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  1. Hey you're cute wanna hangout 

  2. Hey Grinderscapers! So I've decided to bring back one familiar event we've had in the past. Basicly, you trade any in-game staff member and give him the amount you want to enter with and your name will be added to our list (random number will be chosen). You can enter up to 3 tickets per Lottery. The rewards will be based on the entry tickets (A big part of it will be given) with some additional items You can start entering at 6 PM UK time, the Entry to the lottery costs 10 million per ticket, so up to 30 million.
  3. Isaac

    rank given as requested
  4. We've decided to promote you to be our Official Middleman, You have proven your worth to us and we see that you've become trusted to the community of Grinderscape, Contratulations Dreamzz!
  5. We've decided to promote you to be our Official Middleman, You have shown your worth to us and we see that you've become trusted to the community of Grinderscape, Contratulations Keelow!
  6. Isaac

    https://imgur.com/a/t9HCiGd Added more https://imgur.com/a/yIyhqPo
  7. Isaac

    Hey Nevary, I've seen you about but never really communicated with you. Good to see you have returned to Grinderscape though :). Greetings, Isaac/Bob (2008)
  8. What is Rsgp Trading? Rsgp trading is when two players trade items/cash between Runescape and Grinderscape. Ex: Player 1 will sell his Twisted Bow on Grinderscape to player 2.. Player 2 will buy that Twisted bow, but will pay with gold on Runescape. This is good for newer players to get started off on Grinderscape with some decent items. It also good for players who are in need of money on Runescape. You however must use a middleman when making an Rsgp for Any amount. Middleman * The number one rule when trading Rsgp is to use a Middleman. * Middlemen are players who have applied for the rank, and were accepted by the Recruiters. These players are trustworthy, and will prevent any scamming from happening. * How it would work. Player 1 gives the official middleman the Twisted bow. After receiving the item (in this case a Twisted Bow) the middleman will acknowledge that he was received the item(s). Player 2 will then trade player 1 on Runescape, and give him the gold there. Once the gold has been traded, both players will inform the middleman that the cash has been given on Runescape, and the middleman will give Player 2 the Twisted Bow. * As a middleman, you will have a Document where you can enter all the information about the other players on. You will put their Runescape/Grinderscape usernames, and the amount that was traded. This will keep everything organized. * Server Supports will be middleman as well! * If you think you have what it takes, you may apply for the Official Middleman Rank here. Other Rules * The rates will be 1/850-900m per Oldschool mil and 1/150-200m per Runescape3 mil. * You may not have a player who is not an official middleman or Server Support middleman for you. If you are caught doing this, you will get punished, and possibly blacklisted. * You need a Middleman! I know I said this above, but this can't be stressed enough. If you are caught doing an Rsgp trade without a middleman, you will be blacklisted and possibly banned without any hesitation. Using a middleman is for your own good. * Any trades between 07 and Rs3 are not affiliated with us. If you are scammed doing a trade between Rs, that is on you, as we only do Grinderscape to Runescape trades. Here is the list with all middlemen currently promoted.
  9. Isaac

    Bump. To apply for ranks in Help, you must use this application layout:
  10. Isaac

    Hey Grinderscapers! And welcome to the Official Help Clan Chat thread. Our aim is for you to have a memorable, fun, relaxing and enjoyable experience while paying Grinderscape. We take all members; the 'Help' clan is an open clan, meaning anyone who would love to join can do so. There are many reasons why you should join us, and become a part of the Help community: - All kinds of help - Price Checks (Pc) - Yells - Buy/Sell Items - Buy/Sell Rsgp - Frequent Events - Giveaways - Active Members - Fun - Chat We have our own club check us out! https://forum.grinderscape.org/index.php?/clubs/8-official-help-club/ You are to abide by the rules for the whole time while in the 'Help' clan chat. Thse Rules must be followed by members and also by ranked members. Also all In-game Rules apply to the Clan Chat. 1. Flaming, derogatory language (Three warnings, mute-warning, duration mute, Ban). 2. Scamming (Permanent Ban). 3. Racism (Mute-warning, Ban). 4. Spamming (Verbal-warning, Duration mute). 5. Discussing about illegal substances (Verbal-warning, Duration mute). 6. Harassment [Trolling, Begging] (Mute-warning, Duration mute). 7. Advertising another clan chat [does not exclude PK-clans or Ironman clans] in Help CC (Permanent ban). 8. English only in CC (Short mute warnings, can lead to longer mutes). 9. Luring (Warning, Mute-warning, Duration mute, Ban). 10. No colors during giveaways, except the person hosting it (Warning, Mute-warning, Duration mute). NOTES; * You cannot simply jump ranks, you need to be a recruiter to apply for Corporal, or be a Corporal to become an Sergeant, ETC. * Once you are given the rank, this does not mean it is permanent. You will get demoted if you don't follow the specifications. * Joining another Clan Chat is not loyal as a Ranked member of Help. You will be demoted if such actions persist. This includes your alternative accounts also. * You will be demoted if you leave for more than 1 week without a reason before you leave/become absent. Do not bother to apply if you are an addict of staking or just gambling in general. Our ranked team is constructed around reliability. It's our wish that we won't have to worry whether or not a member of the ranked team will be quitting within the next day. If you're an aficionado of gambling, another clan chat is for you aspire to be apart of Help. Ranked Players Within the Clan Chat. Lou Grinder Rank: Owner Name: Rashed - IGN; Lou Grinder Timezone: Isaac Rank: Co-Owner Name: Isaac - IGN; Isaac Timezone: GMT +1 Kazuhira mm Rank: General Name: Kaz - IGN; Kazuhira mm, Kaz Timezone: GMT Number 1 Rank: General Name: Mark - IGN; Number 1 Timezone: GMT +1 Zod Rank: General Name: Adam - IGN; Zod Timezone: GMT Lisa Rank: General Name: Adil - IGN; Lisa Timezone: GMT -5 Strawberries Rank: General Name: ** - IGN; Strawberries Timezone: GMT -6 Shark Black Rank: Sergeant Name: ** - IGN; Shark Black Timezone: GMT ** Blake Xoxo Rank: Recruit Name: Madis-Mattias - IGN; Blake Xoxo Timezone: GMT +2 Rest of ranks will be added once ranks are finalised.
  11. Isaac

    I've already sent you a private message regarding your account recovery. -closed
  12. Isaac

    Hey everyone, Today we decided to promote @Lisa to the rank of Server Support, Adil has been helping alot and putting effort to the server helping players understand the game and it's concepts, being active, and overall being a great role model for the community. And so we've come to this decision. As with all staff, he will be on a 2 week trial. No doubt he will succesfully complete the trial. Welcome to the team!
  13. Isaac

    Hey Sven, Fun to see you have returned back to Grinderscape. Hope to see you around.
  14. Added as requested -closed
  15. Isaac

    Added as requested -closed
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