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This forum is deprecated.

We’ve decided to deprecate the community forum starting August 29, 2022. We will keep all existing accounts, threads and comments, but no new registrations will be accepted after that date. Our initial intention was for this forum to be a place where the community could communicate and interact about all things from Grinderscape. However, over the years, most of the posts have amounted to Discord such as general chat, bug reports or feature requests, much resembling a more professional and advanced way of communicating. This has led to the following decision that our main focus will be on Discord for all of the server updates, bugs, support line, and more which will make it more active and worth looking at. This means less hassle to check forums and Discord as now you know everything will be on Discord.

Castle Wars Minigame | New Home | Skill Tips & MORE!

Lou Grinder

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Bugs and Fixes:

- Fixed a bug with Graceful clothing when it could not be equipped.

- Fixed Agility skill task when finishing Brimhaven Agility Arena obstacles.

- Fixed Krystilia Slayer tasks which did not count when slaying monsters in The Wilderness.

- Fixed Runecrafting skilling tasks not counting on certain type of runes.

- Revamped the in-game announcement messages by removing old ones and adding latest ones.

- You now have 1/3 chance of getting a BONUS barrows item when completing barrows.

- Fixed an issue with Rock crabs being aggressive all the time which could lead to major afk boosting.

- Fixed a bug with Abyssal demons teleporting outside the Slayer tower on their special effect.

- You can now change your spell book from the Magic skillcape.

- Fixed Prayer skilling tasks counting as Herblore in certain circumstances.

- Fixed Mos'les harmless teleport location.

- Fixed a bug where players could not teleport when frozen in The Wilderness.

- Fixed an exploit with barrage spells targeting other players with lower levels.

- Fixed a bug where players who do not attack first gets skulled.

- Vorkath can now be attacked with Melee attack styles.

- Fixed Vorkath Zombified spawn bug freezing upon mass clicking.

- Fixed Demonic gorillas style switching after missing 3 consecutive hits.

- Fixed Ahrim's gear set stat reduction effect.

- Fixed a bug with Enchant spells not requiring runes or checking from Rune pouch.

- Fixed a lot of account level statistics that weren't counting such as emotes played.

- You can no longer place items on table when the global trading system is disabled by staff.

- Fixed Fire elemental attack styles in the Smoke dungeon.

- Ape atoll dungeon teleport effect implemented and teleport location is fixed.

- Slayer task teleport for Aviansie's has been fixed.

- Fixed several Agility obstacles that were reported and caused freezing issues.

- Optimized skilling speeds (such as mining and woodcutting) to perfectly match OSRS and take into account the formula.



- Added support for Hunter potion creation & drinking.

- Added support for Mithril grapple creation starting by Mithril bolts & Mithril grapple tip.

- Added support to open all sort of item packs (runes pack, feather pack, etc).

- Added teleport support to Lithkren Vault dungeon with barriers supported.

- New jail zone revamped which makes it more torturing for those who break the rules.





- Added support for Mining gloves effect: Mining gloves.pngSuperior mining gloves.png

  1. Regular mining gloves has 1/10 chance to skip rock depletion.
  2. Super mining gloves has 1/8 chance and Expert gloves has 1/5 chance respectively.
  3. Mining gloves can be purchased from the Mining skill master.

Superior mining gloves equipped.pngExpert mining gloves equipped female.png

- New system for skill tip messages to help you train skills:

  1. You will no longer get tip messages if you reach over the skill threshold high level based on each skill.
  2. While training your combat skills you will get useful tip messages to help you train the most efficient way.
  3. Supported skills: Crafting, Fletching, Firemaking, Prayer, Smithing, Thieving, Mining, Agility, Cooking, Fishing, Herblore, and Runecrafting.



- Castle Wars minigame 1:1 OSRS:

  1. The aim of the game is to take the enemy's standard (flag) from their castle and return it to the standard in your own castle, gaining one point each time.
  2. You must prevent the opposing team from taking your flag by blocking them from your castle (place barricades, lock doors or collapse tunnels underground), or by killing them.
  3. Slain players will respawn in the starting area within the game, so both sides are constantly fighting with a near (if not totally) equal numbered team.
  4. This is a safe game, so if you die, you will not lose items. Each game lasts for 20 minutes, and the team with the most points at the end of the game is declared the winner.
  5. The only items allowed inside the Castle Wars area are potions, runes, and Combat-related items such as armour—with the exception of helmets, hats, scarves and capes.
  6. Food cannot be brought in, but bandages can be obtained within the arena, which are used to heal players in the same way as food. Alchemy spells cannot be used during the game.
  7. Lunar spells such as Heal Other and Cure Me can not be used during the game.
  8. The Dwarf multi-cannon cannot be brought into Castle Wars.
  9. Shut-out win (1-0) = 3 tickets to winning team, 1 ticket for losing team.
  10. Regular win (2-1) = 2 tickets to the winning team, 1 ticket for losing team.
  11. Scoreless tie (0-0) = 2 tickets for both teams.
  12. Regular tie (1-1) = 1 ticket for both teams.
  13. For each team, there is an underground cavern where they can wait until the next game starts. The time until the next game is displayed near the top of the screen in white print.
  14. The time to wait is always two minutes longer than the current game lasts, so if a game has 15 minutes left, the time to wait in the waiting area is 17 minutes. When a game has just finished, the next game will start in two minutes.
  15. One can leave through the portal of the god's color located inside the waiting area.
  16. Stepping stones, rocks, barricades, bandages, climbing ropes, pickaxes, buckets, toolkits, explosive potions and tinderboxes are all supported through out the minigame.
  17. The game instance will automatically be destroyed if no players are present in the minigame.









- Added support for Dust devils Slayer's effect and Smoke dungeon area effects:

  1. The use of a facemask or a Slayer helmet is required to fight dust devils as they use clouds of dust, sand, ash, and whatever else they can inhale to blind and disorient their victims.
  2. They are also popular for Bursting/Barraging and Chinning in the Catacombs of Kourend or Smoke Dungeon on task.
  3. If a dust devil attacks you without a facemask, 14 damage is inflicted every second (without the facemask you get 20 damage every 12 seconds without fighting dust devils).
  4. While in the dungeon the player must wear a facemask, Slayer helmet or Slayer helmet (i) to protect themselves from the smoke. A Gas mask from will also work for the dungeon's smoke.
  5. Dust devils inside the dungeon will still bring your stats to zero with their special attack while wearing a Gas mask.
  6. Being in the dungeon without a protection, players will receive 20 damage every 12 seconds, although never below 1 hitpoint.



- Added support to finishing off Desert lizards using Ice coolers.Ice cooler.png

Desert lizard.png

- Added 5% TAX for Staking upon currencies only:

  1. The tax system is very beneficial for the economy's sustainability and to keep it going well for everyone.
  2. This helps new players from being part of the economy as rich players will pay tax on their extreme high wealth which allows newly coming players to also adventure into the game and economy and be part of it while not keeping all the stacks of cash into the top oldest and richest players.
  3. This will also help us with more logging back-end system so we can track all the taxes and money flow. If there was no system in place, then you will not be enjoying the game as there will be literally infinite cash and whatever you make will be worthless, however, with this addition it makes it a perfect balance for everyone to enjoy and play.


- Wilderness logout timer implementation:

  1. You can now request logout in The Wilderness after waiting for 10 seconds.
  2. Any movement or action will interrupt the logout.
  3. This feature has been requested by a lot of members and it also helps prevents players from logging out as soon as they see a player in The Wilderness.
  4. The logout request will be interrupted if the player goes into combat or gets attacked by someone or even an NPC.



- A complete new home base setup:

  1. A major change in the home area which allows it to fit more players with a new attractive design.
  2. All the stalls has been grouped and nicely tied together.
  3. Skilling masters are now properly spread in the home area.
  4. Fishing rack area completely redone.
  5. Major section of shops area and stores has been revamped including new stores.
  6. Massive work on spawn system which has over 250 different spawn changes through out the whole map.
  7. New locations for starting zone, tutorial play, respawn zone, and much more.
  8. All teleports from levers and other objects are now matching the new home area.
  9. Updated the Weapon Minigame map.









Note: Some map images may differ from the actual in-game due to final touches and improvements in the final version. Castle wars will only be enabled for staff to test before it is released to the public which should take a few days.

Update notice: You must have an updated client to be able to play.


Enjoy The Update :)

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Nice update! Can't wait to go and fight other peoples in castle wars!

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This update looks sick I am so happy castle wars was brought in that is my fav minigame well done hope these updates attract many new players!

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Very nice! Yet another BIG update! Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into this. All of the developers. We definitely appreciate it very much. :D Can't wait for more! :P

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On 10/10/2021 at 9:23 AM, Luca Striker said:

Nice update! Can't wait to go and fight other peoples in castle wars!

fight? edit: psh, ull be on the floor the whole time

Edited by Wrath
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Nice additions to the server.

I personally think the standard version of castle-wars is not inviting enough and adding extra rewards in the shop and titles etc. would encourge more players to play the minigame. Tweaks like that will undoubtedly come in future updates.

Thanks again for the updates, keep up the great work!


Number 1 - Mark

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