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  1. Isaac

    Welcome back, good to see older faces around nowadays :).
  2. Isaac

    Added as requested -closed
  3. Denied, you do not require the experience needed for the qualifications
  4. Isaac

    Hello people from Grinderscape, Today I have exciting news about a promotion, The wiki team have chosen @j0rdaan to be our now Wiki Manager! He will keep the community up to date with all updates done to the wiki pages also will do the application reviews from now on to take things off my hand. Congratulations @j0rdaan!
  5. Isaac

    Please provide a screenshot with your in-game name with the crown.
  6. Isaac

    @Lou Grinder
  7. Hope you will have a good time in America, we hope to see you back soon with us .
  8. Isaac

  9. Isaac

  10. Isaac

  11. Isaac

    I've decided to give you a chance and show me what you got in store for our wiki team, I will contact you on discord how we get to work.
  12. Isaac

    I wish you welcome and hope you enjoy your stay with us @Wrath!
  13. Isaac

    Goodluck to all players that enter!
  14. Isaac

    Moving your thread due to being in wrong section also provide more info on the donations; such as showing you donated for super donator premiun points do not count to Donater rank at this stage.
  15. Isaac

    Added as requested
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