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Item Drop Finder | Aggressivity Potion | Hunter Fixes

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Bugs and Fixes:

- Fixed a bug in NPC drop viewer causing some NPC's to show no drops.

- Properly tweaked Vorakth's drops.

- Updated Alchemical Hydra's attack distance so it is easier to lure in the vents.

- Fixed a bug causing NPC's to retreat all the time.

- Ironman game modes are not allowed to purchase items sold by players to the general store.

- Players should never get the achievement rewards dropped on floor un-noted.

- Fixed ::bank command to be used by extreme donator's again.

- Fixed run toggle in the client getting stuck by showing the opposite action.

- Fixed equipment handling for several items such as Royal sceptre.

- Minor in game typo's fixes.

- Fixed skill level requirements for the Herblore skill in the skill guides interface.

- Fixed Chaeldar slayer master to be used properly.

- Added noted items in the Herblore store and Crafting store so it is easier to buy bulk items now.

- Fixed Yell and Clan chat message splitting offset.

- Fixed a bug in tutorial system causing interfaces to exit.

- Improved the Quest tab and redone some minor changes.




- Redone the packet handling system:
* Should improve overall speed of the server.
* Possibly fix all the null issues in-game.
* Makes server time response much faster and efficient.


- Improved NPC's path-finding algorithms:
* This should make NPC's less likely to get stuck.
* Decreases the chance of being stuck without movements.
* Should help fix all the stuck NPC's that kept on retreating.

- Totally redone and improved the overall clan chat handling system.

- Drop Tables Interface:
* Ability to search for any NPC drop table including drop rates.
* Ability to search for list of NPC's that drops a certain item. (E.g: Which NPC drops Dragon Plate body?)




- Boss Drop Tables:
* A new interface which can be found in the quest tab.
* Rates properly display for each individual item.
* Properly sorted the interface to sort by alphabetical order.
* It is now much easier to view the drop's of all in-game bosses from a single interface.
* Displays the general details, kill count, and the fastest method to reach the boss directly.



- New item: Agressivity Potion:
* Can be drank to make all NPC's aggressive towards you for 5 minutes.
* Effect cannot be extended by drinking one or more potions.
* Item can be found in the Blood money store and Voting store.
* Useful item for AFK training and multi attacks training such as Chinchompa's.




- Tons of Hunter skill fixes and system re-implementation:
* Traps should work properly now.
* Hunter objects should no longer flicker.
* Implemented falcon hunting mechanics.
* Imp-lings hunter should work perfectly now.


Note: New client is required to play!

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can I get a refund on a bunch of stuff then when I did ::tasks half the stuff fell to the floor and vanished before I could even pick it up.. was really dumb and I missed out on loads of achievement loots.

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Item drop table needs some fixing i think, not every item is shown or wrong items are shown. For example if u search for "Black Knight Titem" and click on black knight titan, it's showing a different drop table than if u right click the boss and click "Show Drop Table"

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Really really good update, i like how the Dev team is giving all his power to make the server great evry day. really big and nice updates in the last weeks, you doing a great job for the server!💪🏻

thanks for you work dev team!🔥

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