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This forum is deprecated.

We’ve decided to deprecate the community forum starting August 29, 2022. We will keep all existing accounts, threads and comments, but no new registrations will be accepted after that date. Our initial intention was for this forum to be a place where the community could communicate and interact about all things from Grinderscape. However, over the years, most of the posts have amounted to Discord such as general chat, bug reports or feature requests, much resembling a more professional and advanced way of communicating. This has led to the following decision that our main focus will be on Discord for all of the server updates, bugs, support line, and more which will make it more active and worth looking at. This means less hassle to check forums and Discord as now you know everything will be on Discord.

Automated Dicing | New Ranks | Massive Bug Fixes!!!

Lou Grinder

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Bugs and Fixes:

- Fixed Zulrah was dropping items in a place you can't pick the items from.

- Changed price of 50 superior bones from 2,500 premium points to 5,000.

- Removed generic bones from stores.

- Some bones experience were modified slightly:
* Ourg bones gives 13% less XP.
* Wyvern bones gives 9% more XP.
* Dagannoth Bones gives 4% more XP.
* Lava Dragon Bones gives 7% more XP

- Fixed the northwest barrows staircase that didn't work.

- Increased attack accuracy for Dragon bolts (e) and Onyx bolts (e) by 12%.

- Decreased Dragon bolts (e) and Onyx bolts (e) special attack's effect damage by 15%.

- Increased Armadyl crossbow damage and accuracy by 11% to be stronger than the Dragon's crossbow.

- Fixed wilderness boss spawn event. The server will now announce when a wilderness boss has spawned:
* Killing the boss will reward 10,000 blood money.
* You can teleport to the boss location from your quest tab.
* Event starts once every 15 minutes.
* KBD is the only boss at the moment, and more bosses will be added in the future with more rewards.

- Skilling tasks now reward 600% more GP, and 28.5% more skilling points.

- Reduced the prices of yell-tokens in participation points shop.

- Increased the value of yell-tokens in general store by 60%!

- Thieving skill now rewards 70% more XP from stalls.

- Increased prices of skillcapes massively.

- Shops no longer reduce the quantity when buying. (Dragon darts, Zulrah scales..etc.)

- Fixed a bug not giving players blood money upon slaying your opponent's in the wilderness.


- Thieving skilling task giving tasks you can't finish will no longer happen.

- Mystery boxes are now stackable.


- Lowered barrows brothers melee defence.

- Reduced boss contract GP rewards for some bosses by about 20%!

- Dicer rank price changed from $34.99 to $4.99 (Includes 2,500 premium points & 10 participation points)


- Bolt enchanting interface is no longer removed when enchanting bolts.


- Redone parts of the trading system to make it more matching to OSRS.


- Added 17 new server random announcement messages.


- Fixed dragon's crossbow was nulling when placed in the bank.

- All weapons special attacks receive 7% bonus accuracy effect.

- Dragon claws special attack damage nerfed by 11%, and accuracy has been reduced by 3%.

- Armadyl crossbow receives 21% bonus damage.

- Dragon hunter's crossbow damage has been reduced by 9%.

- Command event rewards for Blood money has been increased slightly.

- Random kill messages upon slaying your opponent's in the wilderness added.


- Added announcements when someone completes the slayer task and gets rewarded more than 6,000 blood money.


- Thieving skill guide now properly shows all the stalls requirements including wilderness stall.

- Modified stalls requirements levels to match the ones in the skill guide:
* Fur stall requirement reduced from 42 to 35.
* Silver stall requirement reduced from 65 to 50.
* Spice stall requirement reduced from 75 to 65.
* Gems stall requirement reduced from 99 to 75.

- Thieving skilling tasks will now assign the miscellaneous stall as a skilling task.

- Modified NPC stats formula:
* The average Melee defence for non-bosses has been reduced by 15%.
* The average Range defence for non-bosses has been increased by 17%.
* The average Melee attack for non-bosses has been reduced by 20%.

- Fixed Kalphite queen pet item drop.

- Modified drop rates for 20+ NPC's, and reworked the rare drops system.

- Greater demon no longer drops dragon axe.

- The banshee's drop rate for helm of neitznot is nerfed.

- Revenant imp and pyrefiend no longer will drop high emblems/relics.

- You can now exchange 75 agility tokens for 5,000 blood money at the agility exchange store.

- Fixed messages were having unicode <?C=1> errors in chat.

- Casket (Master) rewards has been redone, and it can possibly reward pimpz whip.

- Participation points will now reward 200 blood money per point instead of 100.

- Tons of combat tweaks including drinking a potion will no longer reset your combat:
* You can drink, eat, and equip items without having to click on your target again.

- Protect prayers will now reduce damage by 75% instead of 80%.

- Protect prayers will reduce accuracy against players by 50% instead of 70%.

- Protect prayers accuracy reduced against NPC's from -80% accuracy to -65% accuracy.

- Fixed a typo when wearing magic crossbow with no ammunition error message.

- Armadyl godsword special attack accuracy buffed by 5%.

- Mage's book will now increase magic attack accuracy by 25% instead of 10%.

- Nerfed Crystal bow attack accuracy by 35%.

- Nerfed 3rd age wand attack accuracy by 20%.

- Staff of light will now deal 40% more magic damage and 50% more magic accuracy.

- Wearing 3 or more pieces of ahrims will increase magic attack accuracy by 15%.

- Nerfed blowpipe strength by 8%, and decreased attack accuracy by 15%.

- Buffed twisted bow attack accuracy by 12%, and increased damage by 15%.

- You can only auto cast ancient magic spells by ancient staff, kodai's wand, ahrim's staff, and staff of light.


- Casting a spell on a player in the wilderness will no longer reset your combat.

- Nerfed the dragon's firebreath damage, and it only requires two types of protection. For example, shield and magic protect or shield and potion.

- Fixed kalphite queen spawning in the wall.

- Increased leveling up skills reward for combat skills.
* Reaching a combat skill XP of 200M will reward 200M coins instead of 50M.
* Reaching a combat skill XP of 150M will reward 100M coins instead of 25M.
* Reaching a combat skill XP of 100M will reward 75M coins instead of 15M.
* Reaching a combat skill XP of 50M will reward 50M coins instead of 10M.
* Reaching a combat skill level of 25 will reward 500k coins instead of 250k.
* Reaching a combat skill level of 50 will reward 1M coins instead of 500k.
* Reaching a combat skill level of 75 will reward 2.5M coins instead of 1M.
* Reaching a combat skill level of 99 will reward 10M coins, and 15,000 blood money instead of 5M.

- Completing an agility course will now reward 300% more coins than what it used to.

- Fixed barbarian ledge and wilderness stepping stone courses in agility skill.

- Completing a slayer task will now reward blood money based on the task master difficulty.
* Turael = Beginner tasks
* Mazchna = Easy tasks
* Vannaka = Intermediate tasks
* Chaeldar = Advanced tasks
* Duradel = Hard tasks (Best rewards)

- Slayer task's count slightly increased.

- Removed dragon mace from RDT and changed 300k coins to 3M drop.

- Mining store no longer sells bars above an iron bar, players have to farm them.

- Increased coins drop rate for rock crabs, sand crabs, yaks, and experiments by 310%.

- Increased the amount of GP you receive for solving random events by 900%.

- Fixed hitpoints skillcape emote causing players to become invisible.

- King black dragon area is now in the wilderness.

- Fixed chests used as banks in the KBD zone.

- Added ::highscores command.

- Player kill count, highest streak, deaths, and KDR will now work properly.


- You can no longer logout in the wilderness. Note: Xlog will keep your account online until your out of the wilderness.


- When switching weapons, there will be NO longer be increased delay for the next hit.

- Alching will now work on all items, even on high value items.

- Duradel rewards button will now work properly.

- Fixed Dagganoth kings were spawning multiple times.


- Fixed many items unknown and nulled examines.

- Fixed the annoying trade bug.

- Fixed auto retaliate not working correctly sometimes.

- Fixed split private chat saving, and chat text colors saving.

- Fixed elyisian spirit shield equipment model for females.

- Fixed attack styles for weapons causing you to train another skill.

- The drop rates for dragon axe and dragon pickaxe has been decreased by 60%!

- Changed the item prices for all skilling task items (lumberjack set, angler set, prospectors set, and rogue set).

- Reduced magic trees woodcutting XP by 24%!

- Increased the prices of some skilling resources in shops massisevly.

- Fixed void items from stall rewards.



- Added run energy draining system:
* Proper formula to drain energy as on OSRS.
* Item weights system works with drain formula (Equipped items only).
* Energy restore rate is 2x faster when on AFK mode, or having boots of lightness equipped.
* Energy restore rate is highly affected depending on your agility skill level.

- High Priest Store:
* A store that sells blessed bones for an overpriced value to those who wants to level up prayer very quick.
* Bones: 103 GP / 1 Prayer XP
* Baby Dragon Bones: 123 GP  / 1 Prayer XP
* Dragon bones: 153 GP / 1 Prayer XP
* Shaikahan Bones: 231 GP / 1 Prayer XP
* Fayrg Bones: 272 GP / 1 Prayer XP
* Raurg Bones: 238 GP / 1 Prayer XP
* Ourg Bones: 269 GP / 1 Prayer XP
* Wyvern Bones: 277 GP / 1 Prayer XP
* Dagganoth Bones: 301 GP / 1 Prayer XP
* Lava Dragon Bones: 344 GP / 1 Prayer XP
* Superior Dragon Bones: 385 GP / 1 Prayer XP


- New Dicer's rank token:
* Can be redeemed for dicer's rank.
* Can be found at the gamble store in dicing area.
* Costs 300M GP to purchase.
* Can be traded to other players.
* Cannot be used if you already have the dicers rank.



- New automatic dicing system:
* Can only be used by players that have the dicing rank.
* 5 different dice modes (Player host, Other host, Both host, Flower, and blackjack).
* Uses the same old dice formula for percentile rolling.
* Completely automated and scam free.
* 99.9% Dupe free system (Did tons of testing, GL finding one).



- Added farming skill interface.


- Added Smoke devils in smoke tunnels, and assigned the slayer task to Duradel.


- Added mining skill master in Neitznot mining area.

- Added smithing skill master in Neitznot and Dwarf mining guild.

- Added fishing skill master in Karamja.

- New ranks added:
* Middleman: Given to players that can be trusted for a middleman.
* Event host: Given to players that host events in-game, forums, or discord.
* Ex staff: You know what it is :)
* Veteran: Given to old veteran players.
* Respected: Given as appreciation to the player for his/her excellent reputation.
* Staff can promote players to these ranks.
* An in-game announcement will be made whenever a player is promoted.


- Skilling shops item effects:
* Each piece of prospector's set gives 10% bonus mining XP!
* Each piece of angler's set gives 10% bonus fishing XP!
* Woodcutting skillcape gives 30% bonus woodcutting XP!
* Mining skillcape gives 40% bonus mining XP!
* Fishing skillcape gives 30% bonus fishing XP!
* Thieving skillcape gives 30% bonus thieving XP!
* Smithing skillcape gives 30% bonus smithing XP!
* Each piece of prospector's set gives 10% bonus mining XP!
* Each piece of rogue's set gives 15% bonus thieving XP!
* Each piece of rogue's set reduces the chance to be caught while pickpocketing by 15%!
* Dodgy necklace gives 25% bonus thieving XP, and allows faster thieving!
* Gloves of silence gives 5% bonus thieving XP, and a chance to double steal!

- Added Egg-Shell set pieces in agility ticket exchange, skilling points exchange and voting points exchange.



Next update should include the new game modes such as the Classic, Ironman, Hardcore Ironman, and Ultimate ironman ranks!

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Absolutely fantastic update. Thanks for the hard work put into this by those who worked on it ;). Can't wait to see the roll out of this. 

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Much love for the update and all to who worked on it ! Ty from the behalf of the GS community :D

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Oh my lanta, this is one large update my doode! This is absolutely incredible, without a doubt a lot of work went into this! Awesome job to everyone involved in making this happen! :)

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I'm in awe at how much has been done, this is amazing. Not too many servers can produce such a slew of updates all at once, you have outdone yourself. One of the many reasons I am here is because of your will to make GS the best it can be.

Hats off to you friend, thank you!

Edited by Donnie
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That's what I wanted to see! Awesome big update with tons of needed bug fixes.

Awesome work.

Can't wait for the new game modes next update.

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i'm shocked by the sheer volume of updates this time round. Fantastic job lou. Coming back after a break to see this has made my day!

Keep up the hard work dude!❤️

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I see no point of adding run energy draining system in a RSPS. But overall it's a great update and a lot of fixes. Naise

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some basic fixes added that you'd expect really from day 1 rsps... Lot's of emphasis on gambling, is this the server you want to run? Make it cheap to cash in, then spread wealth unevenly out within the community. Idk, gambling RSPS' just scream toxicity and no longevity.

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