes. - Mystic robe top now has the proper stats. - Updated skilling store items for farming supplies. - Dark beasts are no longer aggressive. - Bank booth added near blood altar. - Donator's and above can buy with a shop limit of 500 per time. - Yell titles removed "[Donator]". - Dust devil slayer location fixed. - Empty command will no longer work in jail/wilderness. - Updated the word filtration and censoring system. - Mystic pieces are now tradeable. - Cutting gems with any item no longer works except with chisel. - Dying from poison in duel arena should be fixed permanently. - You cannot withdraw or deposit cash over max stash in the bank. - A lot of NPC's untargetable is now fixed. - You can now high alch dragon bones, seeds, and some other items that couldn't be alched. - Agility is now smoother & faster in general. (Can now spam click etc) - Tweaked the delays of agility objects. - You're no longer blocked from using an already completed obstacle again. - It now automatically walks to the obstacle's starting position & interacts with the obstacle. - Fixed a visual where it would randomly teleport you when clicking the map. - Removed some duplicate method calls. - Skilling supplies can now be traded. - Donator's bond price increased to 7,500 participation points. - Pestle and mortar can now be crushed properly. - Trade request color fixed. - Major bug with broken items has been fixed, and the system is much smoother. - Thieving random rare rewards now have tons of great items pool! * Items include: Fury, Void's, Wands, Zerker and other combat rings, Ranger's boots, Mage's boots, D full helm, Bandos hilt, Dragon Square shield..etc - PK teleports have been changed to promote PKing. - Barrows will now be broken when dropped. - You can now claim Max Cape if you have all stats 99 excluding Construction, and Hunter skill. Content: - Added system to support hourly bonus skill: * Server will randomly choose a skill for the bonus exp. * Bonus XP rates will be 30% increased skill experience. - Zulrah boss added to the server: * Only donators can use the teleport for now. * Metamorphoses supported and moves from location to another. * Instanced boss room so every player can fight it alone and its only SOLO. - Farming skill completely added: * Fully functional instanced patches and compost bins. * Compost and super compost makes you get more herbs. * Plants can become diseased and will need plant cure. * Higher level farming means less chance of disease. * Faster herbs growing for regular, super, and extreme donators. * Magic secateurs supported for +1 extra herbs. * Patches can die sometimes. * Patches can take up to 20 minutes to grow for non-donators. - Candlemaker can now be traded and sells candle supplies. - Complete new home layout. - Withdraw all but one implemented. - The muddy key is now dropped by a lot of NPCs: * Chest can be found near the lava dragon maze. * Rewards 2,500 - 5,000 blood money + a chance of a bonus PK item. * Server announces when someone opens a muddy chest. * Gives some resources such as potions, food, arrows..etc * 50% chance of a bonus item if you are lucky. * Donators have a better chance of getting a rare bonus item. * You can examine the key to know the easiest way to reach the muddy chest. * Random rare rewards include items such as: Fighter torso, D chain, D full helm, DFS, Obsidian set, Fury, Berserker ring, Void set, Fire cape, D boots, Barrows gloves, Bandos set, Armadyl set, Rune crossbow, Ancient staff, God cloaks, Dragon weapons, Granite maul, Dark bow, Infinity set,.etc Loot from 21 muddy keys: Enjoy!
  14. Lou Grinder

    Great addition, looking forward to these ranks.
  15. Hey everyone, This is the part 2 of the bug fixes from the earlier update thread released. This patch contains a lot of bug fixes. Bugs and Fixes: - Godwars spawn timers have been increased and optimized. - Godwars defence and some other bosses have also been increased for greater challenge and difficulty. - Added Saradomin's coif to the thieving stalls random rewards. - Infernal axe now wields properly. - Fixed godwars NPC's not retaliating sometimes. - Added mithril platelegs (g) to crystal chest. - Fixed an issue with Verac's armor. - Fixed Lunar's staff equipping properly. - Wilderness resource area furnace works properly for jewelry making. - Fixed Giant mole light source issue. - Fixed noted wyvern bones with the bank. - Fixed duel arena poison bug. - Dharok's effect buffed by 20%. - A bug with Giant's mole causing it to be complete darkness all the time. - NPC Pjing timer fixed. - Fixed slow item pickup. - Fixed K'ril tsaruth not retaliating. - The buying limit of shops is restricted to a maximum quantity of 100 at a time. - ::creationdate and ::timeplayed commands fixed. - Abyssal Tentacle will now be dropped on death. - You can no longer morph while in trade, duel, combat, or in the wilderness. - Infernal cape now shows by name when it is broken. - You can no longer attack or get attacked while being AFK from players. - Gorak slayer teleport fixed. - Void knight blood money repair reduced even more. - Item equipping attack style glitch fixed. - Rune sword/Firemaking skillcape equip stats requirements fixed. - Magic shortbow special attack damage reduced, and accuracy is still high. Content: - Toxic blowpipe support added for dart loading and special attack. - Implemented a new system for high alch: * You can now alch your items for the same price as in the price checker divided by 3. * You can now examine items to see their high alch values. * Items with values of more than 3,000,000 cannot be alched. * Dragon bones can be alched for 220,000 gp which is a good money making method for medium combat levels. - Blood talisman item added: * You can now rune craft blood runes. - Added support for cleaning cloth: * You can use it with colored whips or darkbows to clean the paint on them. * You can purchase it for 3M from the general store. - Tab to reply with interface open now works. - Improved blocked word filter & applied it on pm/clan as well. - Daily login base reward system implemented. * New login rewards will be added very soon. - The ecunemical key now works in god wars perfectly: * It is used to enter the boss chamber without kill count requirement. - Networking improvements, memory leak fixes. (Should fix server nulling if that was the reason.) Enjoy!