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    gz to all the winners!
  2. I Is Beast

    So much content! Amazing update, I'm looking forward to enjoying it all!!
  3. I Is Beast

    Huge congrats to everyone! Well deserved
  4. I Is Beast

    Great and useful update! Much appreciation to the wiki team, and I look forward to seeing the final products!
  5. I like the idea of changing to a smaller bank, as the current bank is unnecessarily big. The south portion of the bank is hardly ever used/occupied. Most of the time people stay in the northern portion of the bank anyway. A suggestion that I thought of would be to have that area as a designated event space, where giveaways and server events can be held. It would just require the area to have some nice decoration and a redesign. Another suggestion is that it can be an area that can be used for holiday events. Such as giving it a Christmas/Snow/Santa theme during Christmas season, a Da
  6. Awesome log! Still hoping you get that special drop
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