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  1. Isaac

    Fellow players, Today i want to congratulate @Ascending as Event manager, He will take care of all events taking place that will be dicussed by the team. Again congratulations and I'm sure you will be doing just fine. Love, Isaac
  2. Isaac

    Accepted, I like to see the ambition you're showing and that you're having a goal which is providing content to players by hosting events in-game as on forums. Congratulations. Love, Isaac
  3. Isaac

    Image picture: "". Image code: ":orly:". Better Quality v Image picture: "". Image code: ":kap:".
  4. Isaac

    Nice goals, I hope you achieve all of them!
  5. Isaac

    Congratulations @Zod, Well deserved .
  6. Isaac

    Ranks re-given ~closed
  7. Isaac

    Hello @Ragna, please make a thread here with all lost accounts. We will review them there and solve it. https://forum.grinderscape.org/index.php?/forum/59-recover-a-lost-account/ ~closed
  8. Isaac

    Welcome back to Grinderscape, hope you enjoy your time spending here.
  9. Isaac

    Added as requested ~closed
  10. Isaac

    Rank added as requested @Jake Remember to stay active to keep this userbar. ~closed
  11. Isaac

    Added rank as requested ¬closed
  12. We are here to congratulate @Number 1, He has been active and very helpful towards the community, and has earned the Moderator rank in-game and will start his two weeks of trial. Love, Grinderscape Staff Team
  13. We are here to congruatulate @Jewdudelol today, He has been promoted to Server supporter. The first two weeks will be trial as normal, Again congruatulations from the whole staff team! Love, Grinderscape staff team
  14. Isaac

    Added as requested ~closed
  15. Isaac

    Sadly all my screenshots are on my old PC where i don't have access to ^ picture to show how upset i am.