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This forum is deprecated.

We’ve decided to deprecate the community forum starting August 29, 2022. We will keep all existing accounts, threads and comments, but no new registrations will be accepted after that date. Our initial intention was for this forum to be a place where the community could communicate and interact about all things from Grinderscape. However, over the years, most of the posts have amounted to Discord such as general chat, bug reports or feature requests, much resembling a more professional and advanced way of communicating. This has led to the following decision that our main focus will be on Discord for all of the server updates, bugs, support line, and more which will make it more active and worth looking at. This means less hassle to check forums and Discord as now you know everything will be on Discord.

Cannon | Salamanders | Chins | Item Attributes | Bug Fixes

Lou Grinder

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Bugs and Fixes:

- Fixed Dragon hunter crossbow special attack causing a disconnection.

- Restored Eternal glory amulet boosted stats.

- Fixed a bug where some items were untradeable, now they can be traded again.

- The Battle Royale minigame items will now despawn once the game starts.

- Fixed an issue with the skeleton hellhounds instance and tweaked the instance system.

- Kodai wand now gives unlimited water runes like on OSRS.

- Home teleport will now work faster as requested by the community.
Note: You cannot teleport while in combat, so consider using teletabs instead.

- Fixed a bug where void is not giving boosted accuracy in melee combat styles.

- Re-added aggressivity potions into the Mini blood store.

- Tweaked and fixed some bugs with Jungle demon to make it work smoothly along with graphics.

- Fixed a bug where you cannot unequip items in the weapon minigame.

- All participating players in the weapon minigame will now receive minigame points.

- Fixed Trident of seas causing players to disconnect upon using it.

- Fixed a bug allowing players to cast spells with no runes when using a trident.

- Fixed not being able to click on NPCs with Trident equipped.

- Made the formula accurate for Dragon hunter lance damage against dragons.

- Fixed not being able to note items at some bank chests.

- Fixed a visual bug when leaving the Battle Royale minigame.

- Fixed Iron Man not receiving drops for previously attacked NPC's.

- Fixed Toxic blowpipe attacking too slowly.

- Fixed prayer depleted sound on login.

- Fixed a bug causing you to disconnect when using lunar spells on NPC's.

- Re-enabled the lottery after the maintenance is finished.

- Increased Dragonfire shield max charges from 40 to 50.

- Fixed items being dropped on death in Battle Royale.

- Fixed an issue where boss instances would be on the same height levels.

- Fixed being able to craft runes without the required level.

- Fixed the achievement Reclaiming the ruins.




- Slayer Store changes, you can now use your points to buy tons of new items and XP tomes.


- Minor store changes (Vial of blood, tars, salamanders, chins, cannons..etc)






- Added support for Ava's assembler to saving arrows.

- Added Verac's set effect accurately.

- Added rewards for the second and third place winners in the Battle Royale minigame.

- Added Slayer points reward shop along with new XP tomes.

- Added Hydra Pet to Alchemical Hydra drop rate 1/256!



- Added minimum playtime to open mystery boxes to prevent boosting.

- Added Sandworms pack to Fishing skill store.

- Tons of new Multi areas:
* Kalphite area.
* Crocodiles area.
* Rock Crabs.
* Yaks in Neitznot.
* Stronghold Security (All floors).
* Dagannoth area.
* Slayer Stronghold.
* Taverly specific zones.


- A complete new attributes system for charging and uncharging items:

  1. * Supports charging and uncharging for multiple items. (You can have two different DFS with different charges in inventory)
  2. * Added support for Scythe of vitur effect, charging, and uncharging.
  3. * Added support for Craw's bow effect, charging, and uncharging.
  4. * Added support for Sanguinesti staff effect, charging, and uncharging.
  5. * Added support for Viggora's chain mace effect, charging, and uncharging
  6. * Added support for Thammaron's sceptre effect, charging, and uncharging.
  7. * Added support for Bracelet of ethereum effect, charging, and uncharging.
  8. * Added support for Toxic blowpipe charging and uncharging.
  9. * Added support for Tome of fire charging and uncharging.









- Cannon System Support & Map Extension:
* The cannon has a static max hit of 30 with cannonballs and 35 with Granite cannonballs, regardless of the player's Ranged level, or any other bonuses to the player's ranged damage.
* Cannon's accuracy is affected by the player's accuracy bonus, which can be boosted, and is calculated differently depending on weapon type and attack styles.
When using ranged weapons, the cannon uses the player's ranged accuracy, taking into account their ranged bonus:
When using melee weapons, the cannon uses the player's melee accuracy, taking into account their stab, slash, or crush bonus, depending on their currently selected attack style; and also the player's Attack level and other melee accuracy bonuses.
Note that the cannon uses the player's crush bonus when no weapon is equipped, as all unarmed attack styles are crush.
When using Powered staves, such as the Trident of the seas, the cannon uses either the player's ranged or melee accuracy, whichever is higher.
Note that other magical staves, such as the staff of air, are treated as melee weapons even when autocast is on.
Cannon's accuracy, while derived from player accuracy, will always roll against the target's range defence.
* Perfect rotation, targets, and decay of the cannon's parts.
* Perfect Nulodion dialogues system.
* Damage with the cannon yields half experience for Ranged (2 experience per damage rather than 4), but does not yield any Skill icon of Hitpoints, Hitpoints experience.
* Supports Granite cannonballs creation with proper formulas.
* Target standing adjacent to, or one non-diagonal space away from the corner of the 3x3 area the cannon is set up in will be shot twice. Players should aim to lure targets to this space.
* Target regions for different directions overlap slightly. This may result in shooting multiple cannonballs at one monster in one cannon revolution, even one that is standing still. Up to two cannonballs may be shot at a monster that takes up a single square per rotation. If it is not in the proper location, however, only one, or even zero cannonballs may be shot per rotation.
* Home area part extension for cannon zone.




Note: Whips represent the place where cannon will hit twice.


- Added the Inquisitor's armour effects:
* The armour has a set effect in which each piece of the set boosts damage and accuracy by 0.5% when using the crush attack style. If all three pieces are worn, an additional 1.0% bonus is added for a total of 2.5% accuracy and damage bonus.
* Extremely efficient armor for crush attack styles against several bosses.
* The set pieces count as Zamorakian items for the God Wars Dungeon.



- Full support for Chinchompa's weapon & effects:
* In PvM, they can hit up to 11 targets in a 3x3 area. In PvP, this cap is at 9 targets. They cannot be picked up again from the ground after being thrown, and Ava's device does not return them.
* Chinchompas have a base attack range of 9. Long Fuse increases attack range by 1. (10 is the maximum attack range.)
* Note: Because chinchompas are live animals, if a player dies with chinchompas in their inventory or equipped, the chinchompas will run away and cannot be retrieved. However, if a player dies in the Wilderness, the killer can pick up the killed player's chinchompas.
* Chinchompas' accuracy is based on the distance from the target.





- Full support for Salamanders: Swamp-lizardOrange-salamanderRed-salamanderBlack-salamander
* Salamanders are unique and versatile two-handed weapons that facilitate the training of all combat styles, namely the Ranged, Magic, and Strength skills.
* When using the Scorch (Slash) and Blaze (Magic) attack styles, the attack speed is 5. When using the Flare (Range) attack style, the attack speed is 4, which is similar in concept to the Rapid style of most Ranged weapons.
* Perfect support for all Salamander types, including Lizards with proper sounds and graphics.
* Full ammunition support added to stores from Guam tar to Harralander tar with proper stats.
* Proper max hit and formulas support to every salamander along with equipment requirements.
* Blaze attack styles gives 2x magic XP as on OSRS.
* Proper accuracy formulas based on each attack style.
* Proper sounds and graphics implemented like on OSRS.



- Added Boss Stats Interaction to All Bosses:
* You can now view all the specific boss stats.
* Displays what protection prayers are recommended to use.
* Displays any extra notes for slaying the boss.
* Displays all the boss's weakness to certain weapons, attack styles, or magic spells.




- Added Achievements widget when talking to Sir Lancelot.


- Added Wilderness scoreboard in Edgeville.



- Added all the three Giant Sea Snakes to Boss Instance System.

- Added Jungle Demon to Boss Instance System.


- Added Ancient Emblems to the Emblem Trader.

- Improved & Tweaked King black dragon, and all other dragons to properly hit on anti shields.


Note: New client will be required to play!

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Nice! A lot of these updates sound real sweet and i cant wait to get using the scythe!


Great work!

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Not many surprises for me after testing😉. Great fixes and nice new stuff. Awesome work and was great again to help you! Thanks! 💪 

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Thank you for developing tirelessly in making all the abovementioned updates. Appreciate it alot!

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1 hour ago, maximum said:

i cant see aggro potions in mini blood store yet, great update tho!

this update was rolledback so most of the things listed are not in game. You'll have to wait till some things are fixed and then theyll add it back.

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