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Lou Grinder

136 Unique Titles | Bosses Changes | Bug Fixes

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Bugs and Fixes:

- Fixed issues with NPC's aggression and retreating process.

- Fixed empty items showing sometimes in mystery boxes. They are perfect now.

- You need 24 hours play time to be able to trade/stake/gamble the mystery box.

- Fixed Boss Obliterator task.

- Fixed infernal items not degrading while in inventory.

- Fixed wrong spawned ores in donator zone.

- Fixed a bug showing 1000% + item integrity when operating.

- You can now cook raw karambwan.

- Dragon and Infernal harpoon will no longer fish tuna and swordfishes.

- Donator zone will now reward the highest prayer XP.

- You can no longer use ::bank command while in trade, gamble or stake.

- Drop rates for visage has been nerfed from Skeletal wyverns.

- A bug causing Black Knight Titan to never red skull you when white skulled will no longer happen.

- Fixed a bug causing players to keep their stackable items such as GP on death.

- Letter "I" will always be capitalized.

- Fixed herb patch in donator's zone.

- Slayer gem (Enchanted Gem) will be free from cost.

- Colorful max hood added in-game!

- Desert lizard spawns has been added to slayer location.

- Tab to reply will no longer remove the last character of the username.

- Minor rework on client/server stability, including packets rework.


- 136 New Ingame Titles:
* 8 Categories for many different titles to choose from.
* Supports buy-able titles with GP, Blood Money, Voting Tickets, Tokkul, and much more.
* Supports Prefix and Suffix titles.
* Unlockables from many different sources such as PKing, Skilling, Achievements, Tasks..etc




- NpcKilltracker interface extended to show over 300 NPC's.

- Redone Giant Sea Snake boss mechanics.

- Redone Dagganoth boss mechanics.


- Redone Mutant Tarn mechanics (Protect Ranged now).



- New Mutant Tarn Map & Black Knight Titan.




You must update your client to the latest version to be able to play.

P.S: Boss scripts mechanics are not yet completely done. They will be continuously updated within the upcoming days.

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7 minutes ago, Barry said:

Love the new update! Any chance there’s a title called “the drunkard” that I can use 🥴

I am going to add much titles in the future which players suggest, so I will add this to the list.

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