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Revenant's Caves | Rune Pouch | 30+ New Items & MUCH MORE!!!

Lou Grinder

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Hello everyone!

I'm very excited about this new colossal update! It contains tons of bug fixes, and a lot of new content added to the game.

The update did indeed take a long time due to the massive amount of content, changes, game balances, and over the testing period.

Let's get to the update thread quick!


Bugs and Fixes:

- Kraken tentacle is now dropped by Zulrah and Abyssal demons.

- Fight torso added to warriors guild store.

- Cyclops now drop minimum of 10 tokens and up to 30 tokens per kill.

- KBD now drops Dragon hunter crossbow.

- Crazy archeologist now drops tome of fire.

- Drop table display update.

- Over 30 new sounds added. (Obelisks, Tree cut down, Jumping to pool..etc.)

- A bug with depositing all items over max cash stack no longer happens.

- A bug with crystal bow charges is now fixed. (SHOW ON PIC WITH ITS DISAPPEARING)

- Overall magic accuracy increased.

- Ice barrage max hit capped at 42.

- Whip, Dark bow, Dragon platelegs, Dragon harpoon, Zerker, Seers, Archers ring drop rates nerfed.

- Imbued rings drop added to the dagannoth.

- Over 40 items drop standards changed and the drop system slightly modified.

- Hill giant club added to crystal chest rewards.

- Fixed a magic combat bug that caused the player to be nulled when in combat.

- A bug with lottery giving multiple rewards fixed.

- Fixed a bug that possibly caused the server to null.

- Fixed keybindings crash & they now save based on their settings.

- Fixed NPC aggression to stop working after a certain time.

- Possibly fixed the bug where god wars bosses don't spawn after a certain time. (Did 30 minutes of testing).

- Price checker now auto sorts items when you remove one for instance.


- Pressing ESC on login screen causing your account to get nulled no longer happens.

- Abyssal's whip added in voting store and minor items price changes.


- Revenant caves teleport now works correctly.

- You can now dismantle your godswords.


- You now have the option to cancel your boss contract for 2,000,000 GP.

- Mahogany logs note issue fixed.

- Fixed a bank tab bug.

- Slash bash respawn time reduced.

- Significant other changes requested from Discord's reports & suggestions.


- You can now exchange coins to Platinum tokens by using it on a bank booth:
* 1 token is equal to 1,000 coins.


- Dicing area has been added:
* New shop to sell Mithril seeds and Dice.
* Dice uses the old GS formula.
* Player announces the dice amount and players nearby get the amount.



- Revenant caves added:
* Wilderness area support.
* Multi-area support.
* Correct NPC's spawns and positions.
* Accurate NPC's combat stats, emotes and sounds.
* Revenant drops added.
* Cave objects support.
* Health regeneration while in combat support.
* You can use the ancient crystal to charge uncharged (u) items. Note: Level 68 Crafting required.
* Ancient relics can be sold to Emblem trader for up to 35,000 blood money.





- Premium store prices have been massively reduced and optimized.

- Player attack sounds based on weapon & attack style:
* Support for over 20 weapon types, and 80 attack styles.

- Player block sounds added:
* Sounds play based on the player's gender.
* Support for taking damage sounds.

- Superior dragon bones added:
* Dropped by Revenant Dragon.
* Grants up to 62,001 XP from gilded altars.


- Craws bow:
* Dropped by: 
* Has Infinite arrows.
* Max hit of 46.
* Extremely accurate bow.


- Dragon crossbow added:
* Can use up to Dragon bolts.


- Amethyst arrows added:
* Can be used by magic bows, twisted bow, 3rd age bow, and dark bow.
* 35% stronger than rune arrows and is more accurate.


- Dragon bolts added:
* Strongest bolts available in the game.


- Ava's assembler item & effect added:
* Has 20% better chance of saving your bolts/arrows.
* Best cape slot for ranged armour in-game.

- Justiciar set effect added:
* When the full set of Justiciar armour is equipped, the player gains a set effect: all combat damage taken is reduced (except in PvP).
The exact formula for the amount of damage reduced is bonus / 3000, where the bonus is the player's defence bonus for that particular style.
For example, if an enemy was using a crush style attack, and the player has a crush defence bonus of +450, then 15% of the damage (450/3,000) is reduced.
The set effect does stack with the Elysian spirit shield's passive effect.


- PVP item's new in-game.


- The avernic defender has been added:
* The item is untradeable.
* Breaks upon death and costs 50,000 blood money to repair.
* You can build it up by using a Dragon defender & Avernic hilt.
* The best hilt available in-game.


- Wilderness champion amulet and Amulet of madness:
* The wilderness champion amulet will be given as a reward to the players with highest kill count.
* It will be limited to only 3 in-game.
* It is also the best and most unique amulet in-game.



- Thammaron's scepter added:
* Hits a superior double fire wave.
* 20% more accurate than the average fire wave.
* Needs to be charged to be used.
* Each charge takes five blood runes, six revenant's ether, and 15 blood runes.
* Can hit up to 41.


- Scythe of vitur added:


- Sanguinetti staff added:
* Currently the best staff in-game.
* Has ghost relic spell.
* Needs to be charged to be used.
* Each charge takes seven soul runes, ten revenant's ether, and 50 blood runes.
* Max hit of 48.



- Snow imp costume added.


- Dragon platebody & Dragon kiteshield added.



- Prop sword added.

- Black d'hide shield added.

- Mythical cape added.

- Runefest shield added.

- Ancient wyvern shield & Dragonfire ward added to the game.


- The staff of light added.

- Ghazi rapier added with precise attack time.



- New items added in Blood store.



- New items added in Magic store.

- New items in Donator shop.



- New Wilderness Items store.


- New NPC Drops:
Ice troll king: Ava's Assembler
Suqah: Granite Gloves/Boots/Hammer/Longsword
Revenant dragon: Superior Dragonbones
Lava dragons & Brutal dragons: Skeletal visage
Ancient wyvern: Wyvern visage
Mutant tarn: Amulet of madness
Giant sea snake / Zulrah: Craw's bow
The untouchable: Thammaron'ssceptre
Crazyarchelogist / Chaos fanatic: Sanguinesti staff
Callisto: Viggora'schainmace
King black dragon / Kalphite queen / Dust devil: Dragonplatebody
King black dragon / Black dragons / Black demons / Kurask: Dragonkiteshield

- Skeleton hellhounds area added:
* Drops mythical cape.
* Multi-area.


- Muddy chest now rewards Dragon bolts, Amethyst arrows, and Amethyst javelins.

- Ancient wyvern NPC's added in Asgarnian dungeon.

- Rune pouch added:
* The rune pouch is an item that can store 16,000 of three types of runes.
* Players can use the runes from within the pouch, saving inventory space. If a player dies while carrying a rune pouch in the Wilderness or in a PVP world, they will lose the rune pouch.
* You can save up inventory space by using the rune pouch.


- Quest tab minigames section locations areas:
* 5 new different locations added to preview amount of players in that zone/area.


- Ore prospecting functionality support:
* You can now prospect ores to know what type of the rock it is.


- New Mystery Box System.




P.S: You will need a new client to play (Auto Updating Client Should Work Just Fine).

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That's what you call a colossal update!

Amazing job, can't wait to obtain all the new items.

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Awesome job, brother! Making Grinderscape great again, one update at a time. :)


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hell yeah, I can't wait to see some of these new drops. hope to see future updates and further the sites growth. 

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Revs need a huge nerf lol.

after 1 hr i got 10 staves 10 bows and 11 maces lol

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Great update but yea we are going to need a roll back this update is eco breaking, id suggest nerfing drop rates from revs, removing tbows and infernal cape from bm store or atleast make it an obscene price like 5m for a tbow and 10m for a infernal cape. overall its great but definitely needs a coupe tweaks or eco is going to turn to shite real fast @Lou Grinder

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Damm nice updates!

Keep it up man! Exam just ended and 2 big updates just strike in

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Nice stuff, just need to fix the monsters they randomly start moving when you attack xD 

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6 hours ago, Anz said:

Nice stuff, just need to fix the monsters they randomly start moving when you attack xD 

Send me a video or explain how it happens on discord.

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Autocasting with staff of air causes dc mid combat @Lou Grinder

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