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  1. Hope you will have a good time in America, we hope to see you back soon with us .
  2. Isaac

    I've decided to give you a chance and show me what you got in store for our wiki team, I will contact you on discord how we get to work.
  3. Isaac

    I wish you welcome and hope you enjoy your stay with us @Wrath!
  4. Isaac

    Goodluck to all players that enter!
  5. Isaac

    Added as requested
  6. We've decided to give Wyatt a shot as Server Supporter, I'm sure he will do great and will stay with us for a long time. As always @Timebrawler will start on a 2 week trial for him to show us what he's capable of :). (he has a temp alt account as staff due to issue's with promoting ironmen): 'Symbiote god'. Congratulations! -Staff Team
  7. @Lou Grinder
  8. Accepted, I've decided to give you a chance since i knew you personally. You will be promoted to Discord Helper congratulations :).
  9. Isaac

    Send me a private message and we will handle it!
  10. Isaac

    Welcome back to Grinderscape, you are free to stream but twitch might be annoying with rsps’s Youtube doesnt care about what kind of game you stream though. Have fun playing and we will see you ingame :).
  11. Hey you're cute wanna hangout 

  12. Hey Grinderscapers! So I've decided to bring back one familiar event we've had in the past. Basicly, you trade any in-game staff member and give him the amount you want to enter with and your name will be added to our list (random number will be chosen). You can enter up to 3 tickets per Lottery. The rewards will be based on the entry tickets (A big part of it will be given) with some additional items You can start entering at 6 PM UK time, the Entry to the lottery costs 10 million per ticket, so up to 30 million.
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