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  1. Denied, We don't know if you can be mature enough for a rank in discord and have decided to say no. I would love if you were more strict and don't make the wrong choices which will ruin the oppertunity. ~closed
  2. We've decided to promote you to Discord Moderator, congratulations :). I'm sure you will do great and won't let us down @Anz!
  3. Pending, Hey Nykie you put great effort in your application, i would like to see you ingame more before we decide. ~closed
  4. Pending, We've decided to give you some more time that's why you're on pending right now Apply again once you think you're ready :). ~closed
  5. Denied, We have not seen any action of you ingame. You can apply again once you're active in-game. ~closed
  6. Isaac

    Added super donator as your primary ~closed
  7. Isaac

    Hey guys i wanted to let you guys know about some changes that have been made in the forum-side of Grinderscape. We've updated alot and added Archives for applications aswell as autoformats. We also created a subforum for discord ranks, You can apply for a discord rank here, as in Discord Helper/Moderator. Also fixed the report and appeal sections! Currently we are working on adding some new ranks on forums too. Such as: Bug catcher is given to players that help out searching bugs alot and sending them in on discord/forums. This title has to be earned and cannot be requested. Middleman Userbar is given to the official members chosen by the staff team and will be able to be requested on forums if shown proof is correct. Do you want to be part of this team and do you think you're trusted enough by the community apply here: https://forum.grinderscape.org/index.php?/forum/67-official-middleman-applications/ We're also updating some previous made userbars to look better such as: When you're entitled to have discord helper+ you can request this rank, it does not have any other requirements. This userbar needed updating because it was outdated. I want to thank @Surreal for creating these userbars with photoshop we really appricate your effort :). What we're also looking into is more addons for the forums to make your and the staff teams lifes alot easier. I thank you for reading this update thread and see you next time :), Love Isaac
  8. Changed as requested ~closed
  9. Isaac

    Ranks given, remember to stay active to keep the veteran userbar @Alpha Toon. ~closed
  10. Isaac

    We've decided to accept you to our wiki team, and i know you will do great work which we will be grateful for :). Welcome on board @Sophie!
  11. Isaac

    Happy birthday, hope you have a great day!

  12. Isaac

    Veteran rank added as requested, @Valar remember to stay active to keep this userbar. ~closed
  13. Isaac

    Added as requested, @Sophie remember to stay active on forums to keep this userbar. ~closed
  14. Isaac

    Art, welcome to Grinderscape, hope you enjoy your stay with us.