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  1. Lou Grinder

    I will see what I can work on from the list, but for the slayer tasks I can make it count as killing boss equivalent to the same npc type, but for the rewards it will take some time.
  2. Lou Grinder

  3. Players reported it, and it has been removed temporarily until a suitable price is decided.
  4. This week's patch includes over 50 bug fixes and tons of server optimization and changes! Note: Due to many players reporting the bugs to be fixed, there will be a part 2 of this update which will contain other stuff to be continued such as spell book, spells glowing..etc Let's get started! Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed some ladder problems and improved the existing system. - Your combat will be reset when the NPC retreats. - Engine base for sounds and music implemented. - Blessed Saradomin's sword is now working correctly with the enchanting process. - Light infinity is now tradeable. - The cost to repair broken items has been slightly decreased. - Reminder: The reward for exchanging voting points for blood money and coins is worth for less. * Voting points to blood money/coins. - Dice command taking you to the clipped area is fixed. - Client's new user will now explain basic stuff on how to start playing. - Dark beast defence and attack nerfed by 20%. - Whip has now greater accuracy, and the special attack reduces the target's running energy by 75. - Combat formula and accuracy has been modified with values of around 5-15%. - Skull timer increased to 30 minutes instead of 5 minutes. - Overload can no longer be used in duel arena, or before going to duel. - Combat will not be reset anymore when equipping items. (Delay's attack by 1 tick). - Special attacks powers buffed by about 3-9%. - The combat delay by food has been reduced from 5 ticks to 2. - You can no longer stake untradeable items in duel arena. - High alchemy and other non-combat spells spam clicking fixed. - You can now craft dragon SQ shield. - Abyssal dagger special attack now shows correctly. - Yell tickets price has been decreased. - Slayer XP has been considerably buffed. - Lady Keli can now be traded. - Uncut Jade and Red topaz added to the crafting shop. - Boss contracts system has been fixed. - Thieving XP boosted by 20%. - XP halve for skilling after level 92 is removed. - Fixed slayer's enchantment bug in the wilderness above level 20. - Ahrim's staff is now 1-handed. - Having two sets of protection from dragon's breath will adequately protect you. * For example, Shield + Mage pray will give you full protection. - Combat attack style now saves upon logout. - Fixed combat XP bug being divided by four after level 92. - Tarn's fire hitting bug fixed. - Dagganoth kings, and Godwars spawns will now work properly. - Potion decanting causing you to have infinite potions fixed. - Wilderness resources area fire fix. - Giant mole hit points has been nerfed massively. - Fixed a problem with XP lock. - Ava's attractor now works properly. - Fixed Zamorak chamber boss entrance in god wars. - Mutant tarn has been nerfed slightly. Best protection prayers: Magic * Magic max hit: 70 * Range max hit: 32 * Melee max hit: 55 (Low chances of melee attacks). Melee defence reduced by 30%, Ranged defence increased by 35%, Magic defence reduced by 50%. - Over 13 bosses have been optimized with their stats, nerf, and boosts. - Giant sea snake runts issue fixed. - Attacking NPC's from far with melee fixed. - You can now get blood money reward without the 500,000 minimum target's wealth requirement. Content: - Wilderness bosses will now drop 60-200 Blood money: * Chaos elemental * Vet'ion * Crazy Archeologist * Scorpia * Callisto * Venenatis * Chaos Fanatic - You can now right click and add a friend from chat box on public mode. - Jewelry making system implemented: * You can use a gold bar on any furnace to start with jewelry making. * After getting the items, you can enchant any of the items. - Magic enchanting items support added. - Yell tab fully functional: * Off will no longer show any yells in the game. - You now receive 100 blood money per one participation point you get: * Participation points from donating are not applicable. - Added bandit's brew in thieving store: * Rewards 2,000,000 thieving XP. - You can now buy 1m coins and 5k Blood money from skilling store with skilling points. - Bolt enchanting magic spell support and system functionality: * New spell in the spell book. * You can now enchant bolts. * Gem cutting to bolt tips (Coming soon). - Shops are moved and updated. - Added a slayer master in Edgeville that will give harder tasks: * This is for new players to know they should look for other slayer masters. - Limited lottery to 50M per account as a max per one lottery. - Added system engine to support music and sounds for future use. - Easter ring and Ring of stone will now work properly. P.S: Some things are left incomplete and will require further testing. However, if you find any bugs, you can report it quickly and they should be fixed in the part 2 update which will be coming in the next few days. That is because we are in a hurry and we want to provide you with the best updates as soon as possible.
  5. Lou Grinder

    Fixed! Thanks.
  6. As most of you have requested donator zone to be done here it is completely done with a new donator shop. Tons of bug fixes, new commands, dicing base added and should be coming very soon once our player base increases. Here is what has been done. Bugs and Fixes: - Third age bow nerfed. - Fixed a problem where void body turned to void legs on death. - Fixed a problem with bank tabs. - Twisted bow power boost is no longer active in the wilderness. - Toxic's staff of the dead now wields properly. - The player facing positions now update on login and region change. - You can no longer use prayers whilst teleporting. - Abyssal dagger can now be equipped properly. - Ava's attractor added to the pure item shop. - Tourny minigame reward changed to blood money, and the more players the more it will reward. Average win: 8k bm, can go up to 25k if more players are in the minigame. - Ava's accumulator has been added to the RDT (Rare Drop Table) drops. - Fixed server's time in quest tab showing the wrong amount. - Fixed items showing properly on chatbox interfaces. (E.g: Fletching, Fishes to cook..etc) - Tanner added in Neitznot & Donator's zone. - XP lock will only be locking the combat experience. - Saradomin's tear combining with saradomin's sword fixed. - Donators can now equip donator's only items. - Bosses in the wilderness will now drop 60-200 blood money. Content: - Mithril seeds added: * Supports dialogue and to pick up. - Hides tanning support added: * NPC can be found in Neitznot. - Notifications tab: * Flashing on new update. * Shows the latest server updates. - New slayer stronghold teleport: * Supports many slayer NPC's for training. - Lot's of shop modifications: * Blood money shop. * Skilling points exchange. * Participation points exchange. * Pure item supplies. * Magic items store. * Premium points exchange. - Added support for gilded altar: * Boosts prayer up to 5 bonus points. * Up to 35% more prayer XP. - H.A.M set increases the chance of successful pickpocket by 50% to H.A.M members and by 15% to regular NPC's. - Donator's Zone finally added: * Ores up to Runite. * Yew & Magic trees. * Farming patch (Coming soon) * Easy shops access * Furnace & Anvil. * Fishing spots of all sorts. * Skilling masters available. * Box of health for refreshments. * Wilderness thieving stalls. * Crystal chest. * Donator Shop. * and much more.. - Donator's tab completely redone. * Shows your current rank. * Shows all the donator's features. * Preview to the total amount donated. * Shows how many players are in the zone. - New commands: * ::benefits - Shows the donator's benefits. * ::discord - Opens up the discord's link. * ::dice - Teleports you to the dicing area. (Full access coming soon) * ::duel - Teleports you to duel arena. * ::home - Teleports you to Home area. * ::ge, ::market - Teleports you to the current market trading area. * ::easts, ::wests - Teleports you to the east and west wilderness. * ::mb - Teleports you to the mage bank area. * ::prices - Opens up the wiki prices link. * ::drops - Opens up the bosses drops link. * ::shops - Teleports you to the shops area. * Updated command's command. - Added some skills tome's in premium points exchange: * Costs 10,000 premium points * Rewards 20,000,000 XP in the skill name. * Can be examined for more information. - Skilling supplies box: * Can be bought from the premium points exchange for 5,000 points. * Requires 25 free inventory slots to open. * Rewards 50 skilling points as a bonus reward. x1 x3 Enjoy!
  7. Lou Grinder

    I'm working on it right now.
  8. Lou Grinder

    I'll have a look at it and see what can be done.
  9. Hello, This week we've got some big changes to the wilderness boosting, as well as the fixes for all the bugs that were reported by players! Bugs and Fixes: - Jail command is no longer announced to everyone. - Fixed some NPCs not spawning after death. * Dagannoth. * Giant sea snake runt's. - Fixed an achievement that rewarded players a lot of blood money. - You can now fix void and some other items at perdu. - Npc's ranged defence increased by 5%. - Npc's melee defence nerfed by 8%. - Spider's dropping emblems too fast fixed. - Twisted bow and Elder maul removed from blood money store to keep it's real value. - Blood money repair cost formatting. (95,000 instead of 95000) - In-game price checker price tag format, and other bug fixes. - A bug with boss contracts causing NPC's death not to register. - Added a code to track the cause of server nulling and black screen. - Shop bug fixed! - Barrows becoming broken upon death, and can be fixed @ perdu. - A bug with pets not moving to the player's location fixed. - The 10 second teleport timer now only applies when players are attacking you. - It will no longer say you've run out of ammunition while using a crystal bow. - Spears causing player to become invisible fixed. - Dragonfire has been updated to be more OSRS related. - Slayer's mithril dragon task teleport has been fixed. - Items on death will now stay on the ground for 5 minutes. - Wards ornament kits support added. - Major changes to the player logout system and saving. - Fixed bank 5,10; - Examine money in bank, floor, inventory now works perfectly fine. - A bug with onyx bolts (e) fixed. - Bronze bars added to the mining store. - A small bug caused furnace not to work is now fixed. - A bug causing dragon spear p++ to make you invisible. Content: - Added all missing fishes for Cooking skill: * Cave eel, Pike, Lava eel, Herring,..etc. - Crafting reworked: * Full gem cutting support. * All hides can be crafted including armor making. - Untradeable items will be broken when you die in the wilderness below level 20, and can be repaired for a cost: * Dying in the wilderness above level 20 will make you lose the untradeable item, and the killer will be rewarded with 50% value of the blood money value of the item. - Player boosting in wilderness changes: With today's update, most commonly used untradeable PKing equipment will be broken upon death in a PvP scenario. If you die with untradeable equipment to another player within the wilderness, you will still be able to keep the item as untradeable gear. However, it will be broken. Broken untradeables cannot be equipped. If you die in wilderness level 20 and below, you will keep the item and the killer will receive 50% Blood money of its repair value as a bonus drop. If you die in wilderness level 20 and above, you will lose the item completely and the killer is able to pick it up as it's. Broken items can be repaired with perdu in Edgeville. * Any player carrying a total item wealth below 500k is not counted towards blood money rewards. * Killing same players several times will not reward any killstreaks. * Recent kills system implemented. It should help fix boosting. - In-game price checker: * Supports BM to coins price. * More than 250 items coded. * Gives the average price of an item of the market's price. - Reset lamp added to game: * Resets any skill back to level one. - Overload potions added: * Cannot be used in the wilderness. * Can be found in the blood money shop for 1,500 blood money. - Skill guides added to the game: * Supports every skill. * Dynamic system so we can easily add/edit anything. - Emojis now appear above heads, with limit of one emoji per time to prevent spam. - Full Dragonstone & jewelry making & teleports: * Ring of wealth (e) * Combat bracelet charging & teleports. * Skills necklace charging & teleports. * Amulet of glory & eternal glory teleports. * Skills necklace charging & teleports. - You can now forge malediction and odium wards in the wilderness. - You can now charge glory in the wilderness. Possible upcoming updates: * Donator's zone/Dicing system. * Notification system. * Farming skill. As always, Enjoy!
  10. Hello, The forums have been updated to the latest version of IPS V4.3.5! - An issue with the chat box not appearing to everyone is now fixed. - Missing subforums in the appeal category are now showing properly. - A new forum rank added to the forums. - Website's drop guide link in the footer has been updated. - Minor bug fixes. Regards,
  11. Lou Grinder

    Goodluck to all!
  12. Lou Grinder

    @Brad can you tell me exactly which npcs dropping those items so that I can fix it?
  13. Lou Grinder

    I totally agree on that, I will make the items that are in blood money shop to be available somewhere else. I can agree that mages should drop the items you listed. Can you give some more suggestions? @Disease
  14. Lou Grinder

    Looking fabulous
  15. Lou Grinder

    Lol nice mate