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    Staff improvement

    I am speaking for not only me, but all the players currently playing.. We have a select few staff members that are on daily that help in all shapes and forms, then we have staff that log in on the odd occasion, and don't really do anything to help the players we have in game. There are staff members that, in all honesty go above and beyond in helping the server and players grow, but there are also certain staff that just log in and don't tend to do anything but AFK. numerous occasions there have been incidents that have needed resolving which in turn other players have had to pm some staff via discord to log in and resolve, when other staff have been just online sitting there not responding etc. this is not a dig at any staff, i know we all have lives to live. just wanted to put it out there as many players have been complaining. Zod On every day and in all honesty go above and beyond what he should do. dreammzz again another one on daily, always available on disc if needed Blake rarely on, doesn't tend to help as much as he could do when on, (i know we all have lives to live) Lisa when on is amazing help (i know we have lives to live) Barry again, dont really see online. does try to help in anyway when he is. (i know we have lives to live) Number 1 never on, if and when he does come on doesn't tend to do alot (i know we have lives to live) this is in no way shape or form a dig at any staff member, this is just what is going through players minds. would love to see it resolved i honestly would as you are all good people. A lot of players have been moaning about this recently so thought i would just put it out there for everyone to discuss.
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    Lou Grinder

    Welcome back Kazuhira!

    Hello everyone, This is an official thread to announce that our Ex-Administrator Kazuhira Mm is now back to the server! He was busy with some IRL stuff, and just got some free time once again. We are promoting him back to his rank as he was one of the most reputable staff in-game and did an amazing job to Grinderscape. Regards,
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    Promotion for Barry

    Congratulations to our new Moderator in-game: Barry! He's doing an amazing job, always active and helping, keep up the great work!
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    Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed desert shirt equipment bug. - Changed 100 JAD kills achievement from 35M GP to 25k tokkuls. - Announcement added when someone teleports to the wilderness boss event. - Wilderness boss event blood money increased to 15,000! - You no longer need coal to make bars with mithril ores. - Slayer task count reduced for some NPCs by up to 25%! - Alch will now give increased value for items by almost double the value. - Reduced the speed you can farm XP from hunter traps, and added random event to prevent botting. - Fixed thammaron's sceptre bug & nerfed the spell damage by 26%! - Rebuffed dragon claw's accuracy on special attack by 12%! - Fixed wilderness resource area teleport to proper location from spell book. - Ancient wyvern shield and Dragonfire ward now count as protection from dragon's fire. - Reworked tutorial system and fixed all the bugs that were found. - Fixed Jubbly bird typo. - Green banner can now be equipped properly. - Typo fix with message for player receiving rare drop of 100 dragon dart instead of 100 dragon darts. (Applies to all items) - Updated ::benefits command, and few other command tweaks. - Running up to objects with new system to calculate proper distance, and walking bug fixes. - Clipping fix for home area. - Added a system to support un-loseable items such as the ironman armour: * Item's cannot be dropped. * Item's cannot be lost on death. * Item's cannot be gambled or staked. * Item's cannot be emptied on Ironman. - Nerfed Twisted bow damage in the wilderness by 18%! - Fixed highest killstreak increasing over the killstreak. - Removed many items announcements from the rare drop system. - Achievements that are in progress will now show in yellow color. - Increased Indigo's whip & Dragon's whip strength bonuses by 10%! - Fixed stuck accounts in the wilderness, your account will automatically log out after 180 seconds. - Fixed Overload potion drinking, now it will no longer bug with Herblore level requirement. - Fixed a bug where it showed you went offline in private chat when you delete someone off the list. - You can now use dragon bolts with ACB! - Fixed a bug in the ranged skill interface, and optimized the system to support more features. - Mystery box announcements on rare items. - Updated master casket's rewards list. - Fixed over 15 broken ladders and stairs. - Participation points now give the double amount of blood money. - Over 20 typo fixes that were reported by players. - Slayer tasks amount re-optimized based on the task difficulty. - Drop announcements will no longer announce non rare items. - Updated donator's benefit command and interface. - Fully fixed the Global moderator's rank with all the commands and privileges. - You will no longer disconnect in the wilderness while being AFK! - Tutorial system has been redone and completely fixed from all reported bugs. - Tons of combat fixes and optimizations, you should be able to feel a significant change in the combat system overall. - Fixed emotes and special attacks for ghrazi rapier, Scythe of Vitur, Statius Warhammer, vesta's spear, and vesta's longsword. - Fixed kree'arra possibly, need more testing. - Fixed a bug where you did not lose items on death in some locations. - It is now darker in the god wars zamorak boss chamber. - Clan chat maximum size has been increased to fit up to 200 players. - Clan wars now teleport you to the proper location, minigame to be coming soon. - Rune crossbow has been nerfed a bit. - Black knight titan upgrades and enhancements. - The untouchable safe spotting issue will no longer happen. - Dropping max cash will no longer disappear on the floor. - Skills can now peak up to 250M total experience with timestamps for who maxed the skill first. - Skill rewards will now show the player's rank in the server announcements. - Your account will automatically log out while AFK in the wilderness, and will no longer get stuck. - Auto retaliate bug has been fixed. - It now displays a message in the chatbox when the gambling space is full. - You will no longer lose items when removing or adding items to the gambling interface. - Dropping your barrows items will break, looting bag will make all items disappear in the bag, and dropping your clue scroll will reset the task. - Fixed Hunger minigame event giving a lot of participation points. - Fixed wilderness boss spam announcing when someone teleports there. - You will no longer get a clue scroll drop if you have one of the same type. - Fixed over 35 clue scrolls bugs. - Fixed a bug when being you had no inventory or bank space for leveling a skill or reaching a certain XP reward. It will now be dropped under you. - You will now get double the value of high alching items, compared to the old values. - Fixed rune dart (p) and dragon arrows (p++) - You can now use dragon javelin p++ with the heavy ballista. - Dragon arrows (p++) and dragon javelin (p++) will have a venom effect instead of super poison. - You will no longer lose items from rune pouch upon logging. Content: - Blackjack Dicing Option: * Complete interface with real blackjack gambling. * Supports stand/hit methods. * Completely fair system! - Party Drop Chest: * COMING SOON - Bank Pin System: * Dialogue for Security Guard. * PIN will be required when opening bank in anyway "Only have to do once after login". * Can reset/add a PIN from the security guard "You will be prompted to enter your current PIN if you try to reset". * Security Guard spawned in Edgeville bank south wall. * Ability to remove your bank PIN by talking to security guard. * The bank PIN can only be reset or removed if you enter the correct PIN number. - Vorkath Boss Addition: NOTE: THE BOSS IS VERY HARD, SO TRY IT BEFORE SAYING YOU DIED AND LOST YOUR ITEMS * New teleport! * Completely instanced boss. * All of Vorkath's attack strategies. * Great drops has been added. * Can be killed as a blue dragon slayer task. * Zombified Spawn support. * Acid Pools. * Dragonfire attacks. * Prayer disabling. * Fireball attack. * Freezing attack. * Vorkath pet added with full dialogue support. - Drop Table Now Suggests Names. - Global Moderator Rank: * Fully functional rank. * Has different command powers. * Ability to choose when eligible from the rank chooser. - Achievement Progress & Completion tracking. - Inferno Basic Functionality Implemented. - Wilderness Warning: * Wilderness warning will now appear when you try to enter the wilderness. - New Hydra Boss: NOTE: THE BOSS IS VERY HARD, SO TRY IT BEFORE SAYING YOU DIED AND LOST YOUR ITEMS * New teleport! * Completely instanced boss. * Tons of new systems and methods has been added to the server which is used to create a perfect Hydra boss. * All the correct stats for Hydra such as attack distancing, combat defence for all types, and the attacks * Hydra's fire attack. * Firewall attack. * 4 different phases perfectly added. * Electrical stunning attack. * Hydra vent's support. * New item drops! * Requires 95 slayer to slay. - Regular Hydra's Area Has Also Been Added With New Teleport! - Clue Scroll System: * Easy, Medium, Hard, and Elite clue scroll support. * Anagrams types of clues. * Maps types of clues. * Puzzles types of clues. * Cryptic types of clues. * Emote tasks. * Dig tasks. * Over 100 new items as a reward. * Each clue has unique rewards. * Scanning locations support! * Over 140 different tasks! - Doors System Support: * A complete new system to support all types of doors. * Single & Double door support. * Force Open/Close door support. * All gates support. * Will be used for quest base later, temporarily disabled for now. - 6 New Region's Music. - 5 New Boss Contract Bosses! - Useful Links & Client Options Navigation. - Drawers, Boxes, Crates, and Hay bales searching system. - Wilderness Boss Changes: * 4 new wilderness bosses. * Spawns once every 90 minutes. * Fixed the mass spam messages. * Slay the boss for 15,00 blood money. - New Jungle Demon Area! - Voting Tickets: * You will get voting tickets when redeeming votes. * The tickets can be traded to other players. - Completely Modified The Drops System Formula: * It will be intermediate to hard to receive a rare drop from normal NPC's. * Bosses will have an easy to intermediate chance of dropping a rare item. However, it depends on the type and rarity of the item. You will see the difference in-game. - Added Support For All Types Of Ammunitions: * Darts (p, p+, p++) * Knives (p, p+, p++) * Javelins (p, p+, p++) * Bolts (p, p+, p++) * Arrows (p, p+, p++) * Support for ice arrows - Over 13 New Game Announcements Has Been Added. - New Account Security System: * A bank PIN must be available on the account for the system to work. The first time you log in to your account, your current IP address will be whitelisted. What this means is, whenever someone logins to your account from a new IP address, all the actions on the account will be blocked with a prompt to enter your bank PIN. Failure to enter the correct PIN for 10 tries will cause the account to get permanently locked until the further check from staff to verify you are the real account owner. A new section on the forums has been opened to deal with such issues. This should secure your account. Remember not to use the same password on different websites, games, and always keep it unique as some people try to take advantage of leaked databases to steal your password on different places. - Achievement System: * Tasks that has already been started will show up as yellow color in the quest tab. * A new interface will pop up on the screen when you finish an achievement. * Achievement progress system has been added. - Game Mode Chooser: * You can now choose your game mode from 5 different modes. * Ironman game mode: You will not be eligible to trade, duel, gamble, use various shops, use the lottery, benefit from in-game command trivia, share monsters kill for loot, and other in-game restrictions. You get a unique rank icon with complete new high scores to compete on. * Hardcore ironman: All the restrictions for Ironman with additions that you only have one life, if you die it will cause your account to be converted into regular ironman. * Ultimate Ironman: The ultimate hardest gameplay mode. All the restrictions on ironman, with the addition you cannot bank, buy most of the shops items, receive achievement rewards, and some minor other restrictions. * Classic: This is a unique game mode that has all the exact same features of a normal player, but with addition to a unique rank and high scores. Classic players get 1/3 the default experience, however they get 50% extra blood money from PK rewards and they have almost the double chance of getting a rare drop from bosses than normal players. Some more features will be added in the future. - New Distance & Clipping System: * The running to objects system has been redone. * You now properly use objects with proper distances such as using stalls from a far distance. - New Cache Support: * We have updated our cache to support a lot of new features. * New Maps! * New Objects! * Over 350 new usable items. * Over 220 new monsters. * Over 6 new bosses to be added in the future. - Adamant & Rune Dragons Zone: * New teleport! * Drops the ultimate dragon godsword (almost 10% better than armadyl godsword) * New drops! * Completely challenging! - Dragonfire Shield Support: * Ability to charge your DFS up to 20 charges! * Unleash a new dragon attack to your enemies. * Support for Dragonfire ward, and wyvern shield. - Degradation System & Item's Integrities: * A completely new system for degrading items. * Custom new items that can be used in combat for 30 minutes before degrading. * Barrows now degrade after being used in combat for about 3 hours. * New items: Dark bow (c), Abyssal whip (c), spirit shield's (c), twisted bow (c) & much more can be found spread in the shops. These items will last in combat for 30 minutes and expire. * You can examine/operate the items for more. - Ring Upgrading System: * You can now upgrade your combat rings by talking to perdu * You can dis-enchant your ring. * Payment varies depending on the ring type. * When you die with an enchanted ring it will become un-enchanted. - OSRS Tokens Exchange System: * New store with a complete dialogue to explain how the mechanism works. * Buys items that are displayed in his shop for 1/3 their offered price. For example, Twisted bow sells for 900m and will be bought from you 300m quick cash. * Sells OSRS tokens for 600m cash each. * OSRS tokens can be traded to other players or you can make a thread on forums with how many tokens you want to exchange and a staff member will contact you to make an appointment to trade the tokens for OSRS GP. 1 token = 1M OSRS - New Items Added: * Clown set * Collection's log * Star-face * Tree set * Candy Cane * Hydra bones /w full support * Dragon knifes * Hydra's Claw * Hydra's Eye * Hydra's Heart * Hydra's Fang * Guardian Boots * Brimstone Ring * Dragon hunter's lance * Ferocious gloves * Bonecrusher necklace * Hydra's tale * Bruma torch * Warm gloves * Runefest shield * Drakan's medallion * Armadyl d'hide and robes set * Bandos d'hide and robes set * Zaros Mjolnir * Mystic (dusk) set * Event RPG * Ale of the gods * Boxing gloves /w effects * Banshee's set * Giant present * Large spade * Nunchaku * Black (p) set * Gilded Santa hat * Azure Santa hat * Pimpz Santa hat * Fushia Santa hat * Orange H'ween mask * Camo party hat * Purple H'ween mask * Killer's knife * Heavy casket * Stale baguette * Heavy casket * Holy water * Evil chicken set * Black tourmaline core * Boots of brimstone * Devout boots * Boots of stone * Cattleprod * Giant carp (heals +30) * Pedant of Lucien * Citizen set * Mourner set * Beads of the deed * Fremennik sea boots 1-4 * Bucket Helm * Red elegant blouse * Green elegant blouse * Arceus scarf * Fancy tiara * Bowl wig * Half-moon spectacles * Comp bows + support * Musketeer's set * & Much more!
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    New Wiki Manager

    Hello people from Grinderscape, Today I have exciting news about a promotion, The wiki team have chosen @j0rdaan to be our now Wiki Manager! He will keep the community up to date with all updates done to the wiki pages also will do the application reviews from now on to take things off my hand. Congratulations @j0rdaan!
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    Lou Grinder

    Forums Awards & Trophies

    Hello everyone, After updating to the latest version of IPS V4.4, some new changes have been added to the forums to improve your experience. - Added iAwards & Trophies: - Over 20 new trophies and awards have been added for post counts, topic creators, reactions, rankings, registered days, clubs joined, and much more! - Updated all plugins to support the newest version of IPS. - Major forum settings and PHP optimizations to improve loading speed. - Changed the user raw data submission which could potentially lead to an XSS attack threat. - Fixed User group formatting colors and rankings. - Updated Theme to support 4.4 version. and some other mini bug fixes.
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    Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed Twisted bow (c) and Dark bow (c) giving strength experience. - Fixed Donator's bond not able to be redeemed. - Fixed invisible items dropping from Vorkath. - Ironman and Hardcore ironman can now set up a bank PIN. - Ultimate Ironman can use items on the bank to note and unnote items. - Item's on death bug causing all items to be lost is now fixed. - Ultimate Ironman can now use the empty command! - Optimized the rare drop item's formula. - Fixed wilderness agility rope. - Fixed a bug where you could not use a special attack on Vorkath. - You can no longer noclip to Hydra boss. - Now Hydra's boss will be instanced. - Fixed Eternal glory operate issue, same for many other items. - Fixed Wilderness resource gate noclipping issue. - Added more bolts in ranged store, and allowed ironmans to be able to buy it. - Brimstone key can be found from RDT drops. - Added noted herbs in herblore store. - You can now buy voting tickets from the voting store with your current voting points. - Completing a slayer task on UIM will now add the reward in your inventory if you have enough space, otherwise, it will be dropped under the player. - The server now supports case sensitive passwords. So you can set your password as "CaPiTalz" instead of "capitalz". - Added more bolts in ranged store. - You can now combine Hydra's eye, fang, and heart to create the Brimstone ring. - Fixed Zogre bones alch value. - You can now reach the Ogre camp. - Ice troll king area is no longer multi. - Fixed a lot of Clue scroll places that you could not reach or that did not work. - Reduced the rate where a big fish attacks and takes your fishing net. - Fixed donations on ironman game modes. - All items that should be transferred to bank on UIM will now be dropped under. - Added more NPC spawns for clue scrolls. - West Ardougne teleport added in cities teleport. - Nerfed broad arrows 40%! - Fixed entrance to Alchemical Hydra's boss! - Fixed combining Zamorak cape with max cape issues. - Fixed Banshee equipping. - Fixed opening banks without prompt to enter bank PIN when talking bankers issue. - Added tiaras and unenchanted amulets in stores. - Bandos godsword now drains 50% of special attack instead of 100%! - Ava's assembler now gives +5 ranged strength bonus. - Ultimate Ironman can now benefit from the command trivia event and achievement rewards. - You can now consume Ugethanki kebab and super kebab. - Level 18 zombies in Edgeville Dungeon have 1 hp issue fixed. - Fixed Chop Chop and some other achievement tasks. - Fixed platinum tokens exchange bug causing players to lose money. - Possibly fixed an issue with deadlock causing server to freeze. - Fixed barrows effects not working after degrading. - Reduced OSRS tokens price rate from 600m to 350m per token. - Fixed some bank booth's not working. - Added imbued god capes from hard clues reward. - Fixed Calisto safe spot area. - Fixed Light and Dark infinity hat & top equipment appearance. - Fixed Ice troll King issue. - Corp pet has been added to corp, and it is tradeable. - Fixed a game mode selection issue. - Fixed heavy casket with proper animations & equipment. - Nerfed dark bow special attack by up to 28%! - Fixed double death count when dying in pvp bug. - Fixed clue scroll question type. Content: - Pathing and Walking System Redone: * Completely rewritten the combat pathing system. * NPC collision system redone from scratch. * Overall combat should be much better. - Brimstone Chest: * Can be found near Alchemical Hydra's entrance. * Brimstone Keys are stackable. * Rewards varies from skilling to rare items. - Barrows Repair Enhancement: * Redone the whole system for barrows repair. * Fully functional with complete dialogue system. * Fancy screen interface for barrows repairing. P.S: More fixes to come soon!
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    New Gfx Manager

    We have been trying to get the Gfx team going a bit. We've been getting some great designs, and meeting a lot of cool and talented people. However.. One thing we have been missing, is a leader for this team. Today we decided to promote @Valar to the rank of Gfx Manager! There is no special rank for this (at the moment) but it is being worked on. He will be deciding which players he would like on his team (and be able to contact Admins to give ranks out) as well as making sure everyone is working on something. Sean (Valar) has shown leadership qualities, and we have no doubt that he is ready to take this next step. Congratulations, and if anyone has any questions on this, feel free to ask below, or pm me.
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    Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed client's animation stuttering. - Updated the ::drops command. - Fixed Abyssal demons and some other NPC's counting as a boss kill. - Fixed NPC's retreating bug lasting too long. - Vet'ion boss contract bug fixed. - Fixed bank PIN issue which keeps showing even after you enter it. - You can no longer go AFK in duel arena. - Changed the price of void gloves from 2k to 10k, and changed the repair costs. - Access to Giant mole bug requiring tinderbox has been fixed. - Fixed a typo "You cannot use items while you're on a sled!" was "your" instead of "you're". - Bank title text closing parentheses color fixed by fixing abbreviation method code to use closing color tag. - Player crowns for iron man ranks improved on player loading system. - Changed the repair and cost price of Void knight gloves and some other items. - Interface hover regions that were having issue by offset 0 are now fixed. - Optimized/cleaned up bank interface by minor improvements. - Slayer interface hovering fixed. - Achievements overlay and effect timers now overlay at the same layer as exp drops/combat box/skill orbs instead of on top of everything. - Fixed bank tab dragging item drawing in re-sizable mode. - Items in interfaces with the amount 0 fixed to no longer transparent like a bank placeholder unless in the bank interface (noticeable in OSRS tokens store, this is how it is on OSRS). - Fixed make over mage torso/skin color selecting, also cleaned up the other color arrays. - Login music toggle and in game music toggle now share the same toggle. - Fixed achievements progress drawing in re-sizable mode. - You can now rearrange items in the bank while the "X" custom amount button is selected. - Emojis menu now closes when selecting an emoji. - Emojis menu now closes on logout. - Chat message text input now clears on logout. - Full screen login interface now draws at the correct offsets. - Full screen login interface interface menu is now processing at the correct offsets. - Full screen login interface "CLICK HERE TO PLAY BUTTON" now has hovering. - Open interface interface menu offsets in re-sizable mode fixed, and fixed for re-sizable interfaces like the bank interface (will no longer click through the buttons at the bottom of the interface). - Keybinding interface now properly shows your selected and saved keybindings. - Quest tab tabs will now refresh when clicking the tab button as well as the refresh buttons. - Character limit for chat messages raised from 80 to 120 characters. - Pressing enter key in the color picker color code text input will now select that color (instead of having to click OK button). - When saving your yell colors, you will now receive a chat message showing a test message with your new colors (only you will be able to see this message). - Fixed color picker color code not updating properly. - Interface text inputs now send a chat message when the player attempts to type a key that is not allowed to be entered into an input. - Interface menu boundaries fixed off by 1 error. - Pasting a color will now send a chat message just like copying one does. - Interface text input code fixed/cleaned up. - Items in interfaces with the amount 0 fixed to no longer transparent like a bank placeholder unless in the bank interface (noticeable in OSRS tokens store, this is how it is on OSRS). - Color box interface components' text modified a little to be centered vertically and bigger or smaller depending on color box size. Content: - Dragon Pickaxe special attack added: * The dragon pickaxe's special attack, Rock Knocker, temporarily boosts the player's Mining level by 3. * As long as a player has 60 Attack to wield the pickaxe, the special attack can be used to mine with the pickaxe starting at level 58. * Consumes 100% of the player's special attack energy. - Chat box height resizing in re-sizable mode added. - Timers for Overload potion, Charge spell, and Items despawning on death added. - New toggle for achievements overlay: * Can be found in the client settings tab where you can find all the other toggles. * Properly saves so you don't have to keep toggling it every time you login. - The three legendary colorful items has been added: * Colorful Santa hat, Colorful Party hat, and Colorful H'ween mask! * Can be found in the premium store for a limited time only, this is to keep the item very rare. NOTE: NEW CLIENT WILL BE REQUIRED TO PLAY, PLEASE MAKE SURE TO UPDATE IT. ENJOY :)
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    Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed a bug where players did not get any clues or pets if they had a placeholder in their bank. - Added smart pathfinder for NPC's and made protection prayers work according to OSRS wiki. - Fixed PVP bug causing players not to get Blood money reward because they are connected from the same address. - Lots of staff commands fixes. - Switching weapons during combat without auto retaliate will not cause it to attack. - Fixed JAD boss combat mechanics. - Fixed infinite NPC's recursion. - Fixed a flickering issue caused by position facing. - Large NPC's can now attack you if you stand inside them. - Fixed a lot of bosses spawn timers and attack distances. - Non-reachable players will not be attacked by any boss multi-attack. - Fixed clan chat first name not displaying properly. - Made prayer for PVP more precise in decimals instead of integers. - Fixed skill guides stats for barrows in the defence interface. - Defenders will now turn into broken upon death and can be fixed with Blood money. - Fixed West Ardougne clue dig location in an unreachable spot. - Fixed Kitchen knife ranged attack style into melee combat style. - Fixed the reported safe spotting issues with adamant and rune dragons. - Redone the pathing mechanics and fixed the issue with NPC's tracing to targets. - Fixed knife and dart projectile curve rotation upon hitting. - You can no longer use the wilderness obelisks while tele-blocked. - Fixed classic game mode herbloring bug giving 0 XP! - Fixed Equipping a staff (E.g fire staff) Does not count for unlimited of the corresponding rune when enchanting bolts. - Buffed Ghrazi Rapier accuracy by 15%, damage by 14%, and the DPS. - Rebuffed the Void's armours damage boost. - Fixed a bug where Kamil & The Untouchable did not count towards total boss kills count. - Lots of blood money shops changes, mainly prices and item additions. - Fixed Kree'arra minions animations properly, and fixed the flickering issue. - Buffed the Agility skill XP from 100% up to 165% depending on the course. - Removed the gates close to Lumbridge farm for clue scrolls locations, and fixed a lot of broken clues. - Made sure that players can only ever be attacked by one player in single zones. - Made the combat damage cached in the server. - High alchemy no longer resets your walking movement. - Increased the clan chat ban delay from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. - Price checker prices are now more precise. - Fixed Elder's maul drop from KBD. - Lots of new staff commands, and other fixes. - Added ::dz command "Requested by donators". - Fixed a major bug with NPC aggression being delayed. - Kalphite queen safe spot and other bug fixes. - Rune and Adamant dragons bug fixes (reported by players). - Fixed a bug with HCIM causing the player to disconnect. - Bandits pickpocketing and drops have been added. Content: - Added null-safe channel closing: * This should help reduce all the server nulls, and possibly fix the issue permanently. - Complete new boss mechanics system: * What this means is that the bosses combat system is 99999x better. Now bosses will have proper defence stats such as crush, stab, including the attack stats similarly to on OSRS. * Melee combat bosses will be weak to certain melee attack styles such as lunge, and vise versa. * A completely new system for managing and adding bosses. * Upgraded the combat system formula for all bosses to match OSRS accordingly. * Much more reliable and accurate stats for all bosses. * Damage and defence calculations are 100% accurate now. * Tons of new mechanics added for over 15 bosses, few more bosses left to be merged to the new system. - Loot share system implemented: * Full loot share system has been implemented with proper saving on the clan chat. * Once you join a clan chat it will show if the loot share is turned or off. * A unique custom loot share to be fair for all players. * System functionality: If the loot share is turned ON, and an NPC dies within the radius of 10, any player will get a chance to get the drop and it will be displayed in the clan chat. - Switching items and equipment speed should be minorly improved, for now, will be redone soon to perfection. - Redone clan chat: * Viewing clan settings will now show the proper configuration of the current clan chat. * You can now make your clan chat and have any custom privileges customization. * Loot share 100% functionality. * Now all the privileges and actions of the clan chat should work properly. * Clan chat now saves all the settings properly. - Updated the ::mycommands command! - Added death plateau obstacle & rock climbing to reach clue scroll areas. - NPC Collision prevention system & route algorithms: * Now NPC's route will be properly calculated. * The clipping will prioritize so that it will not collide with another NPC in most cases. * Alternative route selection will now be available for NPC's. - NPC Kill Tracker: * You can access the interface via your quest tab. * NPC kill count is retroactive, meaning it will all the old kills you did before. * Supports all types of NPC's & bosses. * Displays the average kill time, best kill time, and more will be added in the future. - Dynamic Password Changer: * All passwords are now properly encrypted. * The interface allows an easy, reliable password change. * Supports case sensitive passwords. * Minimum password characters is 4 and the maximum is 14.0. * Requires you to re-enter your new password twice to reduce possible mistakes. - Dragon Bolts: * Addition of Dragon bolts (p, p+, p++) with 100% functionality. * Addition of Dragonstone bolts (topaz, ruby, sapphire, emerald, dragon, onyx, pearl..etc) * All effects and bonuses of the bolts are perfect according to OSRS wiki. * You can now crush Superior dragon bones with pestle and mortar. * Note: Bolts drops & enchanting feature will be added soon! - Redone the music system: * Music fading supported. * Sounds and music volume adjustments is perfected like OSRS. * Client will retain the saved settings you keep so you don't have to ON/OFF every time. * FPS should increase by a lot as the new system is much more stable and uses the compressed sounds/music. - Client fullscreen centering camera is now 100% perfect. - New Boss Contract Shop: * The long waited for shop is finally released. * You can trade Ashild in Edgeville to see the shop. * All past boss contract points will appear on your account! * Each boss contract gives points depending on the boss's difficulty. - New music regions have been added such as: * Zulrah Shrine * Lunar Isle * Asgarnian Dungeon * Edgeville * Kalphite's Lair * Kalhpite's Boss Lair * Gnome Stronghold * Slayer Stronghold * Sand Crabs (Not original music) * Cerberus * Hydra Zone * Alchemical Hydra's Lair * Jungle Demon * Giant Sea Snake * Falador Party Room * Fun PK Zone * Clan Wars * Warriors Guild * Revenant Caves * Pollivineach * Sea Troll Queen & Miscellanea * Al Kharid Crocodiles * Ape Atoll * Elf Warriors Isle Note: New client is required to be able to play!
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    New Staff member!

    Congratulations to @Surgeon for becoming Server Supporter! He has been an massive help towards the Grinderscape community and is doing amazing and will begin his 2 week trial as usual! Welcome
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    Bugs and Fixes: - You can now repair barrows that are completely broken to zero. - Cleaned up and improved the code aspects for items lost on death. - An issue with bank PIN showed every time you tried to do an action will no longer happen. - Added XP gaining when using the Charge spell. - Buffed Dragon Godsword's, Heavy Ballista, and Dragon claw's special attack. - Nerfed Void effects upon players requests. - Nerfed Kodai's wand by up to 20%! - Degrading items will no longer degrade in minigames. - You can now decant super combat potion. - Added nicer formatting for the estimated bank value. - Fixed rounding issue in number formats. - Wilderness warning will no longer pop up when leaving the wilderness. - More improvements and fixes for the bank PIN system. - Fixed a lot of bugs that had to do with reported bosses. - Changed the logout logic in the wilderness. - Upgraded the current trap system for Hunter skill. - Hunter traps will now expire after one hour. - Added a bank booth east of Donator's zone. - Fixed random trees spawning in wrong places issue. - Smithing rune bars will now require 7 coals instead of 8! - Fixed issue when run energy is decrementing when not running and following a player. - Fixed Justiciar set combat effects to work out 100% perfectly. - Fixed Moss giant attack speed in the wilderness is too fast. - Nerfed Void's damage and accuracy by 10-15% depending on combat style. - Nerfed magic accuracy in general. - You will no longer get a pet drop if you already have one. - Increased the repair prices of some items. Content: - New Sanction System: * Supports timed bans and sanctions. * Discord integrated with lots of dynamic settings embedded. * Ability to check the time of ban, duration, who did it, reason, and much more. - New bank booth feature: * Using items on bank booth will give you the option to un-note x, or all items. * The feature can also be used to note items based on certain quantities. - Added Extended anti-fire potions support. - Using Saradomin's light on Staff of dead combined will give Staff of Light. - New Hellcat-kitten pet: * Can be found in the Blood money store for 150k BM. * Has a small minor fun dialogue. * 100% functionality just like all other pets. - Shops & Prices changes: * Redone the premium points store with a lot of new items. * Prices changed for most of the items in the premium store, some nerfed and some increased. * Removed most of the items from the Blood money store so that they can be used to boost the economy buy and sells. * Increased the price of the elite void set since its the strongest in-slot item and should be hard to get. - Upgraded and optimized the drop system formula. Note: You have must the new client to be able to log in.
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    Hello, This is a thread on the player Zod reaching in-game Admin! Congratulations with everything you're doing for the Server and community, Totally deserved! Best,
  14. 7 points
    Lou Grinder

    Bug Fixes & QOL Fixes 2#

    Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed donation redeeming bug that caused players to get double rewards. - Fixed clue box not deleting after getting the reward. - Fixed protect prayers issue. - Changed name of the brimstone ring to the brimstone key. - Fixed the walking location to Vorakth when waking up. - Added clue package in voting store for 15 voting points which solves the clue puzzle instantly. - Some Mobs were dealing very high damage was properly reconfigured. - Fixed client tab's making the client gets glitched. - Major fixes for the gambling system and overall containers redone. - Fix for automatic movement canceling when you trying to move during combat with long-range weapons. - Fixed prospecting empty rocks. - Fixed the issue with mining and woodcutting where you could still do it when keeping the right click menu context. - Fixed Cerberus hitting with souls post dead. - Fixed wilderness course rope swing. - Fix for spell equipment requirements. - Fixed King Roald clue scroll. - Fixed Wingman Skree in Armadyl boss room which should fix the spawning of all together. - Fixed an issue with clue anagram causing the client to zoom out. - Fixed bones to banana/peaches spell. - Smithing and Smelting XP increased from 70% and up to 125%! - Huge nerf to the magic short bow which can reach up to 35%! - You can now use Amethyst arrows (p), (p+), and (p++) with poison support. - Fixed Amythest arrows projectile graphics (Thanks to druids). - A bug where you could not use Runecrafting altars is now fixed. - Fixed Crumble Undead spell. Content: - Added proper NPC collision, and tons of background combat changes. - Added Charge spell with its all effects: * Charge is a spell used to empower the god spells from the Mage Arena. * When cast, the player becomes imbued with magical power, and for the next six minutes. * Charge can only be cast once every 60 seconds. * You must be wearing the respective god cape for the charge effect to work. - Changing your appearance and style will show your current look and not the default one.
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    FAQ: A Mutant Tarn guide!

    Welcome to another boss guide, I've been asked a lot to make a Mutant Tarn guide. So here it is! The boss is able to hit you for 99+ if you don't watch out, so take a good look at this guide to avoid dying. At the end you'll find a video to see an example of how Mutant Tarn gets killed and some tips! Teleport to Mutant Tarn can be found under 'Boss Teleport'! - Max melee stats recommended! - Non- donators need 15 killcount to enter! - Donators need 5 killcount to enter! The killcount can be achieved by killing Hellhounds/Hobgoblins/Troll spectators which are at the teleport spot. INVENTORY: it should look something like this PRAYER: ARMOUR: NOTE: VOID HAS TO BE FULLY EQUIPPED IF YOU CHOOSE FOR THAT - Eternal Glory > Amulet of Madness > Amulet of Torture > Amulet of Fury - Vesta's set > Full elite void set (melee) > Bandos set - Primordial boots > Dragon boots - Serpentine helm > Berserker helm - Infernal cape > Fire cape - Ghrazi rapier (attack style: lunge) > Gold whip > Tentacle whip Make sure you use a Dragonfire shield aswell as a Ring of Wealth! You'll need good armour to defeat this boss. ATTACKS: The only attack that requires action is when the tiles on the floor change to red! WARNING: DO NOT STAND ON THOSE TILES, OTHERWISE YOU TAKE A LOT OF DAMAGE AND HE CAN COMBO YOU OUT! Tips: - Make sure to keep above 80 HP at all times to avoid being KO'ed; - Use lunge (stab) with a Ghrazi rapier instead of Slash; - Always bring a Dragon Dagger as it speeds up your kill. Video:
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  17. 7 points

    It's been more than a decade..

    Hello! Some of you might remember me, some of you might not. Some of you might not feel okay about me here, but let's just start all clean and lets be friends! My name is Sven, I am 23 years old but I was around 11-12 when I started playing and I never regret any moment of it. I am ex staff member of Grinderscape (Moderator, Administrator.. Co-Owner) and I've seen Grinderscape go through it's brightest days to it's darkest times. Yet both Grinderscape and Lou are still here which is amazing to see. I've been keeping track of Grinderscape ever since I quit, it's just something I can't let go for some reason, I don't play regular Runescape, it's not addiction. It's just a place where everything changed for me and I like to check back on it and I am beyond proud to see what it has become! Meeting people like Zod, Kristen, Flower, Lou, Andrew, Pencil, That Guy... Oh, I wish I could name them all (sorry if I forgot any of you ) and meet them again just to have a little chat would be amazing Grinderscape changed a lot for me back in the days, it was my go-to place whenever I needed somewhere to chill or just talk and let go of real life every one in a while. So here I am, not saying that I'll play actively but I will visit a lot in-game, Discord and on the Forums! Nice seeing you all here, nice seeing Grinderscape back around! ~Sven
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    Max Set From Scratch!!

    Right so after my incident with the last series I said I wasn't going to record till Ironman was out, however, I've gotten a little bored the last few days so decided to release a mini series whilst we wait as titled - Max Set From Scratch (Wilderness Editon). So as the name would suggest, most of what I do will be in the wilderness; this includes training, bossing and pking. No player trades allowed and no bossing or training outside of the wild with the goal of reaching a maximum pking gear set and stats. I will have to purely rely on skilling, shops, wilderness mob/boss drops and pking. The account will transition from newb, to babypure, to void nh right the way through to a fully fledged maximum no honour pking account using all the wildy has to offer! I wont go into too much detail as you should watch the series and support the game!! Most of all enjoy the series and the game! Much Love, D
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    We have done some UI enhancements and have fixed minor bugs. Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed daily login reward bug. - Fixed Hunter traps issue. - Fixed farming herbs clicking. - Buffed dragon claws special accuracy by 5%; - Fixed custom Santa hat's typo. - Increased max hit for Wind wave up to Fire wave by 50%; - Properly adjusted food delay to match OSRS ticks. - Killing players in the wilderness will no longer give double killstreak. - A bug with dicing caused players to lose items will no longer happen. - The server now displays the NPC name whenever a rare drop is announced. - If you xlog in the wilderness, your account will auto log out after 3 minutes if not in combat.
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    Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed Zulrah was dropping items in a place you can't pick the items from. - Changed price of 50 superior bones from 2,500 premium points to 5,000. - Removed generic bones from stores. - Some bones experience were modified slightly: * Ourg bones gives 13% less XP. * Wyvern bones gives 9% more XP. * Dagannoth Bones gives 4% more XP. * Lava Dragon Bones gives 7% more XP - Fixed the northwest barrows staircase that didn't work. - Increased attack accuracy for Dragon bolts (e) and Onyx bolts (e) by 12%. - Decreased Dragon bolts (e) and Onyx bolts (e) special attack's effect damage by 15%. - Increased Armadyl crossbow damage and accuracy by 11% to be stronger than the Dragon's crossbow. - Fixed wilderness boss spawn event. The server will now announce when a wilderness boss has spawned: * Killing the boss will reward 10,000 blood money. * You can teleport to the boss location from your quest tab. * Event starts once every 15 minutes. * KBD is the only boss at the moment, and more bosses will be added in the future with more rewards. - Skilling tasks now reward 600% more GP, and 28.5% more skilling points. - Reduced the prices of yell-tokens in participation points shop. - Increased the value of yell-tokens in general store by 60%! - Thieving skill now rewards 70% more XP from stalls. - Increased prices of skillcapes massively. - Shops no longer reduce the quantity when buying. (Dragon darts, Zulrah scales..etc.) - Fixed a bug not giving players blood money upon slaying your opponent's in the wilderness. - Thieving skilling task giving tasks you can't finish will no longer happen. - Mystery boxes are now stackable. - Lowered barrows brothers melee defence. - Reduced boss contract GP rewards for some bosses by about 20%! - Dicer rank price changed from $34.99 to $4.99 (Includes 2,500 premium points & 10 participation points) - Bolt enchanting interface is no longer removed when enchanting bolts. - Redone parts of the trading system to make it more matching to OSRS. - Added 17 new server random announcement messages. - Fixed dragon's crossbow was nulling when placed in the bank. - All weapons special attacks receive 7% bonus accuracy effect. - Dragon claws special attack damage nerfed by 11%, and accuracy has been reduced by 3%. - Armadyl crossbow receives 21% bonus damage. - Dragon hunter's crossbow damage has been reduced by 9%. - Command event rewards for Blood money has been increased slightly. - Random kill messages upon slaying your opponent's in the wilderness added. - Added announcements when someone completes the slayer task and gets rewarded more than 6,000 blood money. - Thieving skill guide now properly shows all the stalls requirements including wilderness stall. - Modified stalls requirements levels to match the ones in the skill guide: * Fur stall requirement reduced from 42 to 35. * Silver stall requirement reduced from 65 to 50. * Spice stall requirement reduced from 75 to 65. * Gems stall requirement reduced from 99 to 75. - Thieving skilling tasks will now assign the miscellaneous stall as a skilling task. - Modified NPC stats formula: * The average Melee defence for non-bosses has been reduced by 15%. * The average Range defence for non-bosses has been increased by 17%. * The average Melee attack for non-bosses has been reduced by 20%. - Fixed Kalphite queen pet item drop. - Modified drop rates for 20+ NPC's, and reworked the rare drops system. - Greater demon no longer drops dragon axe. - The banshee's drop rate for helm of neitznot is nerfed. - Revenant imp and pyrefiend no longer will drop high emblems/relics. - You can now exchange 75 agility tokens for 5,000 blood money at the agility exchange store. - Fixed messages were having unicode <?C=1> errors in chat. - Casket (Master) rewards has been redone, and it can possibly reward pimpz whip. - Participation points will now reward 200 blood money per point instead of 100. - Tons of combat tweaks including drinking a potion will no longer reset your combat: * You can drink, eat, and equip items without having to click on your target again. - Protect prayers will now reduce damage by 75% instead of 80%. - Protect prayers will reduce accuracy against players by 50% instead of 70%. - Protect prayers accuracy reduced against NPC's from -80% accuracy to -65% accuracy. - Fixed a typo when wearing magic crossbow with no ammunition error message. - Armadyl godsword special attack accuracy buffed by 5%. - Mage's book will now increase magic attack accuracy by 25% instead of 10%. - Nerfed Crystal bow attack accuracy by 35%. - Nerfed 3rd age wand attack accuracy by 20%. - Staff of light will now deal 40% more magic damage and 50% more magic accuracy. - Wearing 3 or more pieces of ahrims will increase magic attack accuracy by 15%. - Nerfed blowpipe strength by 8%, and decreased attack accuracy by 15%. - Buffed twisted bow attack accuracy by 12%, and increased damage by 15%. - You can only auto cast ancient magic spells by ancient staff, kodai's wand, ahrim's staff, and staff of light. - Casting a spell on a player in the wilderness will no longer reset your combat. - Nerfed the dragon's firebreath damage, and it only requires two types of protection. For example, shield and magic protect or shield and potion. - Fixed kalphite queen spawning in the wall. - Increased leveling up skills reward for combat skills. * Reaching a combat skill XP of 200M will reward 200M coins instead of 50M. * Reaching a combat skill XP of 150M will reward 100M coins instead of 25M. * Reaching a combat skill XP of 100M will reward 75M coins instead of 15M. * Reaching a combat skill XP of 50M will reward 50M coins instead of 10M. * Reaching a combat skill level of 25 will reward 500k coins instead of 250k. * Reaching a combat skill level of 50 will reward 1M coins instead of 500k. * Reaching a combat skill level of 75 will reward 2.5M coins instead of 1M. * Reaching a combat skill level of 99 will reward 10M coins, and 15,000 blood money instead of 5M. - Completing an agility course will now reward 300% more coins than what it used to. - Fixed barbarian ledge and wilderness stepping stone courses in agility skill. - Completing a slayer task will now reward blood money based on the task master difficulty. * Turael = Beginner tasks * Mazchna = Easy tasks * Vannaka = Intermediate tasks * Chaeldar = Advanced tasks * Duradel = Hard tasks (Best rewards) - Slayer task's count slightly increased. - Removed dragon mace from RDT and changed 300k coins to 3M drop. - Mining store no longer sells bars above an iron bar, players have to farm them. - Increased coins drop rate for rock crabs, sand crabs, yaks, and experiments by 310%. - Increased the amount of GP you receive for solving random events by 900%. - Fixed hitpoints skillcape emote causing players to become invisible. - King black dragon area is now in the wilderness. - Fixed chests used as banks in the KBD zone. - Added ::highscores command. - Player kill count, highest streak, deaths, and KDR will now work properly. - You can no longer logout in the wilderness. Note: Xlog will keep your account online until your out of the wilderness. - When switching weapons, there will be NO longer be increased delay for the next hit. - Alching will now work on all items, even on high value items. - Duradel rewards button will now work properly. - Fixed Dagganoth kings were spawning multiple times. - Fixed many items unknown and nulled examines. - Fixed the annoying trade bug. - Fixed auto retaliate not working correctly sometimes. - Fixed split private chat saving, and chat text colors saving. - Fixed elyisian spirit shield equipment model for females. - Fixed attack styles for weapons causing you to train another skill. - The drop rates for dragon axe and dragon pickaxe has been decreased by 60%! - Changed the item prices for all skilling task items (lumberjack set, angler set, prospectors set, and rogue set). - Reduced magic trees woodcutting XP by 24%! - Increased the prices of some skilling resources in shops massisevly. - Fixed void items from stall rewards. Content: - Added run energy draining system: * Proper formula to drain energy as on OSRS. * Item weights system works with drain formula (Equipped items only). * Energy restore rate is 2x faster when on AFK mode, or having boots of lightness equipped. * Energy restore rate is highly affected depending on your agility skill level. - High Priest Store: * A store that sells blessed bones for an overpriced value to those who wants to level up prayer very quick. * Bones: 103 GP / 1 Prayer XP * Baby Dragon Bones: 123 GP / 1 Prayer XP * Dragon bones: 153 GP / 1 Prayer XP * Shaikahan Bones: 231 GP / 1 Prayer XP * Fayrg Bones: 272 GP / 1 Prayer XP * Raurg Bones: 238 GP / 1 Prayer XP * Ourg Bones: 269 GP / 1 Prayer XP * Wyvern Bones: 277 GP / 1 Prayer XP * Dagganoth Bones: 301 GP / 1 Prayer XP * Lava Dragon Bones: 344 GP / 1 Prayer XP * Superior Dragon Bones: 385 GP / 1 Prayer XP - New Dicer's rank token: * Can be redeemed for dicer's rank. * Can be found at the gamble store in dicing area. * Costs 300M GP to purchase. * Can be traded to other players. * Cannot be used if you already have the dicers rank. - New automatic dicing system: * Can only be used by players that have the dicing rank. * 5 different dice modes (Player host, Other host, Both host, Flower, and blackjack). * Uses the same old dice formula for percentile rolling. * Completely automated and scam free. * 99.9% Dupe free system (Did tons of testing, GL finding one). - Added farming skill interface. - Added Smoke devils in smoke tunnels, and assigned the slayer task to Duradel. - Added mining skill master in Neitznot mining area. - Added smithing skill master in Neitznot and Dwarf mining guild. - Added fishing skill master in Karamja. - New ranks added: * Middleman: Given to players that can be trusted for a middleman. * Event host: Given to players that host events in-game, forums, or discord. * Ex staff: You know what it is * Veteran: Given to old veteran players. * Respected: Given as appreciation to the player for his/her excellent reputation. * Staff can promote players to these ranks. * An in-game announcement will be made whenever a player is promoted. - Skilling shops item effects: * Each piece of prospector's set gives 10% bonus mining XP! * Each piece of angler's set gives 10% bonus fishing XP! * Woodcutting skillcape gives 30% bonus woodcutting XP! * Mining skillcape gives 40% bonus mining XP! * Fishing skillcape gives 30% bonus fishing XP! * Thieving skillcape gives 30% bonus thieving XP! * Smithing skillcape gives 30% bonus smithing XP! * Each piece of prospector's set gives 10% bonus mining XP! * Each piece of rogue's set gives 15% bonus thieving XP! * Each piece of rogue's set reduces the chance to be caught while pickpocketing by 15%! * Dodgy necklace gives 25% bonus thieving XP, and allows faster thieving! * Gloves of silence gives 5% bonus thieving XP, and a chance to double steal! - Added Egg-Shell set pieces in agility ticket exchange, skilling points exchange and voting points exchange. Next update should include the new game modes such as the Classic, Ironman, Hardcore Ironman, and Ultimate ironman ranks!
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    New GrinderScape Logo

    Old New!
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    Bare to Bank Series

    So guys as the title entails I'm currently in the process of making a little series for all the new guys starting off and for those making an ironman in the future, packed with information relevant to that starting grind without help of a main account! I'll be regularly editing this post with the new links as and when the videos are released! If you like the content like and subscribe and get the word out there so we can grow this beautiful server into the glorious PvP haven that it should rightfully be! Going to appologise for the first couple of episodes has some technical issues and lost quality in between recording, rendering and the actual upload of the footage! Unfortunately I had pre recorded 2/3 episodes worth so the quality may be lacking slightly for the first few however the creases have been ironed out and future content will be alot better! Hope you enjoy the series! Ep1:
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    First of all, I would like to apologize from every member of GrinderScape for the delayed updates. Unfortunately, Christmas and New Year's Eve came together where all the other developers and I got busy. The good news we are back and fully prepared to bring some new exciting content and make GrinderScape great again! Bugs and Fixes: - Added black (g) robes and black (t) to the miscellaneous thieving stall. - Fixed boss contract task cancellation to work properly. - Removed crystal and muddy keys drop from several low-level NPC's. - Fixed slayer task rewards for slayer helmets. - Fixed double money reward for stalls bug. - Massively buffed casket rewards. (Elite gives better rewards) - Updated in-game rules. Quest tab 'rules' now shows the full forum rules page. - Fixed wilderness area north of black knight area. - Fixed slayer task checking and assigning system. - Added skilling task in quest tab which now shows what skilling task you have. - Extended double cash weekend system duration. - Nerfed dragon claws by 15%. - Fixed a bug where your tab interface would disappear because of your resizable mode settings. - Resizable mode default window size changed to match fixed mode default window size. - Changed resizable mode transparent chatbox to look like OSRS's. - Changed transparent scroll bars to look like OSRS's. - Changed minimum scroll bar's bar height from 8 to 10 to be accurate to OSRS. - Fixed skilling interface client freeze bug. - Minimap hovers are now be disabled if hovering over the tab area (for example in the resizable mode with side stones stacked and a tab open, you will not be able to hover over or click the notifications button anymore). - Minimap walk to clicks is now disabled if hovering over the world map or notifications buttons. - Ring of life handling is redone, fixes any of its previous version's bugs. NOTE: works at and below level 20 wilderness, in the future this may be changed to 30 to be accurate to OSRS, left it at 20 currently as we have not added support for other OSRS up to level 30 wilderness teleports yet (like the amulet of eternal glory). - Event rewards are now sent to the bank unnoted. - Emojis button now is the correct color when in resizable mode and using opaque chat box. - Various different iron man gear equipment types fixed. - Login interface now does not show up when logging into the wilderness. - Fixed makeover mage and equipment screen interfaces' character models being invisible. - Boss contract rewards have been doubled, and the timings have been increased based on the boss difficulty. - Corporeal critter pet is now supported. - Fixed equipment issue with Elder chaos helmet. - Yell Customizer now works with spaces in your yell title. - Fixed crowns in Yell Customizer preview. - Fixed remember username/password buttons on the login screen. Content: - Full support for Amulet of Damned: * Dharok the Wretched's equipment - Players wearing Dharok's set will have a 25% chance of recoiling 15% of the damage taken. This effect can stack with the Vengeance spell and a ring of recoil to recoil 100% of the damage taken. * Players wearing Verac's set will have an additional +4 Prayer bonus (not counting the amulet's +3). * Torag the Corrupted's equipment - Players wearing Torag's set will have their Defence increased by 1% for everyone health missing. * Guthan the Infested's equipment - Players wearing Guthan's set will be able to heal ten hitpoints above their base Hitpoints level. * Players wearing Karil's set will have a 25% chance of dealing two hitsplats. The second hitsplat will deal half the damage of the first hitsplat. * Players wearing Ahrim's set will be able to autocast Ancient Magicks. In addition, players will have a 25% chance of dealing a hit with 30% increased damage. - Game Mode Setup: (Coming soon) - Auto Dicing System: (Coming soon) - Player Titles System: (Coming soon) - Corp Pet Added: * Full functional pet. * Full dialogue system.
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    Staff Feedback - Daxx

    Quite frankly I disagree. Feedback is feedback, regardless if it's positive or negative. Rene shouldn't have to sugarcoat anything, as I believe staff members should be held to a standard where they can handle potential negative feedback and swallow their pride and not take it personally so they can improve their behavior and actions. Not to mention the fact that Rene's post is both respectful and well worded. Doesn't seem hostile or rage-induced to me at all. Overall I feel like the community has matured a bit since I was last active, so I'm hoping we can see more threads like these when necessary.
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    Crystal key / Crystal chest Guide.

    Welcome to this somewhat detail guide on the Crystal key/Crystal key chest. This guide will be split into different section which are listed below. Enjoy! Key; What is a crystal key? How do you obtain a crystal key? Where do i use the Crystal key? What do i get from the Crystal key chest? What is a Crystal key? A Crystal key is a small silver key which is created by combining two halves of a key together and opening a Crystal key chest. How do you obtain a Crystal key? You can obtain the "Loop half of key" by killing various NPC's within Grinderscape such as Hellhounds, lesser demons and greater demons. You can obtain the "Tooth half of key" by talking to the Shop assistance within the shops area of the and purchasing this item for 150k gold pieces. Combine both of these items together to obtain a Crystal key. Where do i use a Crystal key? You can use the Crystal Key to open a chest outside the Edgeville bank called "Crystal chest" This is where to find it and what it looks like; . What do i get from the Crystal key chest? The crystal chest is i'm no way a good source of money, this chest is mainly for a variety of items which are primarily cosmetic based. Each key gives you a varied amount of coins ranging from 100k-700k and two random items from the crystal chest item pool. Below are a few pictures from various amounts of key openings. 100 Key openings; 250 Key openings; 500 Key openings; I hope this guide has been informative and helpful!
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    Hey, another achievement! I just cleared: This is the loot she gives and the proof: She thicc: Cya on the next one!
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    Legends resignation

    Was fun with you all guys and staff members!! but this is time when i have to resign.. Not quiting this great server! but have no time anymore to be online have to do alot of things in real life.. Summer coming soon tho and will be more with my family and friends. Thanks for understanding
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    Brimstone Key Guide!

    Welcome to the Brimstone key Guide! This guide will include all things related to the brimstone key from how to obtain one and where to use it. Enjoy! Key; What is a brimstone key? how do you obtain a brimstone key? Where do i use a brimstone key? What do i get for using a brimstone key? What is a brimstone key? A brimstone keys is an item which is used to open up a chest which rewards you with various items. Below is what a Brimstone key looks like; How do you obtain a brimstone key? Brimstone keys are obtained by killing Hydras or the Alchemical Hydra boss which requires 95 slayer to attack. They also have the chance to drop from the RDT (Rear Drop Table) when killing NPC's throughout Grinderscape. Where do i use a brimstone key? Brimstone keys can be used on chests within the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon which can be accessed via the Alchemical Hyrda boss teleport. This is where to find the chests; Chest three is the safest to open as the other two spots have hydras guarding them. What do i get for using a brimstone key? Brimstone keys are mainly used to obtain various skilling supplies ranging from raw fish to runite bars. Sometimes various amounts of GP (Gold Pieces) can be obtained ranging from 10-25mil. Below is what was gained from using 100 Brimstone keys; I hope this guide has helped you understand what the brimstone key is and is used for! Special thanks to Corvus Vitae for supplying the majority of the keys to make this guide possible! -Barry.
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    Lou Grinder

    Forums Upgrade to Version 4.4.0

    Good news! Version 4.4.0 of Invision Community is now available, and the forums are now updated to the latest version. Major New Features / Enhancements: Post Before Registering Animated GIFs AdminCP Notification Center New Email Features: Email Statistics Email Advertisements Unfollow Without Logging In SEO Improvements: Improved pagination with page number now in the path (rather than query string) and unique page titles for paginated pages. Improved use of canonical tags. Improved handling of empty containers and profiles to reduce soft 404s. Improved JSON-LD markup, adding @id tags and fixing URLs for comments. Removed page output hidden by JavaScript. Performance Improvements: Added Lazy Loading for images, which will speed up page rendering. Added HTTP/2 support with prefetch/preload. Added support for Brotli compression. Improved default profile photos to use inline SVGs rather than generated images, which will speed up page rendering. Improved browser caching of pages served by the guest page cache, which will reduce the number of requests reaching the server. Improved handling of session data for guests to reduce database reads for guests. Optimized images to reduce file size for faster page rendering. Other minor performance improvements to reduce database queries and fix unnecessary code execution. Commerce Store Filters allow customers to filter products by price, review, stock, or custom admin-defined filters. Core: Added setting to display user group formatting in more areas (see 6 New Micro Features). Added less intrusive browser notification prompt in Notifications menu (see 6 New Micro Features). Added ability to show sidebar blocks to only certain types of devices (see 6 New Micro Features). Added ability for club owners to reorder the navigation tabs (see 6 New Micro Features). Added ability for announcements to be linked to an URL or be a title only (see 6 New Micro Features), improved consistency in how announcements are shown in different areas. Improved UI for entering time intervals in AdminCP settings (see 6 New Micro Features). Added a new Icons & Logos section in the AdminCP which allows providing logos for use when sharing links from the community, adding the community as a home screen app on a mobile device (along with additional settings for a PWA manifest to control certain aspects the community’s behaviour when used in this way), and in Safari’s favourites menus and pinned tabs on macOS. Added a new UI for attachments, showing a box with some information about the file, rather than a plain line (see Turbo charging loading speeds). Commerce Braintree Gateway including support for PayPal (with recurring payments), Venmo, and cards. Deprecates some PayPal features. Added ability to target bulk mails to members who have spent certain amounts. Added sidebar widgets for best sellers, latest products, product reviews, and a featured product. New Server Requirements: PHP 7.1.0 or higher required (7.3.x now supported). MySQL 5.5.3 or higher requires (5.6.2 recommended). Removed Features: Removed EmojiOne-style emojis due to licensing issues. Removed Gravatar support due to privacy concerns and performance issues. Removed password hashes when downloading a member list from the AdminCP. This is for security, to reduce the ease of obtaining sensitive data if the AdminCP is ever compromised. Removed the name of the content (e.g. topic) from the “Next Unread” link which could consume significant server resources on large communities.
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    Lou Grinder

    Grinderscape new logo!

    Hi everyone, Today we have decided to move to the new logo design which was designed by @Donnie! We have received upvotes from most players to move to the new logo. Old: New: Original thread: The new update is almost done and should be released within a few days! Enjoy!
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    Lou Grinder

    Happy New Year 2019 [GrinderScape]

    Yep, we made it all the way here! 2018 was a big year of change for server and even more changes are coming in 2019. Hope it’s a happy and healthy one for you all. A big thank you to all the players and staff for staying in this awesome community. In March 2019, Grinderscape will hit a record of being online for 11 years! Inattention to all players and staff, we appreciate each and every one of you. Looking forward to hearing for the future updates? There are a lot of updates that should be coming in 2019, I will try to list some of them. Game modes (Classic, Ironman, HCIM - with unique highscores rankings) Automatic dicing system RAIDS 1 & 2 Construction skill Player Title System Clanchat Lootshare Pest Control Castle Wars Clan Wars (When we reach 150+ Players) Inferno Minigame Vorkath Redo Pk System & Add Tournaments Redo RuneCrafting, Agility, Slayer, and Hunter skill. Add Duo Slayer Pet Insurance Guide Book Cannon System / Chinchompas system support Boss Contract Shop Daily login Streak system 50+ New Tasks Spellbook Sorting Barrows Degrading System In-Game Highscores NPC Killtracker See you all soon
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    Hello, The bad news is that this update took a long time to be completed, but the good news is the update is really huge and that is why it took a lot of time. Let's get into the update quick! Bugs and Fixes: - In resizeable, tab doesn't work to reply should no longer occur. - Fixed client's icon image missing. - Firemaking ashes not disappearing fixed, and a possible memory leak. - Infernal axe equips properly. - Split private chat "cr" removed. - Emojis now show properly in PMs. - Missing teleports & Ape Atoll spells added. - Enchant crossbow bolt reqs added to glow when you have the runes. - Mystic robe top now has the proper stats. - Updated skilling store items for farming supplies. - Dark beasts are no longer aggressive. - Bank booth added near blood altar. - Donator's and above can buy with a shop limit of 500 per time. - Yell titles removed "[Donator]". - Dust devil slayer location fixed. - Empty command will no longer work in jail/wilderness. - Updated the word filtration and censoring system. - Mystic pieces are now tradeable. - Cutting gems with any item no longer works except with chisel. - Dying from poison in duel arena should be fixed permanently. - You cannot withdraw or deposit cash over max stash in the bank. - A lot of NPC's untargetable is now fixed. - You can now high alch dragon bones, seeds, and some other items that couldn't be alched. - Agility is now smoother & faster in general. (Can now spam click etc) - Tweaked the delays of agility objects. - You're no longer blocked from using an already completed obstacle again. - It now automatically walks to the obstacle's starting position & interacts with the obstacle. - Fixed a visual where it would randomly teleport you when clicking the map. - Removed some duplicate method calls. - Skilling supplies can now be traded. - Donator's bond price increased to 7,500 participation points. - Pestle and mortar can now be crushed properly. - Trade request color fixed. - Major bug with broken items has been fixed, and the system is much smoother. - Thieving random rare rewards now have tons of great items pool! * Items include: Fury, Void's, Wands, Zerker and other combat rings, Ranger's boots, Mage's boots, D full helm, Bandos hilt, Dragon Square shield..etc - PK teleports have been changed to promote PKing. - Barrows will now be broken when dropped. - You can now claim Max Cape if you have all stats 99 excluding Construction, and Hunter skill. Content: - Added system to support hourly bonus skill: * Server will randomly choose a skill for the bonus exp. * Bonus XP rates will be 30% increased skill experience. - Zulrah boss added to the server: * Only donators can use the teleport for now. * Metamorphoses supported and moves from location to another. * Instanced boss room so every player can fight it alone and its only SOLO. - Farming skill completely added: * Fully functional instanced patches and compost bins. * Compost and super compost makes you get more herbs. * Plants can become diseased and will need plant cure. * Higher level farming means less chance of disease. * Faster herbs growing for regular, super, and extreme donators. * Magic secateurs supported for +1 extra herbs. * Patches can die sometimes. * Patches can take up to 20 minutes to grow for non-donators. - Candlemaker can now be traded and sells candle supplies. - Complete new home layout. - Withdraw all but one implemented. - The muddy key is now dropped by a lot of NPCs: * Chest can be found near the lava dragon maze. * Rewards 2,500 - 5,000 blood money + a chance of a bonus PK item. * Server announces when someone opens a muddy chest. * Gives some resources such as potions, food, arrows..etc * 50% chance of a bonus item if you are lucky. * Donators have a better chance of getting a rare bonus item. * You can examine the key to know the easiest way to reach the muddy chest. * Random rare rewards include items such as: Fighter torso, D chain, D full helm, DFS, Obsidian set, Fury, Berserker ring, Void set, Fire cape, D boots, Barrows gloves, Bandos set, Armadyl set, Rune crossbow, Ancient staff, God cloaks, Dragon weapons, Granite maul, Dark bow, Infinity set,.etc Loot from 21 muddy keys: Enjoy!
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    New Wiki Manager

    Hey everyone, we've had a lot of news in the past couple of days, and I am here to bring you some more. With the previous Wiki Manager gone, we now have a spot open that needs to be filled. Went over this decision with a few people, and it was unanimous on who to promote. @Anz is going to be the new Wiki Manager. Anz has done a lot of work with the wiki team as it is, making a drop guide, price guide and more. He has also been a voice for the Wiki team, even without the manager position. I have no doubt in my mind that he is ready for this. Congrats!
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    This week's patch includes over 50 bug fixes and tons of server optimization and changes! Note: Due to many players reporting the bugs to be fixed, there will be a part 2 of this update which will contain other stuff to be continued such as spell book, spells glowing..etc Let's get started! Bugs and Fixes: - Fixed some ladder problems and improved the existing system. - Your combat will be reset when the NPC retreats. - Engine base for sounds and music implemented. - Blessed Saradomin's sword is now working correctly with the enchanting process. - Light infinity is now tradeable. - The cost to repair broken items has been slightly decreased. - Reminder: The reward for exchanging voting points for blood money and coins is worth for less. * Voting points to blood money/coins. - Dice command taking you to the clipped area is fixed. - Client's new user will now explain basic stuff on how to start playing. - Dark beast defence and attack nerfed by 20%. - Whip has now greater accuracy, and the special attack reduces the target's running energy by 75. - Combat formula and accuracy has been modified with values of around 5-15%. - Skull timer increased to 30 minutes instead of 5 minutes. - Overload can no longer be used in duel arena, or before going to duel. - Combat will not be reset anymore when equipping items. (Delay's attack by 1 tick). - Special attacks powers buffed by about 3-9%. - The combat delay by food has been reduced from 5 ticks to 2. - You can no longer stake untradeable items in duel arena. - High alchemy and other non-combat spells spam clicking fixed. - You can now craft dragon SQ shield. - Abyssal dagger special attack now shows correctly. - Yell tickets price has been decreased. - Slayer XP has been considerably buffed. - Lady Keli can now be traded. - Uncut Jade and Red topaz added to the crafting shop. - Boss contracts system has been fixed. - Thieving XP boosted by 20%. - XP halve for skilling after level 92 is removed. - Fixed slayer's enchantment bug in the wilderness above level 20. - Ahrim's staff is now 1-handed. - Having two sets of protection from dragon's breath will adequately protect you. * For example, Shield + Mage pray will give you full protection. - Combat attack style now saves upon logout. - Fixed combat XP bug being divided by four after level 92. - Tarn's fire hitting bug fixed. - Dagganoth kings, and Godwars spawns will now work properly. - Potion decanting causing you to have infinite potions fixed. - Wilderness resources area fire fix. - Giant mole hit points has been nerfed massively. - Fixed a problem with XP lock. - Ava's attractor now works properly. - Fixed Zamorak chamber boss entrance in god wars. - Mutant tarn has been nerfed slightly. Best protection prayers: Magic * Magic max hit: 70 * Range max hit: 32 * Melee max hit: 55 (Low chances of melee attacks). Melee defence reduced by 30%, Ranged defence increased by 35%, Magic defence reduced by 50%. - Over 13 bosses have been optimized with their stats, nerf, and boosts. - Giant sea snake runts issue fixed. - Attacking NPC's from far with melee fixed. - You can now get blood money reward without the 500,000 minimum target's wealth requirement. Content: - Wilderness bosses will now drop 60-200 Blood money: * Chaos elemental * Vet'ion * Crazy Archeologist * Scorpia * Callisto * Venenatis * Chaos Fanatic - You can now right click and add a friend from chat box on public mode. - Jewelry making system implemented: * You can use a gold bar on any furnace to start with jewelry making. * After getting the items, you can enchant any of the items. - Magic enchanting items support added. - Yell tab fully functional: * Off will no longer show any yells in the game. - You now receive 100 blood money per one participation point you get: * Participation points from donating are not applicable. - Added bandit's brew in thieving store: * Rewards 2,000,000 thieving XP. - You can now buy 1m coins and 5k Blood money from skilling store with skilling points. - Bolt enchanting magic spell support and system functionality: * New spell in the spell book. * You can now enchant bolts. * Gem cutting to bolt tips (Coming soon). - Shops are moved and updated. - Added a slayer master in Edgeville that will give harder tasks: * This is for new players to know they should look for other slayer masters. - Limited lottery to 50M per account as a max per one lottery. - Added system engine to support music and sounds for future use. - Easter ring and Ring of stone will now work properly. P.S: Some things are left incomplete and will require further testing. However, if you find any bugs, you can report it quickly and they should be fixed in the part 2 update which will be coming in the next few days. That is because we are in a hurry and we want to provide you with the best updates as soon as possible.
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    As most of you have requested donator zone to be done here it is completely done with a new donator shop. Tons of bug fixes, new commands, dicing base added and should be coming very soon once our player base increases. Here is what has been done. Bugs and Fixes: - Third age bow nerfed. - Fixed a problem where void body turned to void legs on death. - Fixed a problem with bank tabs. - Twisted bow power boost is no longer active in the wilderness. - Toxic's staff of the dead now wields properly. - The player facing positions now update on login and region change. - You can no longer use prayers whilst teleporting. - Abyssal dagger can now be equipped properly. - Ava's attractor added to the pure item shop. - Tourny minigame reward changed to blood money, and the more players the more it will reward. Average win: 8k bm, can go up to 25k if more players are in the minigame. - Ava's accumulator has been added to the RDT (Rare Drop Table) drops. - Fixed server's time in quest tab showing the wrong amount. - Fixed items showing properly on chatbox interfaces. (E.g: Fletching, Fishes to cook..etc) - Tanner added in Neitznot & Donator's zone. - XP lock will only be locking the combat experience. - Saradomin's tear combining with saradomin's sword fixed. - Donators can now equip donator's only items. - Bosses in the wilderness will now drop 60-200 blood money. Content: - Mithril seeds added: * Supports dialogue and to pick up. - Hides tanning support added: * NPC can be found in Neitznot. - Notifications tab: * Flashing on new update. * Shows the latest server updates. - New slayer stronghold teleport: * Supports many slayer NPC's for training. - Lot's of shop modifications: * Blood money shop. * Skilling points exchange. * Participation points exchange. * Pure item supplies. * Magic items store. * Premium points exchange. - Added support for gilded altar: * Boosts prayer up to 5 bonus points. * Up to 35% more prayer XP. - H.A.M set increases the chance of successful pickpocket by 50% to H.A.M members and by 15% to regular NPC's. - Donator's Zone finally added: * Ores up to Runite. * Yew & Magic trees. * Farming patch (Coming soon) * Easy shops access * Furnace & Anvil. * Fishing spots of all sorts. * Skilling masters available. * Box of health for refreshments. * Wilderness thieving stalls. * Crystal chest. * Donator Shop. * and much more.. - Donator's tab completely redone. * Shows your current rank. * Shows all the donator's features. * Preview to the total amount donated. * Shows how many players are in the zone. - New commands: * ::benefits - Shows the donator's benefits. * ::discord - Opens up the discord's link. * ::dice - Teleports you to the dicing area. (Full access coming soon) * ::duel - Teleports you to duel arena. * ::home - Teleports you to Home area. * ::ge, ::market - Teleports you to the current market trading area. * ::easts, ::wests - Teleports you to the east and west wilderness. * ::mb - Teleports you to the mage bank area. * ::prices - Opens up the wiki prices link. * ::drops - Opens up the bosses drops link. * ::shops - Teleports you to the shops area. * Updated command's command. - Added some skills tome's in premium points exchange: * Costs 10,000 premium points * Rewards 20,000,000 XP in the skill name. * Can be examined for more information. - Skilling supplies box: * Can be bought from the premium points exchange for 5,000 points. * Requires 25 free inventory slots to open. * Rewards 50 skilling points as a bonus reward. x1 x3 Enjoy!
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    Hello, This week we've got some big changes to the wilderness boosting, as well as the fixes for all the bugs that were reported by players! Bugs and Fixes: - Jail command is no longer announced to everyone. - Fixed some NPCs not spawning after death. * Dagannoth. * Giant sea snake runt's. - Fixed an achievement that rewarded players a lot of blood money. - You can now fix void and some other items at perdu. - Npc's ranged defence increased by 5%. - Npc's melee defence nerfed by 8%. - Spider's dropping emblems too fast fixed. - Twisted bow and Elder maul removed from blood money store to keep it's real value. - Blood money repair cost formatting. (95,000 instead of 95000) - In-game price checker price tag format, and other bug fixes. - A bug with boss contracts causing NPC's death not to register. - Added a code to track the cause of server nulling and black screen. - Shop bug fixed! - Barrows becoming broken upon death, and can be fixed @ perdu. - A bug with pets not moving to the player's location fixed. - The 10 second teleport timer now only applies when players are attacking you. - It will no longer say you've run out of ammunition while using a crystal bow. - Spears causing player to become invisible fixed. - Dragonfire has been updated to be more OSRS related. - Slayer's mithril dragon task teleport has been fixed. - Items on death will now stay on the ground for 5 minutes. - Wards ornament kits support added. - Major changes to the player logout system and saving. - Fixed bank 5,10; - Examine money in bank, floor, inventory now works perfectly fine. - A bug with onyx bolts (e) fixed. - Bronze bars added to the mining store. - A small bug caused furnace not to work is now fixed. - A bug causing dragon spear p++ to make you invisible. Content: - Added all missing fishes for Cooking skill: * Cave eel, Pike, Lava eel, Herring,..etc. - Crafting reworked: * Full gem cutting support. * All hides can be crafted including armor making. - Untradeable items will be broken when you die in the wilderness below level 20, and can be repaired for a cost: * Dying in the wilderness above level 20 will make you lose the untradeable item, and the killer will be rewarded with 50% value of the blood money value of the item. - Player boosting in wilderness changes: With today's update, most commonly used untradeable PKing equipment will be broken upon death in a PvP scenario. If you die with untradeable equipment to another player within the wilderness, you will still be able to keep the item as untradeable gear. However, it will be broken. Broken untradeables cannot be equipped. If you die in wilderness level 20 and below, you will keep the item and the killer will receive 50% Blood money of its repair value as a bonus drop. If you die in wilderness level 20 and above, you will lose the item completely and the killer is able to pick it up as it's. Broken items can be repaired with perdu in Edgeville. * Any player carrying a total item wealth below 500k is not counted towards blood money rewards. * Killing same players several times will not reward any killstreaks. * Recent kills system implemented. It should help fix boosting. - In-game price checker: * Supports BM to coins price. * More than 250 items coded. * Gives the average price of an item of the market's price. - Reset lamp added to game: * Resets any skill back to level one. - Overload potions added: * Cannot be used in the wilderness. * Can be found in the blood money shop for 1,500 blood money. - Skill guides added to the game: * Supports every skill. * Dynamic system so we can easily add/edit anything. - Emojis now appear above heads, with limit of one emoji per time to prevent spam. - Full Dragonstone & jewelry making & teleports: * Ring of wealth (e) * Combat bracelet charging & teleports. * Skills necklace charging & teleports. * Amulet of glory & eternal glory teleports. * Skills necklace charging & teleports. - You can now forge malediction and odium wards in the wilderness. - You can now charge glory in the wilderness. Possible upcoming updates: * Donator's zone/Dicing system. * Notification system. * Farming skill. As always, Enjoy!
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    Hi! As we are almost 2 weeks into this amazing server, I think it would be awesome to give my personal own feedback towards the staff-team. This will include the activities on forums, ingame and discord; in other words where our community is. I love all the different characters and personalities in the staff-team; makes it more enjoyable hehe. Lou Grinder First of all I want to say thank you for your decision to make a new server! It brought alot of people back together! You're working very hard on the server; everyday you fix bugs/glitches and listen to the community! Sometimes people dont have the patience, because they wanna play badly, but they need to realise you have an IRL too and you work on the server after your work irl. We have to love that dedication! I might want to add that we would love some more interaction ingame but that has to be possible for you too ofcourse! But overall a big thanks to you! iCarly65 Really nothing much to be said here; because I've known Chris from back in the day. You can obvisiously see the tons of experience he has regarding the staff-duties. He's calm, friendly, an overall nice guy, but also very serious when he needs to be. From older and recent activities he shows how it must be done and we can't ask for a more capable administrator! He's interactive on all platforms (forums, discord and ingame) so I'd say keep up the good work! Daxx I've seen alot of hate towards Daxx and mainly from players who just joined the server and don't really know him. Daxx was one of the few people who had Lou's back after the incident and always stood by his side. While others just left, he talked with Lou about making the server again; wich we all know the result. He's extremely loyal and would do anything to help others. That's what people might not know so please consider this before hating him. On another note; Mistakes happen. But who doesn't make mistakes? It's a learning proces. Many staffmembers have made mistakes before, that doesnt mean that they're bad at being a staffmember. It's a learning proces. (I'm new to the staffteam aswell. Will I make mistakes? Hope not, but it can happen.) But I've seen alot of good things Daxx does too. He's active on forums and discord and handles every request very well and follows the rules strictly. As wiki-editor he's doing an excellent job and makes sure it stays up to date. I'm 100% sure that he'll grow in his role; and be a very good staffmember; more than he already is! I always say the best experience you can get in staffing, is by experiencing it. Please keep up the good work! Isaac In beta you were one of the biggest helpers, always having time and patience to help the players! Your staff position is very deserved. You build the main website page of scratch and dedicated so much time in it that i'm not surprised how cool it is right now. You're very active on forums and discord so nothing but good things! Keep it up! Entry Fee Known you since the old days (2015-2018) and I already know you're a good staffmember. Maybe a bit too serious at some points but every team needs someone like that. You're interactive with players ingame and discord so there's not really much to be said. You could be more loose at some points but that's just my personal opinion! Anz Big helper in beta too, also very active on discord and ingame. Big creative helper also when we had to work on the graphical part of the website's main page + your work on the wiki is excellent! Doing good! I hope to see you a bit more interactive ingame, but that'll come im sure of it! Runerova Timezone difference maybe? Never saw you ingame that I can recall, but I don't think there's any problem haha. I heared you're also a wiki-editor so I'm looking forward to see the results of your work! I'm sure you do a good job. Lil Pump Again might be some timezone issues. I do recall an incident where I would have muted those players; but you must have had your reasons not to; it's not my job to tell you what you should do but I have my own opinion on the matter but you and the rest of the ingame staff have handled it very well. Maybe a bit more active if I may say so, but overall nice job! Vutr Very active on forums and discord; havent seen you ingame that much but again might be some timezone issues. What I can say about forums and discord is that you'r always there to help and interact with players so good job! Brad You're recent promoted but I heared you've been a moderator before so you got experience and I'm sure you'll do great! As a wiki-editor I'm sure you'll do great too. Can't say anything more about it at this moment haha keep it up! Jessica Very active on discord and forums; perhaps even ingame but then we havent crossed paths haha. Everybody loves you that's obvious and you're good at interacting with everyone so a big plus in my book! That covers everyone I think and I absolutely love the team we're having at the moment! A difference in characters make it so much more enjoyable! If you guys have any feedback to add feel free to add them but keep it constructive !
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    Hello everyone, As you know the server has been released and there are many suggestions and bug reports. We are trying our best to sort everything out as fast as possible. Here is a small list of the commonly reported bugs that have been fixed! - Huge XP bug that caused players to get maxed combat stats in one hit. - You can now open medium caskets. - Added new forum board for in-game rank requests to ones who donated earlier. - Fixed a bug where you used to get loads of high XP from high alchemy. - Spiders at Lumbridge will not drop emblems too often as they did earlier. - Blood money boosting security is now more tightened. - Fixed Hunger minigames giving you maxed combat stats. - Dragon chain body unequipable fixed. - Private Messages are cutting off the first character in chat. - Caskets are a harder drop rate from sand crabs. - Elf warriors will now drop correct item id for ranger's boots. - Fixed a reported neitznot ladder. - Pets rates nerfed by over 200%! Including some other minor bugs, and a lot of work has been on-going in the clan chat system. You can tell that the rankings system has already been added. Future updates sneak peak: New Trade interface: Smilies are going to be added Ability to setup your own clan chat, with 6 different rankings. Ban and unban members, and setup your custom rules. Enjoy!!!!!!!
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    Lou Grinder

    [Forum Upgrade] Version 4.3.4

    What's new in version 4.3.4 × Added a filter to view members that have opt-in for bulk mail in the ACP, and an option to opt-out those members. Bug fixes Also included: 4.3.3: New features for GDPR compliance: A new feature for administrators to download an XML file of all personal information held. New setting to automatically prune IP address records. New option when deleting a member to anonymize content submitted by them. New setting to automatically add links to privacy policies of integrated third party services such as Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel to your privacy policy if they are enabled. Fixes an issue where Calendar events submitted in different timezones to the user may show at the wrong time. Other minor bug fixes and improvements.
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    Quick Callisto guide

    Callisto boss guide (Wild level 39) This boss can hit up to 90+ so make sure to keep up 90 hp always Also watch out of pkers, fastest way to leave wild is to go up at chaos elemental obelisk and teleport . Prayer https://gyazo.com/fcd9dbce6a06ce6f338654da017325c5 Inventory setup https://gyazo.com/4ffb658cfddd473c31064bb1d31f36dd Armour: https://gyazo.com/344df34f865544524d71dccabfc7cc4c NOTE: VOID HAS TO BE FULLY EQUIPPED IF YOU CHOOSE FOR THAT - Amulet of Madness > Amulet of Fury - Full elite void set (melee) > Bandos set > Full dragon set - Guardian boots >Primordial boots > Dragon boots - Serpentine helm > Statius full helm > Helm of neitiznot - Infernal cape > Fire cape - Ghrazi rapier (attack style: Stab) > Dragon whip > Tentacle whip ATTACKS: He can hit a double damage to 90+ always keep an eye on your hp. WARNING: He stuns and you get alot of damage Tips: - Make sure to keep above 90 HP at all times; - Use Stab with a Ghrazi rapier for more hit damage; - Always bring a Dragon Dagger to get a faster kill.
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    What is Signature of the Month: SOTM stands for Signature of the Month, which is a graphic competition members partake in by entering their own creations of designs following a specific guideline and series of rules. People get to vote on the winners and lots of fun is created out of this. How it works: The players who wish to participate will send their entry via PM to the SOTM hoster. And then, the hoster will make another thread with a poll to the community decides which signature is the best. And the person who made the signature with the most votes at the end of the poll will receive the SOTM rank until the next SOTM winner is chosen; will be hosted the next month. THE SOTM RANK: The Rules & Guidelines: - You must follow the theme chosen for that month. Failure to do so will result in a disqualification. - Send your entry in a PM to the SOTM hoster. Do not post them as a reply to this thread. - Your work must be completely original. Renders/Stocks/Fractals are allowed. - Do not show any nudity/inappropriate image or render in your signature. - You must include the number of the SOTM in your signature. (this wil be "SOTM#1") - Do not put your name in the signature. The voting will be anonymous. - Signatures must be of a reasonable size and no bigger than: 800x300. - If you're a contender, you may vote on another contender's design, but NOT on the one you made! Additional reward: There are also ingame rewards connected to this contest. When the winners have been chosen, pm me ingame to get your reward. Third place will recieve: 200m cash Second place will recieve: Elder Maul First place will recieve: Red H'ween Mask This months theme: anything RuneScape related (for starters) Best of luck everyone!
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    Promotions for Lew!

    Congratulations @lew on reaching Moderator in-game from Server Supporter! You're doing a great job, keep it up (2 week trial) thanks for everything you do!
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    Some ideas for fixes

    1. This has been said numerous times by many people, nerf void in pvp. In no way should be superior than ancestral set or even barrows smh. 2. Nerf Kodai? Kodai can hit 40s maybe even 50s when protting mage in max gear as well. Im not saying make the weapon dirt, because it should be bis mage weapon, but to hit that much through pray is crazy. 3. Buff DGS and Heavy Ballista spec accuracy. It doesn't feel like dgs is 10% better than ags, and heavy ballista cant even land a spec. 4. Buff Dragon claws spec. Both dps, and accuracy should be buffed. I see 20s hit with d claws max nowadays, and the rest are 0s. 5. Dfs spec in wild nerf? Dfs spec in wild can hit on average 30-40, that combine with ags or dgs can be a one hit ko. I also saw a dfs spec hit 77 today. @lew 6. Vls dps buff. Vls is trash is many ways. The spec is not that good and neither is the dps in general. Vls went from 600-800m to like 100m nowadays since its not that good. 7.Buff all barrows gear? I think all barrows gear should be buffed. I cant say by how much, but the buff would be appreciated. 8. Alch hydra fix. Im sure this is known, but alch hydra some times cannot be lured into pools, it will tele back to the middle if taken out to far. Also during fazing it could stop attacking completed, leaving players to attack it without worry. 8. Kodai wand drop rate LOL. Kodai wand is litteraly the hardest item to get ingame by far. The grind is good and all, but gets annoying when I kill 500 demons and 0 wands. 9. Tarn fire bug? During tarn you can potentially be hit twice or even 3 times by the devastating fire ground attack. Even when your not standing in it and you move, you can get stacked, and die. And since it takes a kill count to get in, and isn't an instant boss, you can lose your items pretty good. 10. Buff agility xp rates. Agility xp rates are tiresome. If they are being buffed, not by a lot please. Make us grind! 11. Cleaning up hunter island. I went to train hunter there today on my alt, and saw about 200 traps all over. There is a bout 3 birds left and 4 rabbits. Pretty soon there will be nothing left to catch. Also, clean up black chins please. 12. PREMUIM POINTS SHOP CHANGES. Do I really have to discuss this... just look in the shop lmao. 13. Add more custom items. Custom items such as pets, and cosmetics. GIVE US THE PET ZOD WE WANT. 14. Add Surge spells to normal spell book, and try to fix all spells in general, would be much appreciated. 15. Infernal, raids, custom bosses, etc. This one will take a lot of coding and such, and most likely wouldn't be looked at until the player base is higher, but some ideas. 16. Minigames and events people will actually take part in. @Barry recently stole me and Fiqs idea on doing bronze only bossing which was very fun. Things like these should happen more, and that little event required nothing! And was super entertaining. 17. Boss kill count, working slayer helms, C Slayer helms, and more stuff. 18. lastly, classic no xp gain for combats skills. Splashing till 13 is not the wave. And I couldn't get range xp at first. 19. Free zulrah for ironmen? Or alternate ways to get teleports?
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    Kaz's resignation

    It has come to the time where I must unfortunately resign from my Administrator's position. I have little to no time free, barely at home & when i am at home, Grinderscape is the last thing on my mind. Thank you @Lou Grinder for the opportunity you have given me, It has been a wild ride for sure. You may see me occasionally in-game from time to time, but until then: Take care & Goodbye. - Kaz
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    New Server Supporter Lisa

    Hey everyone, Today we decided to promote @Lisa to the rank of Server Support, Adil has been helping alot and putting effort to the server helping players understand the game and it's concepts, being active, and overall being a great role model for the community. And so we've come to this decision. As with all staff, he will be on a 2 week trial. No doubt he will succesfully complete the trial. Welcome to the team!
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    GrinderScapes PvP Tournament

    Alright guys so for a bit of a laugh and some incentive we thought it would be a great idea to stage a PvP tournament in game! Now this is just for a laugh, so all fights will be conducted at the FunPK minigame so that no-one loses their hard earned gear! However! We are also collecting for a prize fund for the winner to claim, something smaller for 2nd and a runner up prize for the winner of the 3rd place match! If you wish to donate to this please contact me in game and as of writing this post, the prize fund is currently standing at approximately 5b in game value and growing! Once the prize pool is fully completed i will upload a picture for you all to see! Moving on we are looking at requiring 16 candidates in total to complete this tourney, 4 rounds of single 1v1 fighting, knockout style, to determine the winner and runners up! We are looking at hosting this weekend, @ 17:00 gmt +0 if we get all signups by tomorrow! However is not we can extend to next weekend Sat 23rd, to allow time for enough signups. This is primarily a NoHonour Style fighting bracket, however you can use whatever setup you like! ~Just don't expect others to match your style! The only rules for this tournament: 1. No Void or Elite Void (We'd like to see some actual PKing, not a helmet and weapon switch lol) 2. No Teaming (if anyone interrupts the match on your behalf by attacking someone, you will be disqualified) 3. Thammarons Sceptre and Sanguinesti Staff (charged items) are Banned! You can still use them, just not the charged spells. This is to make it fair for everyone! 4. Goes without saying be on time! The tournament will not wait for you, we will be using a generator on the day for matchups, if you're not here by the time your match is supposed to start, you will be disqualified! 5. Guess the most important is to have fun!! Good Luck To All Who Wish To Participate!!! Names of Candidates will Appear Here. Please Respond to This Thread to Enter!!! To make it fair for all this is a first come first serve basis, the first 16 will be picked, however if we get more we shall add you to a side pool and see if we can figure it out to suit!! 1. DLearious 2. Legends 3. Danes 4. Druids 5. Pepega 6. Blake 7. Dreamzz 8. Lisa 9. Zod 10. Robin 11. Keelow 12. NoType 13. Akoumari 14. 15. 16.
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    Havok - PvP Clan

    ... ` · .;¸¸,.·*°‘°·¸Havok Clan¸·°‘°*·.,¸¸;. · ´ `·.,¸¸ ,. ·´ ˜ˆ* • *ˆ˜`· ., ¸¸,. ·´ is recruiting potential applicants that are interested in being apart of an active community. Our clan is one of the main faces of Grinderscape OSRS. Our leadership has been around for a very long time throughout Grinderscapes History. We specialize in Deep wilderness Pking within both Multi and Single way combat. We originally started out Deep wilderness PKing in an attempt to keep the economy in check. Since then we've grown and established ourselves for being the #1 Pk Clan on the Server. We always seek the best possible members that fit our standards and strive to be apart of the core. We pride ourselves on having the most loyal members and entrusting all of our members by their abilities. This also means keeping up with Skilling and other High level Player Content, such as BiS gear and new content upon release. ... ` · .;¸¸,.·*°‘°·¸Clan Information¸·°‘°*·.,¸¸;. · ´ `·.,¸¸ ,. ·´ ˜ˆ* • *ˆ˜`· ., ¸¸,. ·´ °Led by: Purious, Legends & Zod. °Clan Chat: Havok Clan °Youtube: to be announced °Teamspeak/Discord: to be announced For the time being clan recruitment will be the soul responsibility of legends as i will be extremely busy in the upcoming weeks. ... ` · .;¸¸,.·*°‘°·¸Clan Information¸·°‘°*·.,¸¸;. · ´ `·.,¸¸ ,. ·´ ˜ˆ* • *ˆ˜`· ., ¸¸,. ·´ We have a variety of options for every style of player at Havok. From Skilling, to PvM, PvP, PKing, Minigames, and completing new content upon release. The following activities are some of our most common interests, but is not all inclusive of what we offer at Havok: † Player V. Player • Single & Edgeville Pking • Multi & Deep Wilderness Pking † Player V. Monster • Pet Hunting • God Wars, Corporal Beast, King Black Dragon, and many more!+ ... ` · .;¸¸,.·*°‘°·¸Rank System¸·°‘°*·.,¸¸;. · ´ `·.,¸¸ ,. ·´ ˜ˆ* • *ˆ˜`· ., ¸¸,. ·´ Our ranking system is unique to our clan and is explained by the following. All advancement in ranks & promotion will be based on the needs of the clan, and are made at the sole discretion of clan leadership. With this being said, members may advance in ranks by merit, ability, and time in the clan. General/Gold Star † Founding Members & Clan Leadership Captain/Silver Star † Recruiting Officials, Event Officials, Backup Callers Lieutenant/3 stripes † Long-term Members with Loyalty Sergeant/3 Stripes † Dedicated & Contributing Members Corporeal/2 stripes † Full Members which have completed the membership process Recruit/1 Stripe † Applicants which have been Accepted ... ` · .;¸¸,.·*°‘°·¸Ranking Up¸·°‘°*·.,¸¸;. · ´ `·.,¸¸ ,. ·´ ˜ˆ* • *ˆ˜`· ., ¸¸,. ·´ Our rank structure takes an Oldschool approach, and goes by your time spent with us, along with the impact you have on the clan. Though we are a PK Clan who tends to do other things aside from just wilderness based activities. You should still find yourself interacting with everyone throughout mini-events/trips in order to gain favor for yourself along with the rest of the clan for an overall good reputation with us. Ranks only matter if you want them to, just enjoy what you have to offer the clan, and what the clan has to offer you! ... ` · .;¸¸,.·*°‘°·¸Clan Rules¸·°‘°*·.,¸¸;. · ´ `·.,¸¸ ,. ·´ ˜ˆ* • *ˆ˜`· ., ¸¸,. ·´ The following rules and regulations apply to all Members, Applicants, and Leadership. These guidelines are set to ensure that we function both as a clan, and as a successful team. † NO Excessive trolling, flaming, or causing drama. † NO Out of Game attacks. † NO Scamming & 'Trust' Item loans; Item loaning must be met with equal collateral. † NO Staking for anyone besides yourself. † NO Ragging. † NO Multi Clanning*. † PvP & PvM Splits will be decided by the Official in charge of the trip beforehand. *Multi Clanning refers to any involvement with ANY Clan, Team, or Community which associates with PKing, PvP, or Warring. ... ` · .;¸¸,.·*°‘°·¸Requirements¸·°‘°*·.,¸¸;. · ´ `·.,¸¸ ,. ·´ ˜ˆ* • *ˆ˜`· ., ¸¸,. ·´ Our requirements to join Havok are based upon the current state of the game. We believe in maintaining a degree of competitiveness with the clanning community, and as such we strive to have each and every Member play as efficiently and enjoyably as possible. † Voice com Requirement Our clan uses a secure Discord server as our primary voice communication platform. † Account Requirements Although we have no direct account requirements, as the best we do expect a certain level of dedication. Running high end gear setups is a must and any of the following will boast well in your application! • 90+ Range & 94+ Magic. • Rigour or Augury unlocked.
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    Grinderscape Outfit Competition

    I think i won this.
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    Official Middleman List

    Hey guys I thought it would be a good idea to list all Middlemen in one thread. The thread can be updated by staff once there are changes in the team. Leaders will choose the new members for the team! Leader(s): Isaac Zod Kazuhira Middlemen are trusted by the staff and the community, they play an important role in the RSGP swapping scene but also do alot in-game. Such as: Transfering items(xfer), Help staff or event team host big events if needed. Official Member(s): Keelow Dreamzz Dev Nykiec Lisa Connect 6l6l6 All staff are also middlemen, but they merely assist the middlemen with trades if needed, Or they do some trades if there are no middlemen available. Server supporter(s): Surgeon Keelow Legends Moderator(s): Barry Lew
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    My Return To Grinderscape

    Hey everyone, after some time away from private servers I have decided to return to Grinderscape. After discussing things with Lou, we have both decided that I will be coming back with a rank. This rank could potentially have me be in a leadership position, and would let me help out the newer staff members, and get the server going. No other staff rank are going to be changed, and I am intending on helping out each and every staff member out to the best of my ability. My reason for returning is simple. Grinderscape has, and will always be my home. In my 8 years here, I have gone through a lot of ups and downs, but at the end of the day I have learned from everything. I believe that I can help out some of the newer staff members with different issues that you will all face on a daily basis, and help you to avoid mistake that were made in my past. Grinderscape will be great again, and I am happy to be a part of it. If you have any questions, feel free to message me on here or on discord

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