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This forum is deprecated.

We’ve decided to deprecate the community forum starting August 29, 2022. We will keep all existing accounts, threads and comments, but no new registrations will be accepted after that date. Our initial intention was for this forum to be a place where the community could communicate and interact about all things from Grinderscape. However, over the years, most of the posts have amounted to Discord such as general chat, bug reports or feature requests, much resembling a more professional and advanced way of communicating. This has led to the following decision that our main focus will be on Discord for all of the server updates, bugs, support line, and more which will make it more active and worth looking at. This means less hassle to check forums and Discord as now you know everything will be on Discord.

236 New Tasks | New Gilded Items | Tons of Bug Fixes!

Lou Grinder

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Bugs and Fixes:

- God wars spawn bug fixed.

- Dagannoth spawn bug fixed.

- You can now operate magic cape to change your spell book.

- Your death count will only increase if you die in the wilderness.

- The game client links will now work properly for most of the guides.

- Added support for Ava's assembler combing with Max cape. Includes broken item, and support for repairing.


- Made Ice troll king area multi.

- Fixed a regular map area in edge bank couldn't be walked over.

- Items on ground will now stay twice the amount they used to be.

- Fixed random events appearing in jail.

- Bounty hunter teleport can only be used once every 15 minutes instead of 60 seconds, and cannot be used when your opponent is in wilderness resource area.


- Added teleport feature support for all max capes.

- Fixed drop table finder for every single boss. Now all bosses drops will display properly.

- Fixed Ironman bug not able to pickup items.

- Fixed wilderness boss event spawning several times.

- Lumberjack Gear requires 44 Woodcutting to equip.

- Using Smouldering stone on Dragon harpoon will now work properly.

- Combat stats from level 70-91 will receive 50% bonus experience for faster leveling.

- You can only autocast ancient spells with ancient staff's now.

- Fixed Cerberus boss entrance from hellhounds zone.

- Slash bash entrance will no longer take your key and not let you inside.

- Ghrazi rapier will be dropped from Vet'ion.

- Increased gold bar smelting experience by 65%!

- Added noted gold ores in mining store for 1 mining point.


- Fixed alch price for many items that were over priced.

- Fixed teleport to house glow for the teleport in spell book.

- Fixed Mutant tarn lava fires hitting all the time and couldn't be avoided. Stats have also been decreased by 25% making tarn easier to slay.

- Random events will now teleport you back to your original location when triggered.

- Scythe of vitur drop rate from Alchemical hydra decreased by 35%!

- Increased the general speed of skills such as Firemaking 15%, Fishing 20%, Woodcutting 22%, Mining 28%!

- 3rd age axe and 3rd age pickaxe are the fastest turbo skilling items.

- Magic experience rates for Superheat item, Alchemy spells, Bones to banans/peaches, and tele-other spells have been significantly boosted.

- Fixed a lot of staff commands reported issues.

- Staff will get a staff's present on daily login at 50% chance, and players will get daily luck present at 50% chance on daily login.ss-2019-09-07-at-03-01-40.png


- Fixed a nulled item appearing in ranged skill guides.

- Fixed Abyssal's bludgeon item pieces combining.

- Drastically improved the starter's reward.

- Nerfed Black knight titan attack stats by 43%!

- Fixed ::afk command causing players to get stuck.

- Fires at Karamja and wilderness resource area will now work properly.

- Decreased all of NPC's excluding bosses defence and attack stats by 10%!

- Tweaked the drop chance system and slightly modified drop rates for Classic ranks.

- You can no longer use the stuck command while in combat.

- Lots of pathing system rework for NPC's combat, player executing objects, and much more.

- Fixed an extreme major bug that caused some players to get an error during login.

- Fixed Gilded altar to make it give the highest prayer experience.

- Dragon (or) pickaxe will now work perfectly.

- Gem stall will now give uncut gems instead of cut gems.

- Economy changes: Since this is an RSPS and it shouldn't be extremely hard we have balanced some changes:
* Agility courses completion will reward 1000% more cash.
* Completion of slayer tasks will now reward an experience drop based on many factors such as task difficulty, amount, time, etc.
* Thieving stalls will now reward twice as the old cash amount.
* Skilling will now reward extra cash based on the skill level and skill type.
* Leveling up your skills will reward up to 200% more cash than what it used to.
* Completing skilling tasks will reward 44% more cash.

- Blocking slayer tasks will now work properly.

- Redone the OSRS store, and selling for item prices have been reduced by 16%!


- Added support for Fishing potion, Agility potion, Bastion potion, and Battle-mage potion.


- Added 239 new tasks / achievements:
* Complete new tasks / achievements system.
* Revamped and redone the interface: 
Achievement interface redone, now supports longer description text and up to 9 item rewards, completed tasks / achievements now have a crossed out description and green progress bar, and now centers even and odd amounts of items as well.
* 5 different modes (Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite, and Master)
* Unique rewards per every task / achievement.
* ::tasks command to finish pre-completed tasks.
* Added a new task / achievement section "Other".
* Task / achievement completion overlay will remain open while it is not moving and you are hovering over it.
* Task / achievement completion overlay animation improved.
* Task / achievement completion overlay is now CLICKABLE and will open the achievement interface for the respective achievement along with closing the overlay.


* Opening all the mystery boxes from task rewards:




- Added support for tele-other magic spells:
* Full magic spell support for all tele other spells.
* Grants hefty good amount of experience.
* Can only be used on players that are not busy, and not in the wilderness.
* Ignoring a player will prevent him/her for casting teleport spell on you again.
* 100% support features including sounds, animations, and graphics.


- Added support for superheat item spell:
* Fully supports superheat item based on every ore.
* Grants good amount of experience.
* Smelting an iron ore will always yield an iron bar.
* 100% support features including sounds, animations, and graphics.


- Added ::hp & ::spec commands for super donators, and ::bank for extreme donators:
* ::Spec command can be used while not in combat for 10 or more seconds, and it fully restores your special attack.
* ::hp command can be used while not in combat for 10 or more seconds, and it will fully restore your hit points and prayer.
* Requested by many players, ::bank command will be able to be used by extreme donators, however it can't be used while in wilderness, duel, trade, combat..etc

- Updated staff online interface to support player crowns system.

- Premium store overhaul including the addition of new mystery boxes with super great rewards.

- Tons of new items added and can be obtained from the mystery boxes.
* Voting mystery box:
* Barrows mystery box:

* Super mystery box:

* Extreme mystery box:

* PVP mystery box:

* Legendary mystery box:

* Gilded mystery box:

* ? Mystery box:




- Infernal Axe, Pickaxe, and Harpoon:
* Speed rates for these items increased by 30%! Super fast at skilling.
* Item infernal effect perfectly supported.
* Item degradation support.
* Uncharged item charging support. 

Note: You can type ::tasks to complete all your pre-completed tasks.

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Thanks guys for the hard work you  all doing! This update is amazing!! Keep the good work you doing ❤

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thank you guys!!! this is an amazing update ❤️ you all so much!! thanks for all the hard work!!!!

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Alot of really good content, Amazing step in the correct direction and alot of hard work. Good job.

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Great content ! A lot of work has been put into this and it shows. Great job ❤️

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THIS is the update everybody has been waiting for. Beautiful work, it’s greatly appreciated

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Ahhh very very great work. A variety of things the community has been asking for and bringing up to attention have been tackled. Very nice work, we all appreciate the hard work put in keep it up lads ❤️❤️.

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Awesome update, lots of new items. Keep it up and see you guys in game :)

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Guest shark black

really thanks alot its big update ❤️

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Very very impressive update ! Great work to all involved . 


Just one query , where as it states in the achievement diary now ‘ Reach 100M XP in XYZ’ if we have surpassed this already how we do go about claiming the rewards?


Thanks again and the update is greatly appreciated .

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1 hour ago, Redii said:

Very very impressive update ! Great work to all involved . 


Just one query , where as it states in the achievement diary now ‘ Reach 100M XP in XYZ’ if we have surpassed this already how we do go about claiming the rewards?


Thanks again and the update is greatly appreciated .

Try the command ::Tasks or gain a few xp more

that should fix it :P

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@Lou Grinder Thanks for that big update exactly when i came back from istanbul😍 love to see all these new Content and fixes

thanks to the staff and all who had his hands in this Big update🔥🔥🔥

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Come on now and then to check out the updates :) 

Great work guys!

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